Waco: Twin Peaks Biker’s Shootout Update

Bikers Don Carlos Restaurant sharing complex with Twin Peaks Restaurant on backsideWaco: Twin Peaks Biker’s Shootout Update


New information surfacing regarding the Waco Twin Peaks Biker’s shooting with Texas law enforcement officers.

Stephen P. Stubbs, a Las Vegas, Nevada attorney is stating he has been approached by the motorcycle club to speak out on behalf of the bikers who want their true story told on what happened at noon May 17, 2015, at the now closed Twin Peaks Restaurant (4671 South Jack Kultgen Expy Waco, TX 76711).

Mr. Stubbs appeared on the Pete Santilli radio show and uploaded today, June 4, 2015:

Waco Biker Club Lawyer Tells All About Illegal Police Shooting

I’ve also located Stephen P. Stubbs YouTube Channel..he has also uploaded his clients’ perspectives on the Biker incident:

Twin Peaks Waco What the Video Will Show (as soon as it is released) Biker Witnesses’s Perspective

“Witness in the Cossacks inner circle claims that a police officer infiltrated the Cossacks Motorcycle club (named “Voodoo”) and that Voodoo was the driving voice in favor of the Cossacks going to Twin Peaks for a “show of force”.

So where is Biker Voodoo who appears to have incited some Cossack uninvited members to show up who may have initiated the patio shootout against the Bandidos?

True Story, Waco, TX Twin Peaks May 17, 2015- Boozefighter a Hero

Also, the video showing “everything” was from the Don Carlos Restaurant who shared the same complex as the Twin Peaks Restaurant, continues to be withheld by enforcement authorities.

In addition, Don Carlos Restaurant has filed a legal claim against the Twin Peaks franchise for $1,000,000 (Don Carlos Lawsuit pdf).  The suit alleges “thousands of bullet rounds were fired by law enforcement officials and gang members” at the complex.

Attorney Stubbs mentioned in the video a couple were disembarking Bikers Marine Sgt William English was arrested in Waco, Texastheir pickup truck and were not part of the chaotic scene, were nonetheless arrested, and now being held for $1,000,000 bond and branded gang members.  This couple are known as honorably discharged, ex-military Sgt. William English and his wife Morgan (source: washingtonweekly)

The nine victims of the shootout, including one Purple Heart medal recipient, are:

  • Richard Matthew Jordan II, 31
  • Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65
  • Charles Wayne Russell, 46
  • Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44
  • Wayne Lee Campbell, 43
  • Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39
  • Richard Vincent Kirschner, Jr., 47
  • Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40
  • Matthew Mark Smith, 27

The Purple Heart recipient was an innocent 65-year-old bystander, motorycycle enthusiast, named Jesus Rodriquez, (aka “Mokawk).  He was a decorated Vietnam Veteran with no criminal record that simply showed up to an organized political meeting.

According to the preliminary autopsy results, all nine men killed in the violence died from gunshot wounds either to the head, neck, or torso, and each death is listed as a homicide.

Autopsy final report will not be updated online.  Copies of the final report are made to the immediate family members only.  Should the fee for each copy of the report be paid and made available to the public, I will try to update it here.

Further, we’ve learned that Twin Peaks Restaurant is ending “bike night” at each of its 76 locations around the country.

Be safe.  Be blessed.




5 thoughts on “Waco: Twin Peaks Biker’s Shootout Update

  1. Q: What’s common between…
    – KKK
    – Ruby Ridge
    – Waco, Branch Davidian Immolation
    – OKC bombing
    – crazed gunmen
    – police shooting backlash
    – Waco, Twin Peaks
    – Sons of Anarchy (video drama)
    – Texas law changes

    A: More than you might guess…
    – domestic terror agitprop
    – gun control / registration
    – gun and ammo sales in gun shows
    – gun and ammo sales in the blackmarket

    overt governments control: monies, arms, and drugs
    underground government control: money laundering, illegal arms smuggling, and addictive drugs

    Whether overt or covert, others leech off the flow. Put another way, merchants & speculators pit one side against the other….. with no intent of bringing competition or conflicts to an end.

  2. A L E R T!:
    re: the “Raider Focus” video I posted June 4, 2015, article “Broken Promises: TransPacific Partnership, Civil War, & North American Union”
    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Colorado Troops Begin Raider Focus Moving Towards Trinidad

    The video was viewed by a US Vet knowledgeable on service “patches” wrote: “Having served in both the IDF Special Forces and the US Army Rangers I know a bit about military protocols. I am noticing in this vid, or at least I think I am noticing that on 98% of the soldiers you can see, I believe I am noticing that almost all of those soldiers are MISSING their (left arm) unit patches! This is a VERY big issue. For one, by US Army regs, all of those soldiers are considered “Out of uniform” which is a punishable offence and would never be done outside of totally covert Ops within the area of operation for those Ops. Surely this is NEVER done in “garrison” or in your home country. Any veteran can back this up.
    I played the video back several times using a magnification device to get a closer view of their left arms and I see nothing on all but one man [on two occasions] in the Commanders position on one Stryker vehicle towards the end of this vid. I also saw one other man on top of a Styker prior to that one who did have the expected subdued US Flag on his right arm, but still no Unit patch on the left. I also noticed more than one with NO American flag on their right arm, again, this is not possible under these alleged conditions.
    The long and short is this – If only ONE soldier in this unit has a missing unit patch, its an issue, however it does appear far more than one is out of uniform. So the question for me as one with an intelligence background, as it should be for you, WHO are they really? Because I am telling you in no uncertain terms, if you are without your insignia, the uniform in nothing more than a Halloween costume.
    Surely something to be aware of and look for going forward. Because if these are all foreign troops being pre-positioned under the guise of an MTX, then a war has already begun and steps need to be taken immediately to counter them.”
    Article source: http://allnewspipeline.com/Foreign_Troops_Positioned_Jade_Helm.php

    Folks I did post the final version of the ARSOFF 2022 in the same article indicative of the “global” forces in place that allows foreign troops to operate on American soil. However, the email by the vet just adds credibility and a more intensive understanding that we’re under “attack and already at war”.



    Just continue to pray to the Lord God Jesus Christ…

  3. You can feel it in the air now. Darkness is descending on the world. Getting darker and more ominous by the day.

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