White House Chef Found Dead, Microchip RFID 666 & Cloning Jesus?

White House Chef Found Dead, Microchip RFID 666 & Cloning Jesus?


Missing White House chef found dead on hiking trailWalter Scheib, 61, former White House Chef, has been found dead on New Mexico’s hiking trail:

{image: AP}

“The body was discovered off the immediate trail,” a State Patrol statement said.

Authorities did not provide a cause of death or any other details about the discovery, saying rescuers were still gathering information and more details would be released later.” More…

White House Chef Found Dead In New Mexico

Pastor Paul Begley:

Walter Scheib 61 was found dead in New Mexico trail as he was the former Chef of the White House from 1994-2005:

“NY Senator” Proposes Microchip RFID” 666?

Pastor Paul Begley:

NY State Senator Kathy Marchoine is calling for “Mandatory Microchip Implants RFID to be used on all Violent Convicts Could this be the Technology that will be used for the Mark of the Beast? More…

“Jesus Christ Clone”?

Pastor Paul Begley:

Scientists are trying to clone Jesus Christ from DNA of the Shroud of Turin and some think Prince William is the clone? Are You Serious?  Jesus Christ Cloned  also Scientists Trying to Clone Jesus Christ


Thanks to “Are You Serious?” Pastor Paul Begley for his diligent research, insights and biblical prophetic alerts.

Stay safe.  Be blessed.








8 thoughts on “White House Chef Found Dead, Microchip RFID 666 & Cloning Jesus?

    Take a look at what happens to Paul’s crucifix sitting on top of his cabinet toward the end of the video. Apparently, the demon spirit or Satan himself didn’t like what Pastor Paul was saying… with good reason.
    The Devil Throws The Crucifix At Pastor Paul Begley


  2. Just watched Begley. I also was born on the summer solstice, June 21. That means there is a special rapture just for me.

      • 🙂 Thanks Mary. I’m the big 40… This is a significant biblical number, so I’ll find out what this means for me and get back to you. Wait a minute… I had an ephinany… It means that since I’m now 40 and it happened in the Schemitta year and the blood moon tetrad conclusion year, it means I get 40 mansions in Heaven when that day comes. That’s it!

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