Did CERN Cause Nepal’s MegaQuake?

Did CERN Cause Nepal’s MegaQuake?


Wikipedia has been updated reporting known injuries and deaths (statistics) on the MegaQuake that hit Nepal, Saturday, April 25, 2015:

“According to Nepal police spokesman Kamal Singh Bam, at least 2,500 peopleIndia, Nepal Deaths Injuries were killed and 6,911 injured in Nepal alone.

The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, killing at least 17 people at South Base Camp.  An Indian Army mountaineering team recovered the bodies of 19 mountaineers from Everest base camp and rescued at least 61 stranded climbers from Mount Everest.  Google engineer Dan Fredinburg, climbing with three other company employees and documenting the trek on social media, was among the casualties. From 700 to more than 1,000 people were thought to be on the mountain at the time, with at least 61 injured and an unknown number missing or initially trapped at camps at higher altitudes. Mount Everest is approximately 220 kilometres (140 mi) east of the epicentre.”  More…

Global response has been immediate.  Pledges of aid assistance has been made to Nepal.  The U.S. has expressed its condolences with pledges of monetary and urban search and rescue teams releasing $1,000,000.00 including a disaster response team which has been sent:

  •  “United States of America — The White House and Secretary of State John Kerry offered condolences and pledged to offer assistance. On the day of the quake, the U.S. sent aid and released USD one million and a disaster response team to aid with immediate needs. Kerry stated that USAID was activating an urban search and rescue team. On April 26, Urban Search and Rescue Virginia Task Force 1 from Fairfax County, Virginia deployed to Nepal from Dover Air Force Base.”

For a complete list of the countries with pledges click here:  Wikipedia.


The earthquake was unprecedented.  In view of this catastrophe, questions arise on what caused the ground to shake and move the tectonic plates, causing so much destruction.

One possible explanation came from BPEarthWatch who makes it clear that solar flares did not impact earth at the given time of the megaquake:

7.8 Quake Strikes as CERN Powers Up Beams

One comment regarding the site of CERN in Switzerland and the distance to the megaquake in Nepal. The magnetic energy waves that CERN triggers are not confined within the collider. Once this magnetic energy matter hits the atmosphere it will travel in distance in all directions–don’t forget, just because we can’t visually “see” these magnetic energy waves, they are there interacting with other elements waiting to make things happen.

I also make note here that there are other colliders being constructed, in addition to the one in Switzerland.

China, Nepal’s northern neighbor, is seeking to expand and has proposed building its own collider:

“China’s proposed “Higgs factory” will have more in common with freeway beltways than anything else in scientific research. With 52 kilometers of tunnel, the yet CERN in Beijing, Chinaunnamed and yet unfunded collider could fit every single one of its active particle-smashing kin inside of itself quite easily, including China’s largest physics tool operating today, the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC).

The proposal, put forth by researchers at Beijing’s Institute of High Energy Physics, was first reported this week in Physics World. If it secures government approval, the new collider would be ready to begin operation in 2028 with the aim of achieving an electron-positron collision energy of 250 GeV. For reference, the Large Electron–Positron Collider, the predecessor to the proton-smashing Large Hadron Collider, achieved energies up around 107 GeV before shutting down in 2001.” (source:  motherboard.vice.com)

According to the video CERN, Portals, End times, below, China is also planning on building a collider in the U.S. site classified.

Pastor Paul Begley, spoke with Mike from around the world, a retired Dept of Defense employee, a CERN insider, on March 10, 2015. Mike, a proclaimed Christian, delves deep into discussion of dark matter vs light matter, the evil vs good–laws of physics and spiritual energy matter, in particular how it affects the human being.

CERN, Portals, End times, Demons, Satan, Christ, And DNA


Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?  Have you built your Ark of Salvation? None of us know when our last day in this world will be.  Are you prepared?

Be safe, be blessed.




43 thoughts on “Did CERN Cause Nepal’s MegaQuake?

  1. I’d never suggest that we should believe anything that SRA / MK / remote viewers say. One has to assume that their fractured personalities are demonically controlled and brainwashed. So my pointers here are to show what’s been put out for years, regarding tectonic weapons and portals.

    The China Gates Case (circa 1976)
    – death toll 250K
    – supposedly the quake a result of “space command” blocking invasion portals

    “James Casbolt” (aka “Michael Prince”)
    – “supersoldier”
    – echoes enemy angel psyops re: Michael as an angel god in local time space

    • Hey! “Wow! oh Wow!!” Absolutely fascinating!!! re: Details of Captain Mark Richard’s experience in the so-called BATTLE OF THE CHINA GATES (open China Gates)
      “Mark and Naga then headed into the oncoming enemy fleet at about 80,000 mph. They then flew their spacecrafts into the gates, each releasing anti-matter weapons. Seconds later, they hit the flux and traveled through the wormhole, not knowing where the ‘other side’ would actually be. Mark said that it felt like “a million ants playing football with steel wool on your flesh.” The flux fields destabilized instantly, then a visible shock wave rolled from the gate like flaming water to cover 100 miles in every direction in seconds – destabilizing any matter it touched. The wave then pulsed, and rolled back to the flux field leaving nothing behind it. Unfortunately, there were 6 alien ships full of culled human captives who also died in the gate closure.”

    • The info on Michael Prince was extremely interesting. He talked about Emerald principles–that would be the Emerald Tablets and Thoth that I wrote about a few posts back, connecting info to the SS Nazi insane techniques regime. Sounds very legitimate.

      He also talks about the communications between humans through the embedding of chips into the brain which I have already researched for an upcoming piece–it does exist and it is U.S. government patented.

      We’re told to test the spirit for discernment–I do but sometimes I need more “evidence.” This guy appears to be telling the truth as bizarre as it sounds.

      Remote viewing is basically the psychics–nothing new there. Scriptures warn not to be involved or practice it; I know that the government does train people in it. Channeling is the psychic’s ability to step into the 2nd Heaven and access demonic spirits although I simply believe they don’t really understand the danger in this because the psychic isn’t protected by the Blood of the Lamb–yes they become possessed.

      Really good info. Thanks for sharing it Nome!


  2. You may want to watch this starting at the 16:47 mark. The link to the show that Rose left is most interesting indeed as we learned in that interview that they are pointing this CERN collider at Saturn to unlock imprisoned “entities”. Well, take a look at where exactly this Hadron Collider was built and located… at a place called “Saint_Genis Pouilly, a Commune in the Ain department in eastern France. Apparently, in ancient days, it was called “Appolliacum”. It was a temple to the Greek god “Apollo” because they believed it was a gateway to the underworld. In Revelation 9:11 (cough, cough), we find that the demonic locusts with tails like scorpions are released who have a King locust or spirit over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, called “Apollyon!” In front of the office headquarters is a Hindu “god” called “Shiva”, the “god” of creation and destruction. So, quite literally, they are trying and will succeed in opening the gates of Hell itself. This is where men will seek death and not find it as described in this chapter of Revelation. This reminds me of something you wrote in your article called “Mythology’s Thoth, the Egyptian god of Knowledge.” You wrote “In researching Thoth, I was amazed at Thoth is emblazoned in a bronze sculpture at the John Adam’s building in Washington D.C. on one of the entry doorways of America’s government buildings. Not only is he depicted on this entry doorway, but also are some other false gods. What are these underworld gods doing on the entrance doorways of America’s government?”


    It looks like we know how the gates of Hell will be opened in Revelation 9 now don’t we? It was a quite stunning and revealing interview in the link that Rose posted up above. They are literally pointing this thing at Saturn to where they hope to release these beings! Indeed, it would seem that Ezekiel 20:29 is being repeated with the return of the “Bamah” high places and government’s association with evil and demonic entities. The current ones they are in association with right now, and have been for a long time, are seemingly lying to these government officials as to their true identity and what the consequences will be in instructing them to open this portal to the underworld. We read the results of it right here: “And in those days shall men seek death and not find it, and shall desire to die, but death will flea from them” (Revelation 9:6) Absolutely unbelievable. I guess this is more evidence that the “Bamah” high places of worship in Ezekiel 20:29 being repeated according to Ecclesiastes 1: 9,10 are in full force, and will be the cause of the horror that unfolds in Revelation 9! Thank you CERN. When you take into account of the oft repeated “Annunaki” who are inhabiting Planet X, it makes you wonder what association these cats have with their brothers chained up in the poles of Saturn.

    • Forgot to post the link I mentioned at the beginning of my comment. The CERN discussion starts at the 16:47 mark. Here it is:

      • Great to see Jim Bakker picking up on CERN and Rev 9:11!!!

        “The neutrino experiment formerly known as LBNE has transformed. Since January, its collaboration has gained about 50 new member institutions, elected two new spokespersons and chosen a new name: Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, or DUNE.
        The proposed experiment will be the most powerful tool in the world for studying hard-to-catch particles called neutrinos. It will span 800 miles.” http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/article/march-2015/the-dawn-of-dune

        I was trying to learn about neutrinos and now thanks to Gonz’ video posted by Nome, I get this info from Fermilab–in Chicago!!

  3. I’ll catch up on the links videos above asap…in the meantime, Baltimore RIOT, referring to the Freddie Grey Jr. police killing in progress–Live Feed. Several police officers have been injured and hospitalized. Chaos in progress…

    Baltimore RIOT In Progress – LIVE FEED

      • My thoughts exactly. As we approach September, some things are gonna start to give. The globalists are putting things into motion to get Martial Law declared here and there. They’re just tuning up the band for when they drop the dollar down a peg (think Schemitta 2015) and the real riots begin nationwide when it becomes harder to purchase goods and services with an officially declared dollar drop… perhaps not a full collapse, but a drop down a peg in its declared value. Military vehicles and equipment are being moved into place now as the video you posted the other day shows. I think I can hear the fat lady beginning to sing. Can’t you? She sounds out of tune.

      • I concur. This is really obvious for those from the old school: Agitprop, psyops, agents provocateurs, and sleepers activated. It’s almost classically soviet or “school of the americas.”

        Those that meddle get meddled with. I wonder if they’ve already had the signs printed for “Seven Flags Over America?”

  4. Gonz’ update…
    – CERN, Nepal, FermiLab, argon, etc.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using high energy experiments to cover up rail gun development. Possibly direct into space, through the earth, deep into the earth, or hyper-dimensional. Perhaps even to deliver a particle stream through the earth into a reactor?!

    • Nome… Just now getting around to watching these CERN watch videos. Most interesting. When I first heard of CERN a few years back, I wasn’t that interested. I thought it was just a bunch of scientists creating hi t-tech instruments to find how the Universe began apart from the biblical explanation and didn’t look at it twice. I can see that this is turning out to be hugely more biblically significant than what I first thought. Pretty astounding stuff… especially since it ties directly in with what will transpire with Revelation 9 and the opening of these portals and the Nephilim with demonic entities… etc. etc. This has gone from one of the least interesting subjects for me to one of the most interesting to watch and follow.

        • Mary… The thought soon occurs to you that the average Joe six pack living his everday life, and let’s face it – all other Joes who aren’t born again in Christ, should be very terrified of what is transpiring with this Hadron Collider at CERN, given what is to befall them in a few short years per Revelation 9. But most don’t have a clue about anything going in the occultic world of the world’s rulers much less the dark spirit world that lies just behind their physical view. Imagine it, people are going to wish for death and not find it when they succeed at CERN. If people enmasse knew what is quickly approaching them, there might be mass panic and an overwhelming flood of protest and legal movement to quickly shut this Hadron Collider down with a swiftness that would twirl CERN’s heads. People should be very frightened of what is taking place over there. Of course, I’m not cause I know I won’t be here when it happens, but speaking from the point of reality of what it portends for the unsaved, should be very disturbing for them indeed.

  5. I very much doubt that CERN had anything to do with the Nepal EarthQuake. The Peninsula called India these days, broke away from a land mass called “Gondwanaland” by contemporary humans and has been grinding into the Asian Land Mass for millions of years. This is an ongoing Tectonic Movement that created the Himalayas in the first place..

    • Hello to Bangalore, India (portal). Interesting thought on the “Gondwanaland” theory of a thousand years ago. Where’s your “supporting evidence?”

      I believe we all understand that the ground shifts either from drought or severe rain or hurricanes, tsunmamis. We could all blame the continuing division of land mass to Gondwanaland.

      In fact I read an article recently of land rising 1,000 ft
      4/25/2015 — North Japan Land RISES 50 feet (1000 feet long) OVERNIGHT

      sorry video not updated for translation, but here’s the article by Dutchsinse:

      I would say it’s possible that this land mass rising may be linked to the quake in India and surrounding countries but I’m hesitant to link it to Gondwanaland.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this megaquake/cern topic.

      I hope and pray that your family is ok from this quake.


    • We learned with the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) project that academics lie to get research funds. The project was represented that it would be funded by a collection of nations, including India. When the “hactavist ” (hacker activists) in the early 90’s found on the SSC servers that the project was going over budget by $365 Million US per day — they exposed them on usenet (which is what we had before the web). It was killed in congress and the research groups in the major universities were exposed as corrupt by their silence. So we don’t trust “so called science” which is really about getting money, whether for personal gain, or arms sales (“golden hammers”), or some more devilish reason.

      So it’s smart to see if “so called science” such as plate tectonics passes obvious checks. Clearly no one is going back in time to measure tectonic plates move around the earth. Much like the CGI-porn about distant stars and galaxies — no one in our generation will ever make such a journey to the stars and back to confirm that the artists depictions are anything close to accurate. They won’t even be able to send robots out and back. So such musings are basically fantasies.

      Tectonic plates are here. We see at there edges that quakes and volcanoes occur. It seems reasonable that mountains result when one plate grinds into another. That’s interesting. Why? Well supposedly one plate is subducting under another. Ok. Doesn’t that mean that should happen for all the past movement such a a single continent mass breaking up and moving around? And what about the physics of one continent blocking another? With no ocean layer to cover up things it’s obvious that’s it’s all just rock against rock. One immovable mass against another. And then there are those mid-ocean submerged mountain ranges. Hmmm… there might be another explanation.

      Look at where most of the seismic and volcanic activity happens. Mostly in Indonesia. Look at the sub-surface patterns in the Banda Sea. Very interesting! Tectonic cracks happened where they did for a reason. Such as a boloid (very large asteroid or comet strike). Large enough to shatter the earth, and in a pattern like that which happens when an object breaks glass. There are radial and concentric patterns. We see radial and concentric patterns in the tectonic cracks covering the earth — centered on the Banda Sea area. As with glass, some breaks are on the back side, and others on the front. For the earth… some below the crust and some above. BUT if the cracks in the plates are mostly in the same place as when the earth’s crust was originally shattered — then there’s no continental drift to the extent that supports a single continent that broke apart and moved around.

      But why would respectable scientists buy into continental drift theories? Back to the funding issue, and mineral rights, and the the maps of minerals and ore on the earth. The better the understanding events — the better able to recover such wealth. So money is again the reason that a popular fantasy is promoted as science, really just “pop science.”

      Not convinced, ok. Start from the Banda Sea in Indonesia and draw a straight line through the southern tip of South America. A line that is up near Japan through the Aleutians down the Rocky Mountains and on down through the Andies. The tectonic boundary wanders back and forth but it largely follows a straight line. The line that runs under Asia along the Himalayas is not as distinct.The crustal plate in that area is much thicker.

      I’m not trying to convince you. Just saying that what’s taken as “actual science” is often more a matter of power politics and greed. Such as global warming. The SSC was is like most any other omnibus funding project that universities all jump on to get research funds. They don’t question the utility — such as with astronomy — most of which (90%) is meaningless. No one from this generation is going to live to voyage to distant stars. Like Star Wars (in a galaxy long ago and far away) it’s just fantasy, from a practical viewpoint. No different than air brushed and photoshopped models in magazines.

    • Hey Rose! True…nice to see/hear from the gang! Where’s AZ? I’ve been thinking about him, hoping all is well for him. I’ve heard from Pete and he knows he can visit at anytime.

    • Pete was “missing everybody something powerful”. Pete was under the impression he had caused the comments to close on LA’s site. I reassured him that he didn’t have anything to do with it. He needed prayer which I was most blessed to do and continue daily. He knows he can visit at any time.

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