Six Officers Charged With Probable Cause in the Death of Freddie Grey Jr.

Baltimore Prosecuting Atty Marilyn MosbySix Officers Charged With Probable Cause in the Death of 

Freddie Grey Jr. 


“Maryland State Attorney for the city of Baltimore Marilyn Mosby announced on Friday morning that Freddie Gray‘s death in police custody was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner, and that there is probable cause to file charges against six officers involved.

Charges include second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and assault, Mosby said. The driver of the police van was charged with second-degree murder, while three officers were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Other officers were charged with assault.”

Officer’s named in Video:

A warrant for the arrest has been issued for the following Officers who were not yet in custody:

Officer Garrett Miller, intentional assault in the second degree, assault in the second degree negligent, misconduct in office, and false imprisonment;

Officer Edward Nero, assault in the second degree intentional,  assault in the second degree negligent, misconduct in office, false imprisonment;

Lt. Ryan Rice, involuntary manslaughter, assault in the second degree, misconduct in office, false imprisonment;

Officer William Porter, involuntary manslaughter, assault in the second degree, misconduct in office;

Sgt. Alicia White, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter,  second degree assault, misconduct in office;

Van Driver:  Officer Steven Goodson, second degree depraved murder, involuntary manslaughter, second degree negligent assault, manslaughter by means of vehicle by means of gross negligence, manslaughter by means of criminal negligence, misconduct in office and failure to secure prisoner, failure to render aid.

“A thorough and independent investigation was conducted.”  The Prosecutor’s Office was involved from the first day of the incident independent from the police department.

Prosecuting Attorney Mosby also stated, “I strongly condemned anyone in law enforcement with access to trial evidence who have leaked information prior to the resolution of this case. You are only damaging our ability to conduct a fair and impartial process for all parties involved.”




13 thoughts on “Six Officers Charged With Probable Cause in the Death of Freddie Grey Jr.

  1. If these police officers get acquitted, then the real riots and Martial Law will get under way. Isn’t it ominous how they are getting the Jade Helm and military equipment and vehicles prepped for this very thing lately. It’s almost as if they intend to find them not guilty and acquitted in order to play on the emotions of the rioters and get them to mass riot in cities all across America, and to get the real proverbial horse maneuer to hit the fan. There is a good chance that this will happen I would suppose, thus you have the subliminal message about Martial Law in that commercial we saw. Putting all this together, every last bit of it seems very ominous and very staged. Here it is again for those who haven’t seen it.:

    I think we sometimes forget that they (Illuminati) have more control than we ever dare imagine. This control extends to nations like Russia, China and even middle eastern countries and all that is going on there. We tend to think that it’s them against the Illuminati controlled West. In actuality, they control them too and their leadership is doing as they are told and are in on it as well. Not to go too far afield here, but check this out. This was secretly recorded in the country of Turkey back in the late 90s. This is video of a Freemasonic Satanic Ritual going on in the halls of power in that country complete with the senior Master managing the ritual while drinking the blood of a goat in a sacrifice to Satan being done in the middle of the lodge floor. Here it is:


    The evidence that this kind of control extends to the whole world will include the following piece of information:
    A quote from the article is as follows – “Euroclear also has strong relationship with the Russian government and is a primary broker for Russian debt to foreign investors. This once again proves the ongoing point that Russia is tied to the global banking cabal as much as the United States is. The East vs. West paradigm is a sham of the highest order.”
    Of course, this has nothing to do with today’s subject matter, but yet it does. This is to show the Illuminati’s absolute control of events taking place inside countries all over the world, and a primary tool for their use. of course, is the USA. This riot situation and all that entails it seems more and more staged to me… even possibly shananigans going on with these charged officers. It’s all one more step forward in the grand scheme to implement their evil plan. If these officers get acquitted, I will tend to think that this is what they wanted all along in order to get the riots really started all across the nation, and thus implement Martial Law. Very ominous happenings indeed. If they don’t get acquitted, it does nothing to disprove the point regardless of that. What do you think? Think they will get acquitted?

    I have heard talk of a certain vision that a pastor or someone of that nature had one time concerning a Russian attack (or should I say, an Illuminati ordered Russian attack) upon the USA when the government is at war with the citizenry of it’s people. When this conflict between the citizenry and the government breaks out, the strike upon America by Russia will happen (and again, all at the behest of the globalists who control them of course).

    • Absolutely! You get it–USA problems are public because of our very vocal alternative media. But we mirror what is actually taking place across the world–in an attempt to get to the One World Goverment in place. The militarizing of the police is “by design”…but seeing it play out is very unnerving. We’re getting a sneak peek at what’s coming down the tubes–it’s more than Freddy Grey. If we don’t help each other out by educating the public, then we’ve done what we needed to do, guarding rights to speak out against abuses by those in power.

    • Pete Santilli evening Live Streaming
      Episode 2 – LIVE STREAM Coverage of Baltimore Uprising

      The Baltimore people have been celebrating all afternoon at hearing of the arrests of the officers.

    • Hey Rose! You’re not off topic. I write about all sorts of issues that includes the paranormal or supernatural, like the CERN, UFO’s, Nibiru, NWO, earthquakes, pandemics using vaccines that includes the changing of the human into part animal part human–the Chimera effect etc.

      The same that we were doing at LA’s site. I’m not too good at choosing multiple subjects at the same time when I write which is why I do one topic at a time. If you see something that is well within the Word, you’re ok.

      However, politics I’m definitely not good with it because politics range from everything to everything and everybody thinks differently.

    • The UFO is verrrrryyyy interesting! I looks like a mothership with smaller ships in orbs right under it. I’ve seen UFO Researcher/Author Jaime Mauusen lecture on the increase sightings of the orbs being seen, including as far away as Russia.

      If we do see a major disaster strike and this ship is linked…well??

      • Thank you, Mary, I didn’t think you’d mind too much. And I agree with you about politics – yuck.
        This UFO cluster is amazing in that first it is either a very large craft or it could be some sort of portal. Secondly, it is parked right over a major naval port! They have refused to comment on what the lights might be. In this day of terrorism watches, why would something like this go so remarkably unnoticed by our defense agencies? It is astounding to me, and in my opinion proof of complicity.

        • Yep! The U.S. is very much aware of what is happening. I also believe that some of these strange vehicles are man made but with alien technology. I’ll see if I can find the url that has a copy of the triangular alien aircraft that is as large as a football field but belongs to the U.S. The aircraft photo was released by Edward Snowden from some of his “files.”

        • USAF Top Secret TR-3B Aurora Project Area 51

          I’m still studying this type of military craft. It’s being linked to the possibility that because it travels at Mach 6 that the waives it emits is a sonic sound that could be the mysterious booms & sounds being heard in the U.S. and in Canada, etc.

          Incredible TR3B UFO Video Over Eau Claire, Wisconsin Discovered. (Amazing Footage)

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