I was going to reblog LA Marzulli’s interview with Capricorn yesterday but I see that he has also included an article on JIHAD in Texas. The shooting at the Art Center contest on the Prophet Mohammed. So I’m reblogging today’s post too.

Here’s the Capricorn interview LA Marzulli Secrets of the Watchers and Nephilim 2015 https://youtu.be/unCKBcBa0lM

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L. A. Marzulli

It said that “two soldiers of the caliphate” carried out the attack at a conference centre near Dallas.

The IS’s al-Bayan Radio news bulletin said that the exhibition “was portraying negative pictures of the Prophet Muhammad”.

Both suspects were shot dead after opening fire at the centre on Sunday.

Correspondents say that it is believed to be the first time that IS has claimed to have carried out an attack in the US.


Yesterday two jihadist’s were shot dead as they attempted to kill as many people as possible in the controversial Mohammed Cartoon drawing contest.

First off.  The organizers of this so-called contest know full well that they are engaged in baiting Moslems to come and defend their prophet.  This is, in some ways analogous to Christians reacting to the blasphemous so-called art work named, Piss-Christ, which is a photo of…

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7 thoughts on “JIHAD IN TEXAS!

  1. What percent of muslims would have me executed, incarcerated, enslaved, or “re-educated” for my my work that proves the Surah of Yusuf, and by extension — the Qu’ran, Mohammed, and Allah are all frauds. This was done using step-by-step sequential comparison of the surah to the Biblical testimony about Joseph in Genesis.

    What percent of “cult christians” would have me executed, incarcerated, enslaved, or “re-educated” likewise?


    It’s not a cartoon, nor mockery, nor freedom of expression. I’ve expressed what I believe is the truth in the Bible — as best I can. False witness includes remaining silent when something should be said. We could compare the Yusuf surah to a movie about the life of Joseph. The movie would not have statements included that assert it’s not a fraud. The surah does — too much.

    Like most wickedness it was easy to expose. I wasn’t interested at all in changing anyone’s mind. My audience was intended to be those who will saved by their faith in Christ as Messiah and Son of God, (who gave up his own life in the flesh, resurrected and revived, and ascended even to the midst of Throne of Heaven). As The Lamb Slain, Christ no longer stands at Father God’s right hand — but dwells in the very midst of the Throne of God — showing that He and The Father are One.

    There is one God — The Creator — who has made both creations (this and the new heavens and new earth soon coming) and higher dimensions (heavens). And like it or not — Christ (Yeshua Messiah / Jesus Christ) is Lord of the living — and the dead! We who still dwell mostly in lower dimensions here on this earth in this time-space have the opportunity to dwell in higher dimensional forms (entering into the heavens) to be seated with Christ. As the apostle Paul testifies in his letters…

    Ephesians 2:4-6
    But God who is rich in mercy…
    – for his great love wherewith he loved us
    – Even when we were dead in sins
    – hath quickened us together with Christ
    – by grace you are saved
    – And has raised us up together and
    made us sit together in heavenly places
    – in Christ Jesus
    (note also: Eph.1:20, Revelation 5:6 & 7:17)

    But few of all the billions on earth these days will accept Christ as Savior, who has cleansed us from our sin by offering His own body as sacrifice on the Cross. His slain physical body was counted as the full penalty for all who sin. And to us who believe in Him, He has granted pardon to join again into fellowship with Almighty God (Himself) — forgiven forever — and given eternal life with Him.

    We need not sacrifice ourselves as jihadis for some empty delusion of escaping hell and gaining a “houri heaven.” We need not even be martyrs for The Word of God — who will not escape this corrupted earth — but will return yet again to rule and reign with Christ in the millennia … here in this very earth where all the enemy angels are cast into (out of the heavens) and imprisoned (till the day of judgment). Make no mistake, to rule and reign with Christ is still to serve — and show mercy to enemies.

    To be sure, it is clear, when embassies are destroyed — lines have been crossed. When freedom of expression is no longer law — lines have been crossed. The trip wires are triggered. The alarms have gone off. The factions that do such things don’t hesitate to murder faceless strangers nor unborn babies (though all of us living have had bodies of a single cell). I see clearly now who will do such things and understand that they will cross more and more lines to destroy — even innocents, whether by drone, IED, automatic weapons, burning, or beheading.

    Let the holy angels do their duties. Let the remnant (saved in Christ) love their enemies. It is not love nor kindness to remain silent when something should be said. Speak the truth in love. Most especially as regards The Word of God in The Gospels, or in Genesis, or the Revelation. Come out from muslims — come out from christian cults — Christ is Savior still, reigning from the throne of heaven, as The Lamb Slain and Son of God.

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