Asteroids: 2014 YB35 & 1 Ceres

Asteroids: 2014 YB35 & 1 Ceres


Asteroid BeltDid you know that Asteroid 2014 YB35 was discovered December 27, 2014, headlined “Country Killer Asteroid” and “Massive Asteroid set to fly by Earth” in some chilling internet articles this past March 2015?

Did you know that it came and went by March 27, 2015, and we didn’t even get a snippet of information on its after effects?

Did you know that Ceres, discovered January 1, 1801, from the Kuiper Belt asteroids, has some really spectacular UFO anomalies?

Asteroid 2014 YB35:

Asteroid 2014 YB35 Map

Asteroid 2014 YB35 Next Close Approach data tableAccording to the records at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the massive destructive Asteroid 2014 YB 35’s next close approach is set for March 21, 2033, because it flew by and didn’t make contact with Earth. The table also reflects 11 more future dates for its return.

{image data source: JPL Small body Database} Classification: Apollo [NEO, PHA]          SPK-ID: 3703191

“2014 YB35 (also written 2014 YB35) is a near-Earth asteroid discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey on 27 December 2014. It is approximately 520 metres (1,710 ft) in diameter.

It passed by Earth on 27 March 2015 at 06:21 UTC at a distance of 4,473,807 ± 155 km (2,779,895 ± 96 mi), or 11.7 lunar distances, and a relative speed of 10.16 km/s (6.31 mi/s). The Goldstone Observatory was scheduled to observe this object on 20 March 2015, at which time it was expected they could obtain coarse radar images and continuous wave spectra, which may help determine the asteroid’s composition. These observations showed a small moon orbiting the asteroid, with an unknown size or orbit.

2014 YB35‘s next encounter with Earth will be in 2033, at a distance of approximately 3,330,000 km (2,070,000 mi).”  {source:

Articles will resume, by others, to be posted and alerted for future generations.


Article dated March 25, 2015Country Killer Asteroid’ To Hurtle Past Earth On Friday Warns NASA: Asteroid 2014-YB35 A-Once-In-5000-Year Event Will Come ‘Terrifyingly Close’!

“Any impact would trigger devastating changes in the climate, earthquakes and tsunamis.” (source:

Note: Devastating changes in the climate, earthquakes and tsunamis are already taking place with or without the help of asteroids.

Article dated Wednesday, March 25, 2015 2014-YB35: massive asteroid set to fly by Earth

“An asteroid that is 1,000-metres wide is set to skim past Earth this week, travelling at more than 23,000 mph.The rock, named 2014-YB35, will pass by relatively close to Earth. But that is 2.8 million miles away, 11.7 times further away than the moon.” more… (source:

Asteroid Belt 1 Ceres:

Asteroid 1 Ceres Map

Asteroid 1 Ceres Close Approach Data{image data source:  JPL Small Body DataBase}

NASA’s close-approach data reflects June 26, 2056.

Ceres is causing an internet data search excitement but in particular the available YouTube videos from those who are UFO “experts”–people who explore planets, asteroids, the universe, for those anomalies called UFO’s.

Ceres aka 1 Ceres) is the largest object in the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi at Palermo on 1 January 1801, Ceres was the first asteroid known to astronomers, and for many years it was considered a planet. Its diameter is approximately 963 kilometers (598 miles), making it the largest of the minor planets within the orbit of Neptune. It is the only body within the orbit of Neptune that is currently designated a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union, and is the thirty-third largest known body in the Solar System. Composed of rock and ice, Ceres is estimated to comprise approximately one-third of the mass of the entire asteroid belt. Ceres is the only object in the asteroid belt known to be unambiguously rounded by its own gravity. From Earth, the apparent magnitude of Ceres ranges from 6.7 to 9.3, and hence even at its brightest, it is too dim to be seen with the naked eye, except under extremely dark skies. More… {source:}

MUST SEE! Alien Craft & Anomalous Pipe Structures Found On Ceres! 6/2/2015


According to NASA, there are 1589, known potentially hazardous asteroids.  Click here to view a list of all 1589 potentially known hazardous asteroids.

Unless someone does their proper research, articles will continue to be extreme in nature and could potentially harm people needlessly rather than educate people properly of any asteroid’s potential for harm.  And, unless each asteroid is properly identified it will only add to the confusing topic of “apocalyptic in nature” thinking we’re being hit from all sides, when in reality, we’re being flown by almost on a daily basis.

Some asteroids will fly out of their trajectory path, including comets and most frequently  meteoroids that land almost daily somewhere on earth.

Become familiar with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory website for quick access.

When someone mentions “massive destructive asteroid” about to hit earth, in reality, the asteroid (or comet, aka Hailey’s Comet) most likely has a history that it has come and gone and the projected data will let you know its expected soon return date.

Planet X (plus the many known aka’s) mysteriously is not visible and not available on this particular data base. I’ve searched extensively–nada.  Where is Planet X scientific database information?  Why is it hidden from public view?

Be safe. Be blessed.




23 thoughts on “Asteroids: 2014 YB35 & 1 Ceres

  1. Situation heating up at Bilderberg 2015. Infowar reporters have been “harassed” by Austrian police and searched.

    Pete Santilli Episode #994 – Rand Paul Scheduled To Meet Peter Thiel After Bilderberg

    “In emails obtained by Pete Santilli, Rand Paul proves eager to meet with Peter Thiel when the founder of Palantir returns from Austria and the Bilderberg meetings. Once again, Peter Thiel who is on the steering committee of Bilderberg, is romanced by Rand Paul for his money, power and influence.”

  2. It appears from a pretty credible source that a fake asteroid strike will be used in order to implement or further along the implementation of Martial Law. The damage done will be real, but the asteroid strike itself will be fake using project blue beam type technologies to project an image in the sky or something of that nature for a mass deception so they can accomplish their goal of Martial Law… supposedly. It appears as though this deception is slated for September. The information apparently comes from one “Von Braun”, a notorious fella. It’s supposed that the elite may use some sort of weapon such as a nuke going off in the ocean and projecting the image or deception of the asteroid strike to pull off the deception. The damage will be said to be an asteroid strike, from what I gathered watching the below video. Eyes to the sky, and apparently, don’t be fooled. I don’t know. Could be disinformation and it may be a real asteroid strike, or it may indeed be a deception as the info in this video suggests.

    • Hey Corey! The video is also trying to warn people about “fake asteroids” to strike fear into the people by September, 2015.

      Do you remember I mentioned that we may be facing a double whammy? Because I thought that Planet X was slated for Passover in 2016 but what’s happening in Sept. 2015?

      The reason that I did this post on 2014 YB35 and 1 Ceres is because it’s the lead-in for, hopefully, my next post on the Asteroid predicted for Sept. 2015.

      It took me a while to gather my mental picture of the position of the planets, the sun, the moon and the universe including Kuiper Belt Asteroid (which is the outer edge of where 1 Ceres is located).

      But yes, people are being misled but simply because they (we) are (were) uninformed.

      Astronomy, the planetary solar system, and metaphysics are not easy subjects to understand but having gone through CERN and the pulling of magnetic waves and solar wave flares affect the earth and it’s people, well–these are small steps I think that God is taking us through to better understand how we reach the Planet X system and it’s not a theory.

  3. Exclusive: Bilderberg Deploys Hi-Tech Jamming to Shut Down Communications

    The secretive Bilderberg Group has deployed a hi-tech jamming system to shut down communications around the site of the elitist confab’s luxury hotel in order to strangle media coverage of the event.

    • Sorry, the article is too “tangled” for me to “disentangle”.

      Are they trying to say there’s a difference between realism and unrealistic? If so, I agree. Otherwise, I’m not getting the message.

      • Q: What do you say the bright spot is on Ceres?
        A: A “laser” target for quantum entanglement syncing.

        In brief previously entangled quanta are annihilated the same regardless of time-distance separated. Effects occur in a higher dimension than normal space-time, apparently simultaneously. So if Ceres is a: composed substantially of earth matter and b: annihilated then earth side may disintegrate also. Something like uncorking part of earth’s crust. Compare with “opening the bottomless pit” or “creating a lake of fire” with global shock wave like a tsunami resulting.

        How’s that for a syfy plot!

  4. I read LA’s link on FB quizzies and he got Russ Dizdar. So I tried it a few moments ago and I got Gary Stearman!
    “You are the “grandfather” of the Fringe circles. Your close study of the Bible has yielded fascinating results that would normally be found in a science fiction novel. Whenever you get near the edge of reality you always pull back at the last second so you don’t go over the cliff.”

    Keep looking up!

    Try it, indeed, it’s a cutie:

  5. Aha! I feel very vindicated (& creepy at the same time), the U.S. Army is using (Walmart) shipping containers as “prison cells” during their “drills.”

    Click on the image to enlarge.

  6. Hello! Have you heard of Gill Broussard? He has a youtube channel, Planet 7x. I came across it on youtube. He compares biblical events to Planet 7x’s entry cycles. Interesting information. You can download Planet7x charts on his sight. Corey, another twist on Planet x. I have to admit, alot of this goes right over my head.

    • Yes! I’ve been listening to him – he goes right along with Anthony Patch. It lines up with scripture in an amazing way – he was on CTM with John B. this last week. I highly recommend listening to him.

        • Rose, I did try searching for this episode but one has to be a “paid member” to access it. I tried to find it in YouTube hoping someone had launched it on their own but didn’t find it. Thanks, will try to stay on the lookout for it if it hits YouTube.

    • Hi Liz! You’re ahead of me! yes, I have the Planet 7x theory–ready for an upcoming article after I do the update on this one coming in a few moments re: the 2.5 mile wide Comet that isn’t coming in September, 2015.

  7. Mary, Have you considered presenting multiple topics for your posts? Something like LA’s links (or rants / alerts) about other concerns in his posts.

    For instance:

    Or other items of soon eclipsed daily news? Like Gov. Abbott signing the Pastor Protection Act and the Appeals Court keeping in place the restriction of dirty (non-surgical grade) abortion clinics (abortion mills).

    • Nome, yes, I’ve considered it but when I search for my topic of interest, I always seem to land on one specific area and expose it instead.

      I do have a few RSS feeds on my right side panel including Fukushima, LA’s, & UFOs but haven’t figured out how to RSS (embed) into my posts.

      Thanks. Will keep on the idea though.

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