Unlocking the Mystery of the Shemitah

Cahn, JonathanUnlocking the Mystery of the Shemitah


Has anyone here ever heard of the “Shemitah”?

Below are a number of questions that I and some others have concerning this mystery:

  • What does Shemitah mean?
  • What is the Mystery of the Shemitah?
  • What does it have to do with the predicated upcoming financial collapse that people keep talking about?
  • Is the Shemitah connected to September, 2015, fourth Red Blood Moon?
  • Does it include only the financial realm?
  • Does the Shemitah tie into the rising and the collapsing or falling of Wall Street that have financiers  in a thither?
  • What is the 7th year principle releasing debt or debtors?
  • Is God a God of order or chaos?
  • Are all generational cycles of seasons linked together?
  • Who is Jonathan Cahn and what does he have to say about the mystery of the Shemitah?

These questions and many more are discussed in the video below, unlocking the mystery of the Shemitah, in an audio interview with TruNews and guest speaker, author, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, of the Harbinger series:

The Mystery of the Shemitah by Johnathan Cahn

Notes from the interview:

  • Collapsed Financial System (since 2008): We’re already collapsed and have been in a free fall dropping (quantitative easing won’t help)
  • Cycles and seasons that the Lord God created
  • There’s nothing new under the sun (Solomon said)
  • The intersection of cycles with seasons (everlasting)
  • God is a God of Order
  • Unlocking the mystery of the Shemitah–the rise and fall of the economy, crashing wall street, and the rising and fall of nations
  • It’s been increasing and intensifying the last two cycles, including exact dates and hours and in some, down to the second—God is in control if you are in God’s will.
  • We’re on the verge of a very gigantic event
  • God will give the wisdom to the sons of Isicar
  • The climate is on cycles and we’re uneducated and unknowledgeable. We need to learn to flow in it and not be crushed.
  • Timeline 12: 34
  • God does warn before He judges
  • Explaining the end(s) of the cycle
  • The month of Tishri is a financial cycle from September through October
  • Martin Armstrong, Economist, (secular point of view) predicted economic events fairly accurate.  He predicted a major financial cycle would erupt in September and October (the last fouth Red Blood Moon) and he doesn’t even know biblical information. He has a computer software program filled with statistical data.
  • Timeline 17:00
  • The Shemitah means the release of 7 day week 7 year cycle – no buying or reaping of this cycle and on the last day of the year and all the nations debt/credit is wiped out—release of debt, people and land. (Elul 29).
  • The end of the 7th year the land is to “rest” and then judgment
  • Could this mystery still be in effect today? “Yes.”
  • Economic cessation (depression) financial crash or collapse of wall street
  • The harbinger of judgment(s) have not stopped; they still exist today, affecting our will, our lives, of America.
  • Five (5) major long-term financial collapses (stock market reaches peaks & collapse):






  • Timeline 21:00
  • Each one is connected to the previous 7th year which all fall into the actual biblical cycle that God appointed
  • (1930-1931)
  • 1937 great depression etc
  • Fall 2015 predicted…first, God is not in a box, God “can”
  • Timeline 26:00
  • The pattern of the Shemitah doesn’t always mean release but it also means a collapse (a fall.) In August-September (Elul 29), begins the wipe out date (release) and generally the end of the year or at its peak.  The last two Shemitahs, that’s when it happened.
  • This year the last day Wall street will be open is September 11, 2015, because the Shemitah falls on the following Sunday and its closed marking the 9-11 anniversary and the fourteenth anniversary of two Shemitah cycles from 9-11. (The manifestation can be before, during or right after 9-11.)
  • A gigantic chafing is coming to America and to the world and it will involve the collapsing of the financial realm, the economic realm and even greater than just those collapses.
  • Timeline 28:00
  • The rise and fall of nations, too, can be involved.
  • the Shemitah is behind the rise and falls.  America rose according to the time of the Shemitah and her fall could be at the time of the Shemitah.
  • The last two Shemitah cycles 2001 and 2008–in 2001 the wipe out debt, the largest collapse in wall street history took place up to that date.  Then in 2008, on Elul 29, the stock market crashes again the greatest crash in history, Elul 29, (September 29), on that same exact day.
  • It’s a biblical day appointed by God.  It’s a sign concerning a judgment of nations that is appointed by God.
  • Each of these last two Shemitahs took place, down to the month, the day, the hour and the closing of the bell.  Only God could do that!
  • Jonathan Cahn feels that its not only a link to the collapsing of the financial system but of judgment due to the apostacy of America.
  • Timeline 30:00
  • TruNews host commented: “It’s interesting.  In the summer of 1999, the Holy Spirit told me, ‘Judgment starts in America on September 11.’ “
  • Not only did judgment start 9-11 but is continuing to roll around every seven years in September 11.
  • Timeline 30:58
  • TruNews speaking:
  • re: revelation of Isaiah 9 and the bricks are fallen and the sycamore tree.
  • Regarding the sycamore tree–the men who started or created the stock market were under a sycamore tree called the buttonwood tree.  They drew up the Charter of the New York Stock Exchange under a buttonwood tree.  The Nation was dedicated in New York City by George Washington and the Congress at the church next to the World Trade Center, the modern day world trade center that fell…
  • Rick’s friend a financier, Christian and Jewish–the Lord revealed to him regarding the financial collapse in 2015:  “His wife had received some prophetic dreams years ago about the financial collapse.  She saw two collapses–in her dream, the collapse was in the Spring.  Her husband tells her ‘that can’t be right because all financial collapses come in the fall.’ ”  “You can’t be right.” She said, “well, I don’t know about that, I just know that in my dream, this first collapse came in the Spring.” “And then there was another collapse.” So he was praying about it and the Lord said, “You need to do your homework.”  “You need to do your research.”  He discovered America’s first financial collapse was in April, 1977. His wife had her dreams several years ago, after 9-11.
  • Cahn responded:  April is a Harbinger–
  • April 30 is the time of the dedication of America.  America was dedicated to God and where Washington gave a warning a prophetic warning which is coming true and where it happened at the corner of Ground Zero.
  • April is also that America was dedicated to God at Cape Henry when they landed in Jamestown.
  • It’s also the date when the largest tallest building in Amerca was being dedicated and when they tried to put the sphere at the top of this tower, April 29, the wind blew and it stopped them from doing it.
  • April is the 6th month between spring and autumn on the holy calendar–passover and the other one in the fall (autumn).–interesting.
  • Around that time in Spring, you’re going to have a Shemitah, you’re going to have a solar eclipse and the solar eclipse is going to mark the exact center of the day of the Shemitah–then six months later, you’re going to have another solar eclipse and that solar eclipse is going to fall on the Elul 29, the wipe out day of the Shemitah–the darkening of the sun.
  • etc…leading into the Grand Jubilee (timeline 57:00)


What’s a Calendar?

“A systematic arrangement of the days of the year. The Jewish calendar reckons the days from evening to evening, in accordance with the order observed in the Biblical account of the Creation, “And there was evening and there was morning, one day” (Gen. i. 5). This principle is repeated in the Pentateuch several times (Ex. xii. 18; Lev. xxiii. 32). With nightfall the day, the period of twenty-four hours, ends, and a new one commences. The day, in this sense of the word, consists of two periods, that of light and that of darkness: the former is called “day”; the latter, “night.” So that the term “day” is used in a double sense: (1) as the period of twenty-four hours, and (2) as daytime.” more…(source:  JewishEncyclopedia)

Table of Contents for Calendar:

For an in-depth study, the Jewish Encyclopedia has detailed contents explaining the CaCahn, Jonathan Table of Contents for Calendar in JewishEncyclopedialendar, ie. Day and Night, Beginning of Night, Duration of Day, The Week, Name of Sabbaths, The Month, The Year, Principles of the Calendar, Relation of Jewish and Christian Dates, Cycle or Mahzor. (source: JewishEncyclopedia)

In addition, I have taken the combined Jewish (including Jewish holidays, Feasts and Fasts) & the Christian calendar basic foundation from the Jewish Encyclopedia and have a downloadable pdf {click–>} Calendar Jewish & Christian 2 for your study or teaching tool reference. (Tip: print one side first, then flip it and print the second side on the same sheet of stock card paper.)


The audio was lengthy but full of insightful valuable information based on biblical scriptures.

Unless a nation repents, God cannot turn the clock around to convenience anyone.  From all indications seen, in order for our nation to turn the clock around and avoid a head on collision with disaster, the head of the nation must lead in prayer and our president doesn’t even believe in Jesus Christ as God.

So many signs are pointed in the direction of September, 2015, for some very gigantic event to take place–financial collapse and the judgment and subsequent fall of the U.S. with the remaining nations/world to follow.  Is it too late?

Incidently, Jade Helm 15, starts in July 15, 2015, and ends on September 11, 2015 (presumably). Coincidence?

Pray to the God of Creation, to His son Jesus Christ, to touch the President’s heart before it’s too late.

Be safe.  Be blessed.










13 thoughts on “Unlocking the Mystery of the Shemitah

  1. And the gospel message will cease going forth to the nations of the earth as a result of this, and God shall be done with his purpose for America and the judgment of the Tribulation period will commence… if the Schemita pattern continues. By the looks of the ongoing pattern fulfillment, we have no reason to think that it won’t. But, then again, we may all be surprised to see it stop… but don’t count on it.

  2. We have wonderful scriptures about forgiving sins and debts! We also have the warnings that by the measure we use it will be measured out to us again, what we bind/loose on earth will be bound in heaven (the heavens), and what we sow we reap (with increase). We also know that The Almighty justly establishes that to those that show no mercy, no mercy will be given. Against the greater backdrop of His principles and character — rest and recovery is part of perfection.

    Hence, 6 days of creation. 7 day rest.

    490 years that Israel ignored the Sabbath Year and Jubilee — 70 years in captivity. So that the land and the beasts of burden and the slaves could rest.

    The weekly sabbath similar. Not to mention daily sleep periods.

    No rest — burn out.
    Slave driving overlord elites — world burned out.
    False church pushing pushing pushing weekday & weekend activities — doom soon inevitable.

    More later…

  3. It is amazing to me that the Shemitah is gaining traction among those who are not Christians, but who are financial analysts. Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass Newsletter is not a Christian nor a Jew, but he is a brilliant statistician who has studied the seven-year cycles back a hundred years or so and correlated them to financial, political and societal events. He has stated that there is a 1:64,000,000,000 chance of coincidence.

    • Hey Rose! God has a plan. He makes no mistakes. He will see His people well equipped with skills, education, etc as part of His divine DNA.

      These people who are gifted in specific areas, including scientists, will one day come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and hopefully, well enough in advance that once these people do “acknowledge” Jesus Christ, He can use those skills honed from so many years of study, use them to advance His Kingdom to others of like minds.

      I say that because as a former Officer, I have years of study in research and basic law. I know what evidence is necessary to prove a case with the necessary forensics. I have learned to sift out information not leading to a “conviction” or “no conviction.”

      Historically, I was involved with State Courts, I’m now involved with the Court of Public Opinion and learning more and more each day. The Court of Public Opinion is valuable and no less deserving of accurate reliable information. It’s also pliable filled with mercy and compassion whereas the State and Federal Courts are very restrictive and sometimes “blind.”

      When I saw the following passage, I just “cough, cough” laughed out loud because it hit home:

      “Put Me in remembrance; Let us contend together; State your case, that you may be acquitted.” (Isaiah 43:26)

      God definitely knows what He is doing. The only real question remains if someone fails to acknowledge Him, then He may not be able to use that someone to further His Kingdom.


      • Well said, Mary. The evidence of scripture is becoming more and more clear to those who aren’t in the traditional fold. Chase Kloetzke is another example. She went to Peru with L.A. and Rick, and during that time they had the opportunity to explain why UFOs are so closely correlated with the ancient Nephilim, and their explanations rang true to her ears based on her own investigations and evidence she has collected. She said that no other explanation adequately explained all the various aspects of this complex phenomenon.

        Kloetzke was their forensic examiner and a former DoD instructor. She participated in the Citizens’ Hearing on UFOs at the National Press Club in D.C. organized by Paul Hellyer. She knows a thing or two about UFOs, and she recognized that the Biblical explanation is the only one that fits.

  4. @ Corey:

    We were talking about Dr. William Mount a few posts ago. Mount has caught the attention of radio host Pete Santilli (whom I follow sometimes for his news & activism). Pete has uploaded a YouTube video interviewing William Mount (who is from Tacoma, WA, not Seattle as I previously thought). He is a military with multiple honorable discharges from re-enlistings. He is also a Christian and a member of Malta, is an Ambassador, and has info on the Red Dragon family. (In other words, Mount is well connected with U.S. Naval and Russian Intelligence.)

    Anyway, Mount’s info on Wal Mart facilities being federalized is the topic plus much more (which I also wrote about)…The interview starts at timeline 1:00:00:

    Pete Santilli Episode #984 – Are Walmart Stores Federal Military Post?

    He speaks on Jade Helm 15 (including the principle of the Shemitah!), who killed JFK? (Bush Sr). The gold standard, the monetary exchange, nationalizing currencies.

    Jade Helm is to pre-position troops to get ready for the monetary exchange transition.

    States of emergency to be declared natural disasters including climate? Is this why Texas & Oklahama have been experiencing unheard of floods, which I am now believing is being geo engineered.

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