Waco, Texas, Bikers Shoot Out

Bikers Annual Rolling Thunder in DCWaco, Texas, Bikers Shoot Out


One week ago, Sunday, May 17, 2015, at high noon, in an eatery called Twin Peaks Restaurant, in Waco, Texas, a shoot out took place between five known motorcycle club members and law enforcement professionals who, it seems, had been tracking these motorcycle members for a lengthy period of time.  This shoot out, according to various media reports, ended in nine deaths (six Cossacks, one Scimitar, and two Bandidos), 18 wounded, and the subsequent arrests of 170 members.

“Richie was the first to die, then Diesel, then Dog.”  “I saw the first three of our guys fall, and we started running,” said their brother in arms, another Cossack, who said he was there Sunday when the shooting started at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.” The Cossack, president of a North Texas chapter of the motorcycle gang, asked not to be identified because he is now in hiding and said he fears for his life. He is a rare eye-witness speaking publicly about the Waco massacre, one of the worst eruptions of biker-gang violence in U.S. history.” (Wacotrib.com)

[AERIAL FOOTAGE] Biker Gang Shootout Waco, Texas – 17 May 2015

Initially the first video I saw May 17, 2015, showed an aftermath of bike members being lined up peacefully on the restaurant parking lot, being publicly searched by enforcement officers:

“Nine dead in Texas biker shootout
Five biker gangs involved in Texas shootout that left nine dead
Nine killed as Texas biker gang clash at shopping mall”

I noted: “Unable to find any cell phone videos of the biker shoot out among themselves prior to law enforcement moving in…?”

“This was in a public restaurant venue with other shoppers around and no footage available yet?”

The more I thought about this video, the more suspicious I became.  What’s unusual about this scene? What I see questionable is the “peaceful” attitude by the so-called vicious gang busters bikers–no bruising, no visible punching in the face evidence of a brawl.  They are submissive.  Then, there are others milling around doing absolutely nothing to the law enforcement officers.

Not even the Baltimore protestors were this peaceful.  They voiced their contempt for the presence of the officers surrounding very angry civilians.

If the Baltimore protestors could get viciously angry with law enforcement officers at the death of one person at the hands of law enforcement, why would these bikers not be voicing their contempt at the death of nine of their “own?”

As one person commented:  “Is there any one who is in a real 1% club or in Law enforcement out here, who doesn’t believe that every one of those “Bikers” from the “Outset”, would be face down and cuffed or zip tied, instead of being led around hodgepodge in a polka line waiting for their turn at being field processed…”

Speculation went rampant on who or how the gun fight started.  Comments ranged from:

  • “it started because of a parking space” (which was knocked out because there was more than sufficient parking spaces available)
  • “it started inside the restaurant’s restroom” (this too, has been knocked out because the patrons inside have stated they heard shots from outside the restaurant)
  • “it was a turf war” (not so because the purpose of this gathering was to come together in a peaceful way to work out some issues)
  • “it was the ‘Texas’ rocker (insignia) patch at the bottom of backside vest” dispute
  • “the $100.00 patches fee per member, per club, per month to the Bandidos” “We don’t claim any territory, but the reason that the Bandidos have such an issue with us is that we wear the Texas rocker on our back, but we don’t pay them $100 a month per chapter to do it,” the Cossack said. “When you’ve got 100 chapters. That’s a lot of money.” (Wacotrib.com)
  • “it came from an undercover police officer/club member who started the shootout”

Issue: Who were the five motorcycle clubs?

It was reported five motorcycle clubs were gathered together:

  1. Bandidos
  2. Cossacks
  3. Vaqueros
  4. Scimitars
  5. (?)

In Texas “All US citizens that have no history of mental illness and no felony convictions have a right to carry open or concealed; it’s a constitutional right.  Local, State and Federal laws to the contrary are not withstanding.”

Law Enforcement Presence:

They were “there” at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in and on the premises long before the fighting started.

Bikers Report statement 3 rival gangs 12 Waco officers SWAT team

According to Swanton, “there were at least three rival gangs on the scene when the shooting occurred, although he did not immediately provide the names of the gangs.”

“At least 12 Waco officers, including a SWAT team, and other DPS troopers were at Twin Peaks or in the immediate area when the incident broke out.”

The Truth Behind the Shootings at Waco’s TwinPeaks

FireStormRecords, maker of the video, has added a statement:

“Update  I  already stated  that  None of The Cossacks I know were in Waco during the incident at TwinPeaks None of the Cossacks locally will talk  to me  without permission from the higher-ups and We are still waiting  to hear from them, Other reliable sources have  confirmed that All Cossacks were ordered to Not be at the Waco event Sunday, Yet A small faction within the Cossacks went anyway, Those sources also  confirmed that No order was ever given  as The media said to arm up and ride to Waco and Retaliate against law enforcement. Sources also tell me   A standing order was sent out for all Cossacks to in fact  Not Be assembling or wearing their cuts, until further notice.  There is more  to share just waiting to confirm with reliable sources.”

State of Texas Gang Affiliations:

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety April 2014 Gang Threat Assessment study the gang affiliations tier 1 are listed:

“The Tier 1 gangs in Texas are Tango Blast and Tango cliques (estimated >8,200 members), Texas Syndicate (>4,400 members), Texas Mexican Mafia (>5,500 members), and Barrio Azteca (>2,000 members). These organizations pose the greatest gang threat to Texas due to their relationships with Mexican cartels, large membership numbers, high levels of transnational criminal activity, and organizational effectiveness.” (pdf pg 2)

What constitutes a gang member?

“Texas Penal Code §71.01 defines a criminal street gang as three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.” (pdf pg 7)

Overall Gang Rankings:

The April 2014, Gang Threat Assessment study has classified known gangs  into three tiers (pdf pg 9)

Bikers Gang Rankings as of 2013

Tier 1:

  • Tango Blast
  • Texas Syndicate
  • Texas Mexican Mafia
  • Barrio Azteca

Tier 2:

  • Latin Kings
  • Mara Salvatruche (MS-13)
  • Bloods
  • Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
  • Crips
  • Bandidos
  • Surenos
  • Partido Revoluciano Mexicano
  • Texas Chicano Brotherhood

Tier 3

  • 18th Street
  • Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos
  • Paisas Mexicles
  • Raza Unida
  • Gangster Disciples
  • Aryan Circle
  • Tri-City Bombers

Note:  The Cossacks and the Vaqueros are not mentioned in the study.

Bandidos Leader Says Waco PD Is Wrong About Targeting Police

According to the April 2014 Gang Threat Assessment bears out what Jimmy Graves, Bandido, President, Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents has stated.

“Formed in the 1960s, the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (Bandidos OMG) conducts its illegal activities as covertly as possible and avoids high-profile activities such as drive-by shootings that many street gangs tend to commit. However, members are not covert about making their presence known by wearing the gang colors, insignia, and riding in large groups. They seek to turn public sentiment in their favor by organizing frequent charity runs. Bandidos are likely to focus on recruiting new members with no criminal history.” (pdf pg 34)

Restaurant Security Video:

The restaurant security video has not been released to the public but the Associated Press received the privilege of reviewing it:

“As gunfire broke out in the parking lot of a Texas restaurant, dozens of motorcycle riders ran inside seeking cover and tried to guide others to safety, security video reviewed exclusively by The Associated Press showed Wednesday.

The video, shared by representatives of the restaurant, shows bikers on the patio ducking under tables and trying to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns. One biker was seen running with blood on his face, hands and torso.

The footage shows only one round being fired — by a biker on the patio who then ran inside.” (source: news.yahoo.com)

The blame game has been shifted from the bikers to the law enforcement officials from whom many are stating did the majority if not all the shooting.

“Another camera angle, on the far side of the restaurant from the gunfire, shows patrons who are not wearing biker gear crawling behind tables toward the kitchen. At least three bikers appear to be gesturing for the patrons to crawl to safety.” (source: news.yahoo.com)

Who is the biker who fired from the patio then runs inside?

“The AP was shown the video by representatives of the Twin Peaks franchise, who have said the fighting began outside the restaurant, not inside as police have previously said. The franchise did not release the video publicly, citing the ongoing investigation.” (source: news.yahoo.com)

Snipers at Twin Peaks Restaurant: 

Bikers Snipers on Twin Peaks RoofAutopsy reports have not been made available or confirmation of ongoing progress.

As can be seen in the image to the left, professional snipers were at the Twin Peaks shootout.

Also according to reports, one of the deceased was a military Purple Heart recipient.

Reports are surfacing that the Bikers were hit in the chest and/or forehead indicative of a direct kill shot.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG) Report July 2014 (redacted):

Bikers OMG ATF Report 2014The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information Field Intelligence Support Branch report submitted an Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG) Report dated July 2014, outlining involvement of active-duty military and government personnel workers, both civilian and contractors are involved in motorcycle groups for their knowledge, reliable  income, tactical skills and dedication to a cause.” (pdf)

In other words, many skilled military and civilians are active-duty members of known motorcycle clubs and/or groups — aka “gangs”.Bikers Military members

Many of the written reports indicated that many of the motorcycle clubs are highly skilled retired veterans and volunteers.  Many are city, state, and government employees.  The pdf report doesn’t list any known Cossack motorcycle group.

“OMG members continue to fly their colors while serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other destinations across the globe.  Per the Michigan Intelligence Operation Center, the Highwaymen MC has created a set of colors for its members proudly serving in Afghanistan.  The Hells Angels, Bandidos and Warlocks have also created soft colors and t-shirts to support their members serving in the theater.  The Mongols sold t-shirts that depicted Mongols members serving in Iraq.” (pdf pg. 3 of 40)


With such a heavy-duty “armed” group of motorcycle members at the restaurant my question is why weren’t more killed or wounded particularly law enforcement?Bikers Cossacks Russia

Q:  Why isn’t there information on the Cossacks?  They’re not listed under any of the three tiers on the DPS April, 2014 report or the July 2014 ATF report. Yet, the Texas chapter of the Cossacks definitely were at the scene.

Q: Who are the first in line listed by the government as “terrorists”?

A:  The veterans.

Q:  Was DPS duped into believing the worst and over anticipated?  Who notified DPS that this motorcycle group would be assembling on this particular day?  Who notified DPS that the Bandidos would be retaliating against the police?

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Bandidos, the Mongols, the Cossacks, etc, are very strong territorial groups, capable of severe violence and practices of intimidation–after all who trained them?

What happened in Waco Shootout?

Thousands roar into D.C. for annual Rolling Thunder

“Thousands of motorcyclist roared into Washington, D.C., on Sunday (May 24) for the annual Rolling Thunder run aimed at raising awareness for service members.”


By no means is this story over yet.  Many questions are now being asked that will impact our understanding on what actually happened last Sunday.

I would recommend scanning for a few moments the ATF pdf report on the military motorcycle “gangs” it will be an eye opener. (pdf)

Be safe. Be blessed.



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25 thoughts on “Waco, Texas, Bikers Shoot Out

  1. This may be my conspiratorial imagination run wild, but the first thing I thought when I read “Twin Peaks” was the t.v. show that ran in the ’90s. It was a chock full of Illuminati themes and images. Mark Flynn has referenced it many times. The fact that this shoot out erupted there can’t be a coincidence.

  2. Seashoremary, Rose and Corey!! So this is where you you all hang out! Seashoremary, great blog by the way. Funny, I was thinking about all of you who gathered together at LA’s blog to share your thoughts, such great wisdom and biblical knowledge. I missed reading your great insight, humorous remarks and encouraging comments. With all that is happening in the world, I was missing folks who were like minded. It seems many are asleep to what’s happening in the US let alone the world. Glad I found you! God bless and keep looking up.

    • Hey Liz! Welcome! I’m really blessed that these guys have come to my blog to post their point of view. We’re all missing all the intense comments made on LA’s blog but we know he has to do whatever he feels is necessary for him. In the meantime, mine is open and you’re welcome to jump in anytime you want with your point/view.

      Blessings to you. Mary

    • Hey Liz. Well, just a few more former regulars from L.A.’s site and it will be a full blown family reunion. 🙂

  3. The Office of the Governor of Texas has issued a Disaster Declaraton for 24 counties in Texas: “As severe weather including tornadoes, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and flooding continue across areas of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott today declared a state of disaster in Archer, Bastrop, Caldwell, Cass, Collin, Dewitt, Fannin, Grayson, Harrison, Hays, Henderson, Hidalgo, Hill, Houston, Kendall, Jasper, Johnson, Newton, Nueces, Parker, San Jacinto, Walker, Wichita and Wilson counties, authorizing further mobilization of state resources to assist impacted communities. Additional counties may be added to the declaration as the situation develops.” http://gov.texas.gov/news/press-release/20935

    I wish to advise that I live in Nueces Cty, Texas, one of the declared disaster zones. I’m not affected by any disaster–thank you Jesus! Myself and family are fine; however, there is a family in need of prayer: Joe McComb’s daughter-in-law and two grandchildren were in Wimberly with friends. The home was swept off its pier and washed away. His son Jonathan is in ICU but his wife and two children are missing. Please pray for the McCombs:

    State of Disaster Declared In 24 Texas Counties Due to Severe Weather

    Thank You!

    • Of course, I believe in The Rapture, but also believe there are multiple raptures, so I don’t equate it with the first resurrection. My best guess though so far is that the main Rapture is not for one generation but for all generations, gathered from even the ends of the heavens, out of the old creation into the new. And yes, I believe those that share with Christ in caring for our brothers and sisters have learned the lesson of compassion, and are spared the temptation that comes on the rest.

      As for rising into the air, that need be no farther than rising into the clouds, into the higher dimensions, not to some distant galaxy long ago and far away (like sirius or andromeda), but into the very Kingdom of Heaven and immediate Presence of The Creator — overlapping time-space as we know it in the flesh.

      In that sense, I believe that “enraptured” and “protected,” even in the wilderness of this world is like having the windows of heaven (the heavens) opened so that the veil is open (the way to very heart of God, shown prophetically in Christ being wounded on the Cross).

      So even though 10,000 fall around us, we then are under the wing of The Almighty. Compare Rev. 11 and 12. The lesson of Rev. 11 (which I believe comes largely after Rev. 12, since the Revelation is “folded”), is that those encamped with The Almighty (cp. the Exodus) are in His protection.

      That should get Corey really going. Multiple, fractal, raptures — nicely reconcile the divergent view points. I’ll point to Christ as the prime example, with foreshadowing with both Enoch and Elijah that we know of. And that the resurrection of our bodies (literally for those bodies “dead in Christ”) is to be rejoined with our spiritual bodies (higher dimensional) in the air. To put the “tabernacle of the flesh” back on — since we are made to share with Christ as stewards of His material creations also.

      I just don’t get and see no Biblical warrant to limit rapture nor to confine it (as a phenomena) to the resurrection of saved as opposed the resurrection of the damned. Flesh is flesh. Spirit is spirit. We are made in the flesh more like jelly fish than jewels, though even jewels vaporize under sufficient conditions. And it’s all the more glorious to me that we share with Christ deep appreciation and compassion for the frailty and exquisiteness of His creatures in all their kinds. I cherish this experience of dwelling in so delicate and transient forms, as these bodies made mostly of water, given breath so easily displaced by the rush of winds and chemistries, arrayed like a skin about this globe — beyond which these mortal forms can not survive.

      Lord Almighty, grant please peace to the storms of spring for this season, please. For we are so soon passing, as are your creatures in their many kinds.

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