Waco Bikers Update, Russian Drone Crop Circles, NDE & Ceres UFOs

Waco Bikers Update, Russian Drone Crop Circles, NDE & Ceres UFOs


Waco police have released updated information on the biker’s shootout May 17, 2015, Russian Drones are  now able to view Alien Crop Circles from a better angle, Near Death Experiences are discussed from a biblical point of view and Ceres is taking enthusiasts in the paranormal  phenomena by a storm because of newly discovered anomalies which many describe as UFOs:

Waco police chief offers some details in deadly biker shooting

“Three officers opened fire during the deadly Twin Peaks biker melee last month, firing a total of 12 shots _ details released by Waco police on Friday, almost a month after the altercation.

The statement, made public by Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, is the most in-depth information authorities have provided since the May 17 incident that left nine dead, 18 wounded and 177 jailed on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Firearms have been given to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for review and surveillance videos of the incident have been given to the FBI.

“Full autopsy and ballistics analysis is being conducted by outside labs and the completed and final results have not been returned to us as of this release,” the statement continues.”


Drone sent to ‘investigate’ mysterious crop circles in southern Russia

“Puzzled by the “alien patterns” in a wheat field in the Republic of Adygea earlier this week, local residents sent a drone to investigate the series of mysterious crop circles. Meanwhile similar shapes have also surfaced in the Moscow region.”


What Does The Bible Say About Near Death Experiences?

“Is the Bible silent about people having near death experiences? If so, what verses are involved and if not, what can we say about these from a biblical viewpoint?

An Appointment with Death

The statistics on death are very impressive; the latest being that ten out of every ten will die.”


UFO Sighting 2015: Possible Alien Structures Spotted on NASA’s Image of Ceres

UFO Sighting 2015: CeresUFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) enthusiasts seemed to have started observing the surface of dwarf planet Ceres more seriously after NASA hinted the possibility of alien’s existence when its scientists reportedly expressed their confusion over bright spots found on photos of Ceres. It is now reported that more white structures have been spotted in the photo of the dwarf planet.


Be Safe. Be Blessed.




18 thoughts on “Waco Bikers Update, Russian Drone Crop Circles, NDE & Ceres UFOs

  1. Mary, I was listening to Anthony Patch before I came here and immediately recognized the crop circles in Russia as the planets coming into alignment with the Berkland currents jumping from one to another and encircling them.

    • The currents alternate around the planets because they are going from the north to south poles of the planets.

  2. false prophets or true?
    – War coming to Israel
    – also see comments in article


    Romans 9:30-33
    What shall we say then?

    That the Gentiles which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith.

    But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness, has not attained to the law of righteousness. Why? Because they sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law.

    For they stumbled at that stumblingstone; As it is written, Behold, I lay in Zion a stumblingstone and rock of offence and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    • Another one bites the dust…
      – synthetic-bio pioneer dead at 32
      – just desserts


      In recent months, Heinz captured attention outside the synthetic biology community with his bold ideas for designing life. “Everything that’s alive we want to rewrite,” Heinz told TechRepublic last year. “Everything that’s alive can be made better and more useful to humankind, including human cells. Plants can be made to take out much more carbon out of the atmosphere. We can make humans that are born without disease that can live much longer. We can make humans that can interface directly with computers by growing interfaces into the brain.”

      Gotta say, hell rose up to meet ’em.

  3. The Near Death Experience is something that people should take with a grain of salt. Although these experiences are real and people do experience them, many experiences such as these are very unscriptural, whether it be a positive NDE or negative NDE. Let scripture be your guide. Some you can judge as being authentic because it lines up with scripture. This is not to say that the person isn’t making it up and just knows scripture well to devise a story around scripture, but most I dare say are legit experiences and can be demonic deceptions to throw people off and lead people away from Christ and the bible and it’s necessity of having to be born again in Christ for a heaven destiny. The market is saturated with these types of books declaring a heavenly home for all regardless of the fact that many, if not all, have no faith in Christ and do not subscribe to the authenticity and authority of the bible and it’s requirement of faith in Christ for eternal security. The same can be said of Hellish NDEs. One of the most unbiblical NDEs I ever read of is a book titled “A Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary K. Baxter. This is so unscriptural I wouldn’t even know where to begin, nor do I have the time… lol. So I’ll post this here so you can read it. For me personally, I knew there was something majorly wrong with this NDE account when I heard descriptions of people suffering in Hell because of “not paying their tithes.” This book makes God seem like a monster you would never want to encounter on his best day. The internet is rife with these sorts of unbiblical accounts. Many of them probably are just made up by genuine Christians whose motives are right in wanting to win souls to Christ, but do damage to the overall character of God and what he requires. Many of these experiences may be real, but are demonic deceptions. That two things being said, we know that some, if not many, are genuine experiences from the Lord and can be verified through scripture if you know scripture well enough to decipher.


    Below is one that is hard to point to as being made up or a demonic deception, but in fact is likely genuine.

    • There’s a new pulp video serial on called “Proof” about an uber-atheist surgeon that’s had a near death experience. The “soon to die in months” gillionaire offers the driven emergency surgeon his entire fortune to prove “consciousness after death or not.” Initially the doc blows off the gillionaire, but agrees to the deal later in exchange for unlimited support in any world calamity for a doctors without borders group.

      The undercurrent is that atheist surgeon is somehow moral or making a difference in such a scenario set against the greedy gillionaire’s fortune not making any difference to him when he’s dead. The story progresses with the case of a little girl and brain surgery….. (no spoiler, jeje). At one point the surgeon comments that becoming a parapsychologist is not appealing, and later insists on doing the parapsychology research “on the side” while remaining a full time surgeon.

      Christ and the apostles pointed to continuing prayer; the guidance of the Holy Spirit; the mind of Christ; having “body, soul (interface?), & spirit;” absent from the body (for the saved) means present with the Lord (in spirit body); abiding in The Vine; abiding in Christ; The (spiritual) Armor of God; The Seven Spirits of God; the clouds of heaven … greater cloud of witnesses: and so on. The witnesses in the Bible testify massively of the spiritual and supernatural. One need not die physically and be revived to experience the supernatural.

      The damned push seeking and contacting their higher selves, which is likely an open door to demon possession or enemy angel subjugation. Currently of course there are many explorations and research efforts to confirm that the higher dimensions are not only fact but accessible, or influential (such as through gravity attractions). The transhumanists push that an data based simulcrum of an individual persona can be generated that will become god-like. Fantasy media are full of such speculations. I’m reminded of a pre-Jack_Bauer movie called (I think) Flatliners, about medical students killing and reviving each other for longer and longer periods — until they discover demons are rising up for them to drag them down to hell.

      In my categorical aspie approach to grouping things, ultimately there are the saved and the damned with no in betweens (basically wheat and tares). So even knowing that Christ provides free choice and prefers all to be saved — the tares still reject Him as the only way. It’s hard for me to care what they think or want, even knowing that they’re deaf and blind to Christ, and in that sense victims (even if willing victims). Christ’s sheep hear His voice, and those like Him.

      So why care about those that won’t hear or turn away? Let them be unjust still. Let the holy be holy still. Shake off their dust and move on.

      • I remember the movie “The Flatliners” from back in the day. I was fascinated with it… at the idea.
        I definitely agree with your statement about those that won’t hear and turn away. Shake off the dust and move on. Our jobs as Christians is to present the gospel truth to those who will be the heirs of salvation and let them decide, kinda like Fox News, we report, you decide. If we “catch some souls up in the net” of salvation, we shall be rewarded by God himself in Heaven with the soul winners crown. It is exciting if someone comes to salvation from damnation as a result of hearing the gospel either from your written word or mouth, or as a result of you planting a seed of faith in someone to realize the bible is truth.

  4. “Death by Cop” in Dallas…

    Open Carry of firearms signed into Law in Texas…
    ~https://goo.gl/s2ObWJ (google real time coverage)

    Nome likes snake shooters…
    – which aren’t really for snakes
    – buckshots for beasties

  5. The advent of the hive-mind cults…
    – from netflix, definitely toxic, nsfw nor family
    – the seduction becoming a collective

    “Angel” Turing, their matrix (Daryl Hannah) [cp. fallen angel]
    Capheus, Nairobi, ‘Van Damn’ driver [the beast]
    Riley, London, icelandic DJ [false prophet]
    Nomi, San Fran, lgbt hack [death & decay]
    Kala, pharmacist, idolater, [babylon]
    – Miguel, Mexi City, closeted actor [ditz]
    Sun Bak, Seoul, kickboxing MBA [chiefs & kings]
    – Wolfgang, Berlin, thief [ditz]
    Will, Chicago Cop with baggage [the dragon]

    all linked mentally and emotionally

    note: ditz are likely enneagram, egyptian 9, matched

  6. Yowww…

    youtube playlist….

    Flat Earth Conspiracy: Rob Skiba Answers if there are Too Many People
    Flat Earth Explanation of Bending Light and Gravity from Rob Skiba
    Flat Earth Explanations of the Coriolis Effect, Aether, and Rotating
    Rob Skiba on Flat Earth Considering Pilots, Flight Paths, Shuttles, and
    Rob Skiba Issues Challenge to Test the Globe
    Rob Skiba Exposes the Flat Earth Conspiracy: Why They Keep it Secret
    Rob Skiba Exposes Political Drama on Flat Earth and Issues a Challenge
    Rob Skiba Exposes Flat Earth in the Genesis Creation Account
    Rob Skiba Explains Why Flat Earth is Important
    Rob Skiba Explains Which Flat Earth Model is Most Plausible
    Rob Skiba Explains How Ship Navigation Works on a Flat Earth
    a Rob Skiba Explains Flat Earth and Proverbs 8
    Josh Peck on Flat Earth vs. Hollow Earth
    Josh Peck on Flat Earth vs. Globe
    GPS and Flat Earth from Rob Skiba
    Flat Earth Problems with Day, Night, Sunrise, Sunset, and Time Zones by
    Flat Earth Moon Phases and Eclipses Explained by Rob Skiba
    Why Rob Skiba Researches Flat Earth
    Various Heavens and Atmospheres of Flat Earth from Rob Skiba
    The Flat Earth Horizon Explained by Rob Skiba
    Rob Skiba with Biblical Evidence for Flat Earth
    Rob Skiba Shows Flat Earth in Scripture
    Rob Skiba Reveals the Eye Level Horizon Problem of Flat Earth Theory
    Rob Skiba Proves NASA Fakes Photos and Videos

  7. The most interesting thing about the white spots on Ceres is how astronomers tell what something is made of from its spectra in other far distant star systems …. yet they can’t say if the Ceres reflections are ice, glass, diamond, or tech. “What’s wrong with that picture?”

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