Freddie Grey Jr. Investigation Turned Over to State Attorney’s Office

Freddie Grey Jr. Investigation Turned Over to State Attorney’s Office


Police Turn Over Report on Freddie Gray

Baltimore police have completed their investigation into the death of Freddie Gray and turned over their findings to prosecutors – one day earlier than the department’s self-imposed deadline, the commissioner said Thursday morning. (April 30)

Riots Baltimore Tough Love MomFrom one tough love mom who pulled her kid from the Baltimore demonstrations while disciplining him in front of rolling cameras to more planned riots across the country, tough obsservations, civil rights violations, and questions are riddling through the social medial outlets.





Planned Riots Across the Country:

New York:                                                   Baltimore:

Riots New York

Riots Baltimore









Chicago:                                                                   Cincinnati:

Riots Chicago 2

Riots Cincinnati









10 Reasons Acceptable Protesting is an Oxymoron:

Article dated April 30, 2015:  10 Reasons Acceptable Protesting is an Oxymoron

#7. The goal of the anti-oppressive revolution is to confront and radically change a fundamentally insecure system that requires dead bodies to show its supporters that it is doing something.  (source:

Conversations abound on rioting, from the east in Baltimore, the north in Riots HoustonChicago, migrating to the west, San Francisco, the Bay area, and Oakland moving down to the south in Houston, Texas:

“Jeremiah Matthews, accused of stabbing Houston cop 14 times, ‘may have been influenced by riots.”

“Texas politician suggests Baltimore riots caused by same-sex marriages.”

“Riots in Baltimore, Ferguson recall Houston’s infamous Moody Park riot.”

Is this enough “demonstration” for the government to exploit and roll out Martial Law?

If the State Attorney’s office declares that there isn’t enough “evidence” of wrong doing to bring charges by the police officers involved in the death of Freddie Grey, that the spinal cord injury was a “self-inflicted injury,” will this be more than enough for the country to go nuts and explode in a society already brimming with anger?

Why wasn’t this case sent directly to the grand jury which would automatically cause an in-depth investigation and with possible consideration of the levels of charges available under the judicial system?

Were these riots and civil rights violations just daily activities happening that people weren’t paying enough attention but are now waking up to the realization that something is wrong with the system and us because we created the system and our moral compass is wreaking havoc with our own consciousness of black vs white, white vs black vs whatever race or culture is up for attack at the moment?

Were some of these riots pre-planned or is this a domino effect playing out its own role?

I believe some of these events were, at the beginning, justified because of wrong doing and people wanted to speak out against the inflicted offense but they were events ripe for the overtaking by exploitation and some others are just falling in line like the lambs being led to slaughter violating civil rights.

Regardless, riots are sparking conversation across the country with a wary eye out for others to happen.


The Lord did speak and warn us about wars and rumors of wars; however, he also didn’t totally clarify what type of “wars.”

  • But when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be troubled; for such things must happen, but the end is not yet. (Mark 13:7)

Its intensifying folks–Jesus is coming soon!  Are you saved? Have you built your Ark of Salvation?

Be safe be blessed.








11 thoughts on “Freddie Grey Jr. Investigation Turned Over to State Attorney’s Office

  1. Prosecutor in Freddie Gray Case Has Ties To Police

    Isn’t this a conflict of interest? If there is a conflict, and avoid the speculation of unfair review, she needs to turn the case over to another assistant prosecuting attorney.

    • “Freddie Gray allegedly broke his own spine, according to statements by another inmate in the same police transport van while a police investigation has also revealed that the van made an unannounced fourth stop on the way to the hospital.”

      Freddie Gray Allegedly Broke His Own Spine?!

      DANG IT!! I knew this would happen!

  2. Live feed at realalexjones has been disconnected while S Sgt Biggs was speaking…

    This one is now available
    Baltimore Riot Police Kidnap Activist During Curfew

      • This folks is the power of the ?? .. the ability to cut off free speech! This is not a coincidence or an accident. It’s deliberate. This is censhorship at its best!! The powers that be will control whomever, whenever…

        I wouldn’t have believed it had I not been making these live streams available.

        • Indeed. Very suspicious. Quite amazing how all this ties into Jade Helm and the CERN Hadron Collider as per the video you posted above. Here is one for ya to chew on…


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