Exercise “Raider Focus”: 4,000 Military Troops Involved

“Nearly 650 vehicles will roll south from Colorado Springs next week in the biggest Army Convoy seen in the Likes Peak region in decades” writes the Gazette.


The convoy will comprise of 4,000 military troops who will travel to Pinon Canyon:

“The goal is to get the brigade ready for quick deployment if war breaks out.”

(What war?  Against who?)





17 thoughts on “Exercise “Raider Focus”: 4,000 Military Troops Involved

  1. You’ve got planet x that is said to make it’s naked eye appearance by December, and then it’s intense effects will start by early 2016 (although the timing of this is somewhat variable). It would seem to me they would need to drop the hammer on things very soon in order to get Martial Law in place and start the culling of people. A september rapture sure is looking suspiciously possible to me right now considering the whole timing of the feasts and that God will fulfill this one too on schedule… (wow, this is cool, I get to mention that poisonous word that some other places won’t tolerate lol). You won’t shut the blog down now will you Mary?… 🙂

    • There’s a news story on Quayle’s website from “All News Pipeline” that should be looked at. It’s titled “U.S. NAVY SEAL: GOVERNMENT PREPARING FOR “BIG EVENT” DUE TO THE RETURN OF PLANET X – JADE HELM, MARTIAL LAW AND UNDERGROUND FOOD STORAGE DUE TO THE COMING RETURN OF NIBIRU”

      A U.S. Navy Seal has said this apparently. This would seem to give this whole idea a little bit more credibility (I think). I would post the link, but for some reason my computer won’t post my comment with this embedded link… lol. My computer is involved in a conspiracy maybe perhaps.

    • Corey…just had a thought: If Planet X is doom gloom destined to destroy the above ground people like you and me, why should the elite (underground bunker exceptionilies) feel the need to cull the population when Planet X could do it quicker and easier and their conscience wouldn’t be affected (like it would otherwise)? Just saying…

      • The reason for that would be that they would need as few people as possible to control with Martial Law so that the masses won’t have the numbers to successfully rebel and overthrow them (the elite). So this culling will allow them to be able to successfully scurry to their underground sanctuaries without having to deal with a large number of rioting masses… thus they want to start global war and the excuse needed for Martial Law. It is likely people will rebel and riot when they look up and see this thing in the sky afar off. The effects of it will not be going on in full yet, thus giving the population time to rebel. The elite are going to have to have some kind of control In the meantime, and it’s easier to control less people than more. I think Bob Fletcher has said the same thing a few times himself in the various interviews he’s done. Not only that, but you also have the mysterious Georgia guidestones that call for depopulation under 500 million and I think they fully intend to enact it.

        • As far as their conscience not being bothered, that’s a relatively easy one to conclude. I think we would have to remember that these elite are literally Satan worshippers who have constant contact with God only knows what sort of demonic entities. If the stories of demon entities that look human are true, then they would have no guilty conscience. If the elite bringing all this about are indeed human but worship Lucifer, then it’s still not a big stretch to assume that they would have no conscience. Their minds are controlled by pure, supernatural evil. Their minds are reprobate from any human feeling of concern for other human beings. Not only that, but even if they did have a conscience that bothered them, it wouldn’t matter because they would likely see the culling as a necessary thing to ensure their own survival whether it be a continuity of their governance motif or belief, or just a plain old human instinct for their own survival by not allowing a limited sized boat be overrun with a mass of drowning humanity and killing them in the process.

        • I would also add that it is likely that Russia, china and America are all co-ordinating their militaries and working together along with other nations to have a certain structure in place after the nibiru system passes and has done it’s destruction. It would be the New World Order global governance structure. They’ll need something in place to work from after the destruction. This would be why (perhaps) the nations are coordinating the BRICS financial system as well. I think this is what the U.S. Navy Seal was stating as well… in the link you posted above. Of course, there are many more aspects and rabbit holes to all of this, but it all kinda makes sense. I can tell ya one thing, there better be some coordinating going on in Heaven right now to have a big, fat, juicy pepperoni pizza hot and ready to be delivered to my mansion when I get there in September… I can tell ya that much right now.

      • I would also agree with something you previously said in a past blog… that the New World Order would be going forth anyway even without an approach of Planet X. The preparation and planning includes the Nibiru situation but also includes things beyond… they still would be fomenting global war in order to bring about their ultimate plan of enthroning their ruler King, what we would call the Antichrist and have the New World Order. But I think Nibiru is likely just one aspect of the whole planning situation.

  2. The answer to your question… “War with who?” Ecclesiastes declares that history is going to repeat itself. Two she bears attacked 42 mockers in the book of 2 Kings “after” the “rapture” of Elijah into Heaven. The symbol of Russia is a bear. Looks like the bear is getting ready to attack. This would be the possible nuclear exchange that is speculated about described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 around the time of the rapture. All this goes to show us how near we are to Christ’s return for the church. Whenever we see the ratcheting up of tensions with Russia and the U.S. and Nato, we need to remember this old testament story and come to grips with the realization that this is the perfect example of Ecclesiastes “history repeating itself.”
    Interesting situation setting up here.

    • Russia has now promised a response to U.S. missile defense systems in Ukraine. I would post the link, but my computer is still acting weird. Story is at a site called “Sputnik International”. … and anywhere else I would imagine.

      • My pc is down since yesterday am…using my 7″ tablet for limited use… conspiracy? Ha ha…lousy vga connection I think.

        How about Russia and China alliance?

    • An afterthought… the number of bears that attacked were two. Could this be alluding to two strikes by Russia before the U.S. strikes back?

  3. Texas Rising premieres May 25, 2015 History Channel.

    Appears that the timing of this movie is coinciding with current Jade Helm 15 and impending martial law–civil war?

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