Are Jade Helm 15 & Wal-Mart Shipping Containers Connected?

Jade Helm 15 Walmart Shipping Containers in Australian PrisonsAre Jade Helm 15 & Wal-Mart

Shipping Containers Connected?


Speculation has arisen regarding the numerous shipping containers now being seen lining the “closed for plumbing issues” Wal-Mart parking lot and delivery areas.

Some containers have been identified as CMS or “Containers Management Systems.” According to my basic research, these containers can be used in various ways.  Some are being used as small homes once properly installed and upgraded to meet housing specs.

However, for the governments in Australia and New Zealand, these containers are being used to build and expand prison systems.

The Shanghai Metal Corporation:

“In Australia’s Victoria, the local government is establishing a prison system of 50 containers.  Victoria is an area of overcrowded prisons, and therefore containers bring an excellent solution for the problem. Australia is planning to apply the same solution in other areas as well.”

“Victoria’s prisons are meant for medium-security prisoners. The next question could be, taken the fact that shipping containers are as they are, how can one increase their security level? Modifying the prisons environment would be the only option. Setting up an Alcatraz style prison in the middle of an area of water area would work.”

(source:  The

Although ShanghaiMetalCorporation is advertising the Victoria prison system using these containers, an actual article was written confirming that Victoria is using them:

Prisoners moved into shipping containers: Article dated January 6, 2014:

Jade Helm 15 Walmart Containers aka Prisons“Fifty-eight prisoners have moved into the containers, which were brought from the Pilbara in Western Australia and installed at the minimum security Dhurringile Prison in late December. About 20 more will move in by the end of Monday, a spokesman for Corrections Minister Ed O’Donohue said.” (source:

Q.  So you ask, “What do these containers have to do with Wal-Mart and Jade Helm 15?”

A.  Stay with me a bit longer and keep reading and viewing these videos.

Walmart Brandon Florida: Have you seen this footage?

Brandon FL Walmart: Metal Doors now installed on the inside?

Are you now following my line of thinking?  So, why would I still “suspect” that these shipping containers are actually being applied to the “closed for plumbing issues” Wal-Mart?

Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells:

The Caravan to Midnight show with host John B. Wells a few nights ago May 14, 2015 interviewed Minister, Writer, Media Analyst, Nathan Leal from titled “Jade Helm: Something wicked this way comes.”

The episode is lengthy at 2:36:28, but it’s well worth listening in detail.  It’s rich with valuable understandable information on Jade Helm 15.  Nathan Leal outlines the Jade Helm 15 scenario, logo (the arrows-crossbow, the knife or sword, and the Danish clog) making Jade Helm 15 the ribbon cutting event affecting the human psychic that leads the U.S. to civil war.

Nathan Leal shares his prophetic dreams and visions that the Lord gave to him including:

  • there will be empty shopping malls,
  • the government will take over food courts to feed skinny dirty people (Wal-Mart has a food court),
  • the government will be mistreating its people,
  • Hawaii, Washington (Seattle), and Montana will be hit with a missile,
  • the coming economic collapse,
  • pestilence,
  • disease,
  • the coming civil war,
  • the coming invasion by foreign military forces and,
  • U.S. will be invaded by China and Russia

I believe Wal-Mart will be used to lure unsuspecting customers from the moment they step inside their doors and step into the back area of the store–the moment the customer steps beyond the doors to the back of the store, a waiting military soldier will whisk them away.  Part of the Human Domain “trust” in Wal-Mart.

This is why I believe these customers will have to be “housed” or interned in the shipping containers, aka prisons, until they are then bused to formal FEMA Camps.

No, I don’t have “written proof” that this is the reason for using these containers but for me, its a very strong indicator that’s how they’re going to be used.  Anyone with better information, correct me.

Remember, Wal-Mart has been federalized, it’s a “partner” with the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Jade Helm Walmart Logistics with Dr William Mount

The topics will not be easy to listen to simply because of the seriousness of  some of the content being discussed.  This information isn’t meant to frighten anyone but rather to inform, educate and prepare your psychic, emotional, and spiritual condition.

Get your spiritual house in order with the Lord God today.

Caravan To Midnight – Episode 289 Jade Helm: Something wicked this way comes

In the Youtube video Nathan Leal mentioned many documents.  For your convenience, here is the link to his written notes with images where he mentions them individually Nesaranews.

In addition, Nathan Leal mentioned a specific email that was sent to him by a Senior Military Officer (General) who was required to retire early that outlines a U.S. Government 2012 study with percentages and by military branches who will side with the American people:

Timeline: 1:53:

Mr. Leal:

“Briefly, I am one of the hundreds of senior military officers who have been forced to retirement after a long and distinguished career.  As I am sure you are aware myJade Helm 15 US Retired Sr Military Officer retirement and hundreds of others was in reality a purge of command level personnel whom the current administration deemed untrustworthy to carry out their constitutional orders.

They were right.

Your concern about Patriots heading off the fight is correct as is your assessment that our military may be in conflict.  A Pentagon study in 2012 estimated that roughly 60% of active duty Army personnel will side with the American people as well as 80% of the National Guard.  Somewhere around 90% of the Marines will side with the American people.  The Navy as a whole will stay out of the fight choosing to be the last line of defense against foreign intervention.  It is widely believed that in excess of 75% of the Air Force will side with government.

What the study says is that the coming civil war will break down into three sides.  Patriots, Government, and those who choose not to take a side will protect and defend civilians.  With modern antiaircraft (mobile and man portable) air power will be all but useless.  What we will see is a ground war, city by city, street by street.  Additionally, what is coming will be unlike any civil war in history.  It will be very personal.  The government will call the Patriots terrorists.  They will arrest, intern, torture and murder suspected terrorists families.  This will result in reprisals  which will start a vicious cycle…”

Timeline 1:55:  The interview transmission was electronically interrupted, disconnecting Nathan Leal from Caravan to Midnight.

At this point, while the program was being reconnected, John B. Wells explained they have received transmission problems explaining “Cyber warfare was in progress.  When civil war starts, all internet transmissions will be shut down…”

The disruption reminded me of earlier live streaming transmissions a few weeks ago being terminated while alternative media was televising civilian protests live from Baltimore.  The government is censoring internet programming.

The New Zealand Herald reporter Derek Cheng:

The New Zealand Herald reporter Derek Cheng wrote an article dated June 2, 2010, “A night in Rimutaka prison.” He shares his diary notes in the article:

“Herald reporter Derek Cheng spent a night in Unit 11 at Rimutaka Prison, the country’s first unit built from old shipping containers. He shares his diary…” Learn More…(source:

A night in Rimutaka prison (New Zealand):

Be safe. Be blessed.




22 thoughts on “Are Jade Helm 15 & Wal-Mart Shipping Containers Connected?

  1. Is the below a coincidence? I really don’t think so. I think part of this may be getting ready to implement the North American Union. Part of that may be that they first are going to give those southwestern states and perhaps other southern states to Mexico. Check out this short video. Very interesting… and infuriating at the same time.

    And the following video is most interesting as well. It would seem that perhaps the Georgia Guidestones, Cern and Jade Helm are connected (perhaps) as well.

    • Hey Corey! I’ve seen a multitude of videos and articles on the “merging” of the states into Mexico as a “retaliation” by Russia against the U.S. because of U.S. treatment against the U.S. and the arming of the Ukraine. However, the merging requires all 50 states not just a few southern states. It’s a good “perhaps” but I’m not totally convinced at the moment or perhaps yet.

      I’m thinking it requires more than Jade Helm 15. I’m thinking Martial Law in all 50 states, assuming that Texas remains part of the U.S. if she hasn’t seceded from the U.S. and becomes a Republic again on it’s own.

      Gov Perry had brought up that issue years ago and I, at the time, snickered because I thought he’d really lost it. Now, I understand his reasoning but it’s his fault he didn’t get the entire state to back him up–he failed to explain to the citizens on what he actually knew. I just wish he’d done it in a better manner.

      Gov Abbott appears to be in a better position for the State to back him up, more so since he has already taken a stand to notify enforcment authorities to “monitor and report” if citizens rights are violated because of the Jade Helm excercises … we’ll wait and see what develops.

      Everything is intensifying or ramping up–it’s about to burst. Only God can change hearts and minds so we continue to plead the blood of the lamb across the Nation for His protection and guidance.

      I came across this video late last night and it really chilled me to the bone…

      Jade Helm US Intelligence Briefing by William Mount


      • Wow… Thank you and have a wonderful day he says… Lol! Maybe I missed it toward the end there but once the Rothschild’s order nuclear strikes on America and Russia and China invade, China and then Russia will then themselves be destroyed? Hmmmmm… Looks like everyone all the way around gets it. Pretty disturbing information there if he is correct. I think that the evidence and talk of a 2015 Rapture is looking pretty likely at this point Mary. What about you? Just so happens that now Canada’s Target stores are closing and Operation Maple Leap is getting underway. It’s getting very, very ominous. This could be the “fire upon the land of Gog/Magog and on those who dwell carelessly in the aisles” prophecy of Ezekiel 38 & 39 getting ready to happen right here! This would explain operation Red Flag being conducted by the submarine force on the west coast. Once they hit America, America will then retaliate against Russia, a nuclear exchange described by Ezekiel. Unbelievable. The economic crash and all of it coincides with the Schemitta and blood moons tetrad. We’re here.

        • @ Corey: re: “Thank you and have a wonderful day he says…”

          Wm. Mount is a an arrogant sarcastic person but I lay aside his attitude and focus on the info he may have that sheds light on events.

          re: Target stores closing…I had heard of this info almost at the same time that Wal-Mart abruptly closed its doors.

          According to the retail industry report website, 2015 closing rounds due to bankruptcy or downsizing, Target had already announced in early 2014 it would be closing 133 stores

          Walmart wasn’t slated to close down as many or as abruptly as they did, which is why the public reacted as they did and it took off into something much bigger. (The truth will always stand!)

          The closures or in some cases downsizing coincided making it look ominous when in fact some closures are legitimate. This includes 1,784 Radio Shack stores who went into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Office Max and Office Depot will close 400 stores by 2016.

          I try not to fall into the paranoia scene but gee some topics are so “off the beaten path” leaving me wondering beyond normal.


        • Hmmmm… so these closings do indeed look legit. But who is this William Mount guy? Did he used to be in a position in the military or something? Where is he getting his info from? He said he’s getting these updates or briefings from Russian sources. Just curious, I haven’t researched him any.

        • @Corey: re: William Mount

          I’ve seen some of his videos so I wasn’t truly impressed with him because he wasn’t in my genre. However, I remembered him when I was doing my research on containers because I’d seen a video where the speaker takes a “walk” behind a store and lo and behold there are containers inside a chain link fence with a transmission tower inside the fence. The fence was pronged to keep outsiders out or “insiders in.” I thought it was Wm. Mount but turns out now I can’t find the video and it wasn’t Mount.

          Anyway, I think currently he is something of a “host” of some sort of tv show in Seattle, WA. It could be he is doing Youtube videos for the Seattle, WA area. He’s not unintelligent. He actually makes sense. I think he’s retired from public service work of sorts plus he uses the “Dr.” as identification so he promotes health and wellness. Unsure. I also think he is actively involved in his community–hence his inside info…

  2. [AERIAL FOOTAGE] Biker Gang Shootout Waco, Texas – 17 May 2015

    Nine dead in Texas biker shootout
    Five biker gangs involved in Texas shootout that left nine dead
    Nine killed as Texas biker gang clash at shopping mall

    Unable to find any cell phone videos of the biker shoot out among themselves prior to law enforcement moving in…?

    This was in a public restaurant venue with other shoppers around and no footage available yet?

    • Ridiculous Bandidos are and have been my family for 12 yrs the authorities want u to believe they are terrorist groups ….lies I was hopeful that I was finally going to see real footage of that horrible day but… Well u know the rest…

      Saddened but full of faith,

  3. He says at the end of these nations getting destroyed, the earth reels to and fro… this would coincide with the arrival of the planet X system. The elite know it’s coming, which is what all of the bunker and underground cities being built are about. I see this as Russia, China and America all acting in coordination with each other under the control of the globalists (Rothschilds and the whole evil lot of them) to bring about the global depopulation agenda through world war among other things.

    Wow, it’s almost hard to believe that we have arrived at the appointed time… “Behold it is come, it is done, says the Lord, this is the day whereof I have spoken (Ezekiel 39:8).

    • The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it, and it shall fall and not rise again (Isaiah 24:20). The passage William Mount spoke of coinciding with Jade Helm.

    • Mary, I was gonna post the below article from Infowars about this.
      The other day while I was standing outside, I heard this sound myself. At first, I thought it was some construction equipment in the area. But as I traveled down the road, I saw nothing of the sort. No construction equipment, no nothing. Everyone else around me was looking around too, totally baffled at what this noise was and where it was coming from. It was very loud. The thought crossed my mind after a few minutes that I may be hearing those mysterious noises that people are hearing all over the world and posting on the net. That segment from Watchers 2 about these noises crossed my mind immediately. But Gary may be right about this being a supernatural sign or harbinger of something dreadful to come. Interestingly enough, scripture in the bible speaks of a strange noise that will start sounding in the end times. Here is this shocking verse of scripture: “A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has a controversey with the nations. He will plead with all flesh; he will give them that are wicked to the sword (Jeremiah 25:31). From reading this chapter of scripture, it seems to me that this is something that happened in Jeremiah’s day when God judged Israel for their idol worship. This is made clear in the beginning of the chapter. However, we do know that according to Ecclesiastes, history will repeat itself in very identifiable patterns and examples. Could this noise that occurred in Jeremiah’s day just before judgment came on ancient Israel by the Babylonians be repeating today just before the global judgment of the tribulation strikes the earth? It’s been said before that ancient Babylon is a type, or shadow, of the global last day “New World Order” system of Mystery Babylon. I think I’ve heard Gary himself say this before in times past… and he would be correct. It looks like the modern Babylon, or emerging New World Order system, is going to be the instrument God uses to bring global judgment on the earth just like in the days of Jeremiah when he used Babylon of old to bring judgment upon Israel. We see this noise happening then before judgment struck, and we hear it again today.

      • This is an interesting take on things from Jim Paris. According to him, many of these noises sound like the ancient shofar that was blown in biblical times signaling a warning of approaching catastrophe or enemies in judgment. Recently, I have been thinking that these noises could be the elite having these massive underground cities being built, but many of the noises seem to be coming from the sky. Ecclesiastes 1:9,10 anyone???

      • Wow! The collective sounds of drum beats of incoming or upcoming war! It ascends and descends (crescendo)–incredible!!

        I wrote an article where it mentions “remote viewers” went into the heavenlies and saw an actual 3 way war taking place: aliens against the humans but they could also see Angels of the Lord fighting against these demonic beings protecting the humans!

        These “remote viewers” had written to Linda Moulton Howe and told her they, too, wanted answers so they collected themselves and that’s what they saw. However, the position of this particular circumstance also revealed an underground military base in the eastern seabord between the U.S. and Canada.

        The “remote viewers” are the psychics that the Lord warns us not to practice. However, I see them as they are merely acting out on what they perceive is a gift to see into the spirit world, not knowing any better.

        The Pentagon teaches some of their agents how to remote view. It’s also acknowledged by one former Remote Viewers that it’s a dangerous practice but do-able. It, the practice, cost him his marriage while he was with the CIA.

        I also believe that the veil of protection is thinning, making it easier to see into the spirit world–but for some this spirit world is infiltrating into their homes.

        The only protection is “covering” our homes through prayer–daily pleading the Blood of the Lamb over ourselves, families, pets, homes, workplace etc.

        Great video teaching by “ARE YOU SERIOUS!!” Pastor Ed Begley.

        Thanks for sharing it.

        • I too take this remote viewing thing as a teachable thing that we can learn some things from… especially if people are being able to see things going on in secret and on the other side of the veil and whatnot. But I definitely agree, people should not attempt to do it as they can invite some things into their life from the dark side they won’t like. But since there are people who are doing it anyway, we may as well learn what they saw when they did do it.

        • I forgot to also mention about being able to “see in the spirit”. God does remove this spiritual veil sometimes. I’m remembering my Mom. She has had several visions of Angels, the good ones.

          She had heard that an earthquake had hit Mexico. She was feeling sympathetic and apprehensive over the situation then looks up into the sky. Flying across from east to west, she saw several Angels flying in the sky. She had the distinct understanding they were on their way to Mexico to help those in need. I believe it was God’s way of placing her at peace that these earthquake victims were going to get help from God. This always reminds me of when I write articles on earthquakes–praying for God’s angels to help those very needy.

          Another time, my Mom was in a state of depression, right after my dad had passed away. I “knew” to take her to a nearby drive inn for a soda and potatoe fries to get her mind off of circumstances. As we drove up close to the drive inn my Mom did a double take to her left and just popped up exclaiming “Did you see that?!!” I’m driving, I saw nothing. Nodding no, she goes on to exclaim: “There, there it is!!! Right in front of that door. He just nodded to me!!”

          All I could do was smile and accept it–her depression had broken! She was seeing “in the spirit.” This being wasn’t visible to me but to her simply because she needed to be healed and it was God’s answer to what she needed.

          Do you know, I started this journey to write an ebook on Angels? When I started doing basic research, it got deeper and deeper and I landed on LA’s site studying the Nephilim? I’m the type of person that I need to understand, in depth, as much as possible before writing anything. If it includes on-going research–so be it.

          I have a few more Angel sighting experiences but I’m saving them for my ebook.

        • That’s interesting. My wife had a pretty dramatic encounter with an angel herself before we ever met. Long story short, her car got stuck in a ditch out in the middle of nowhere with no one around. She is a strong believer herself. With no way of knowing how she was going to get out of this predicament, a truck “happened” along whereupon it stopped behind her stuck car. The man got out of the driver’s seat and offered to hitch his truck to her car and pull her car loose from the ditch. She graciously accepted. When he successfully pulled her car clear of the ditch, she turned her back to him while he was unhitching the truck from the car and reached inside the car window to grab a coat to put on as it was cool and raining. She had her sister’s son with her, who was about 3 years old. She turned back around and to her astonishment, both the “man” and the truck were gone! She was in the middle of nowhere! Where did the truck go!!?? Where did he go!!?? She then came to the conclusion, to her astonishment, that it was an angel in disguise who pulled her free.

      • THE PROPHETIC SCROLL (edition 259): COULD THE TRIBULATION BEGIN THIS YEAR? If these sounds truly are a sign or a warning of approaching judgment, then yes, it could. The evidence of the blood moon tetrad and the 7th Schemitta are pointing to it in September.

  4. I remembered a time when LA Marzulli had posted his opinions re: Iraq and the U.S. leaving the area undefended. I remember saying something like “they don’t like us or want us there” and I posted a video showing the market vendors denouncing U.S. presence.

    Now I see how Iraq has been under military siege by ISIS and the carnage ISIS is having in Bagdad:

    “Prepare for the Battle of Baghdad: ISIS hold victory parade after taking key city of Ramadi just 60 miles from capital in an orgy of violence and beheadings”

    Read more:

    IS Militants Take Ramadi: Army, Civilians Flee

  5. I do not know if this is biblical sounds, but check out the hyper sonic sound systems, that is probably what these noises are…manmade to scare us….hyper sonic sound systems…look at the cell towers

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