Part 2: Planet 7X aka Comet-Planet Hercolubus

Part 2: Planet 7X aka Comet-Planet Hercolubus


Carlos Muñoz Ferrada began to speak of the Comet-Planet, Hercolubus in 1940 having discovered it in 1939.

Planet 7X (aka: Hercolubus) was rediscovered in the 1980s by the orbiting infrared telescope IRAS, whose head was Dr. Robert Harrington, supervisor of the orbiting observatory of the North American Astronomical Agency (NASA).

“Carlos Muñoz Ferrada began to speak of the planet Hercolubus in 1940, that is to say, 43 years before the famous article on Planet X, appeared in the American newspaper The Washington Post in 1983.

It is very remarkable that Carlos Muñoz Ferrada speaks of a gigantic planet-comet.

Planet because it has the mass of a planet and Comet because it has the tail of a comet and because it has the elliptical orbit of a comet.” {source:}

Interview with Astronomer Carlos Munoz-Ferrada discover of Comet-Planet Hercolubus:

Chilean antronomer CARLOS MUÑOZ FERRADAIn 1939, Carlos Munoz-Ferrada discovered the Comet-Planet Hercolubus (a gigantic cosmic body).  He gave his only known publicly recorded interview on Channel 4 television Puerto Rico, on June 28, 1999:

Introduction:  Renown Chilean, Carlos Munoz-Ferrada, Astronomer, Scientist, and Seismologist (January 1909 – September 11, 2001).

The YouTube video is conducted in Spanish with English subtitles.  I did type out the Munoz-Ferrada conversation as a reminder without having to replay portions, if necessary.

Host: “You conducted a study and trace with calculations and all the orbits of this comet planet…that you say is a comet-planet”

Host:  “You say it’s a comet-planet because of its movement is not a normal thing.”

Carlos Munoz-Ferrada: “No.”  “It has different speeds.” “It’s a comet-planet because it has an elliptical orbit like a comet and it has a great mass like a planet.”  “That’s why I call it a comet-planet.”

The video narrator goes further into explaining “this great star is loaded with cosmic energy, does not respect the established laws of celestial mechanics.  It has an elliptical orbit and travels between our Sun and a black sun that is 32 billion kilometers away.”

Host is speaking about the “chart” that Ferrada created with his calculations.  The chart is showing the earth on the left side with the host explaining the path where Hercolubus is expected to enter into Earth’s orbit, then Ferrada interjects with “14 million kilometers”.

Host repeats “14 million kilometers away.”

Host:  “So here in your chart you show us the dead star, the dead sun.” “This one.” “And around this dead sun, it rotates.”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “Here at 92 kilometers per second.”

Host:  “So, in addition to these 92 kilometers per second, it has another speed, which is more terrifying.”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “It has three speeds!”

Narrator:  “Ferrada confirms that this comet-planet travels at three speeds:”

  • One around the black sun at 92 km/s
  • Another, close to our sun at 76 km/s
  • And a third, full speed it keeps for half the orbit at 300 km/s

Munoz-Ferrada: “The full speed it keeps for half the orbit at 300 km/s.  That is one thousandth of the speed of light.”

Host:  “It is very rapid.”

Host:  “Soon events will take place that will allow Hercolubus will be seen with a naked eye.”

Munoz-Ferrada: “This body will not go unnoticed, everyone around the world will see it.”

Host:  “There will be a lot of confusion.”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “–More than confusion.”

Host:  “And they will give many interpretations about it.”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “Oh, many.”

Host:  “Astronomers will say that what we will see is Mars or any other planet.”  “But in reality, its Hercolubus.”

Host:  “What consequences will it bring to our planet?”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “The most terrifying.”  “And then, everyone holds up as they can.”

Host:  “Munoz-Ferrada predicted three major earthquakes.”Planet 7X Hercolubus 3 earthquake areas pinpointed by Munoz Ferrada 1939

Munoz-Ferrada:  “I’ve calculated three approximate triangulated spots of high approached seismicity:

  • the northern Mediterranean coast, between France and Spain,
  • the southern Pacific coast, from Valparaiso to Arequipa, Chile,
  • and Java, Sumatra, and Borneo.”

“These spots will go through earthquakes of volcanic nature.”

Host:  Hercolubus will cause devastating earthquakes and will provocate a great transformation.”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “The large gravitational field that brings us this new astro, which hasn’t penetrated for 13,000 years.  13,000 years ago were the times of the lost Atlantis has a resonance that produce reflections and weaknesses that will bring a great change.”

Host:  “This big change…” “It is since 1940 isn’t it that you have studied this astro?”  “Here are 59 years of documentation.”  “And that major change, is it a human change or earthly (territorial) change because it indicates a pole shift?”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “It’s geophysical and human.”

Host:  “And it is said, there will be a change of the Earth’s magnetic poles.”

Munoz-Ferrada:  “There are so many things, which is unfortunate…mankind is not prepared.” “The change comes, the destruction comes and above all, will affect humanity in its existence, in its production, and in its own subsistence.”

It’s been written about Munoz-Ferrada: “He had a special gift: the gift to enter into a *trance when he was researching and that, in this state, he wrote and drew what he received, and that it gave him much success as enemies throughout his life.”

{*Note:  Although this sentence carries “trance“, it doesn’t describe it better–highly possible, Munoz-Ferrada was gifted with visions from God}


Original Chilean (Spanish) Notice of Obituary:  Fallece controvertido astrónomo chileno

Google Translated to English: Chilean astronomer controversial dies

Tribute: The life of Muñoz Ferrada

Massive Additional Material on Planet X

Related Topic of Interest:

NASA And National Nuke Admin Working On Doomsday Asteroid

{Paul Begley}

The National Nuclear Security Administration and NASA are working on a plan to use Nukes on “Doomsday Asteroid” {also Huffington Post}

Google Sky:

Here’s a screen shot from Google Sky taken last night of Planet 7X (aka: Hercolubus) with coordinates.

Planet 7X Google Sky Coordinates Visible 5h 42 m 16 s  22 deg 36' 44 pt 7









I thought I was done with the 7X theory but I kept “feeling” and remembering the video interview with Munoz-Ferrada.  That’s why I titled this post: Part 2: Planet 7X aka Comet-Planet Hercolubus.

Now I know and understand–its detailed in identifying the Comet-Planet mass, the three travel speeds, the three points of earthquakes.  This gigantic orbital body of mass is going to affect everyone–not just the U.S. and So. America as Gil Broussard pointed out.

Stay safe. Be blessed.




36 thoughts on “Part 2: Planet 7X aka Comet-Planet Hercolubus

  1. Mary, great blog! I read yesterday’s as well. Wow! A lot of information to digest.

    25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
    26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
    27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
    28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
    Luke 21:25-28

    Praying for peace that can only come through Jesus!

  2. Yesterday, my brother wrote to me and said that so many of his favorite sci-fi movies have become prophetic, and I agree that these ideas have been put forward deliberately. We own two that directly relate:
    Deep Impact with Tea Leoni, Robert Duval and Morgan Freeman. It came out in 1998.

    In this movie, a journalist (Leoni) is investigating what she thinks is a scandal in the upper echelons of government, but she finds out that what they are doing is preparing for incoming asteroids. Duval is an astronaut tasked to go up and destroy the asteroid. Morgan Freeman is the black president.

    I can remember at least half a dozen disaster movies that depict the U.S. having a black president prior to 2008.

    And Ghostbusters! It doesn’t show the incoming brown dwarf, but it does show the effects of it and depicts the gates being opened between our reality and the pit.

      • Rose, I also note that I started paying attention to some of these “prophetic” movies. Last season I was watching “The Last Ship” (on TNT network) when I clicked in my mind that this was during the Ebola virus crises. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

        This also coincides with all those vampire resurgence movies too…

        • Yes, that is unnerving. Especially the vampire movies like The Strain that is now on television. I read the trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and it is actually feasible. Del Toro also directed Pan’s Labyrinth – an excellent but eerie blending of the world of the living and the world of the pit.

        • Rose…I also understand that the 1977 movie Close Encounters of theThird Kind by Spielberg was directly inspired by “inside information” that Spielberg had?
          Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) – Original Trailer

        • I don’t know what information Spielberg had, although I think he borrowed heavily from Jacques Vallee after whom he patterned the French scientist character. I do know that he has been a collector of alien implants for a long time.

        • Between Hynek and Vallee he would have had the most cutting-edge information available at the time. If I had to guess, I think this would have been loosely based on the Travis Walton abduction.

  3. Rose… I saw an interesting two part you tube video a few weeks back and I think I posted them here on Mary’s site. The video is called “This movie could explain everything”. It dealt with that movie (Deep Impact). I have to say that it all does look very suspiciously like they are ramming their intentions before our eyes through Hollywood and dropping the hints.

    This movie could explain EVERYTHING! Part 1

    This movie could explain EVERYTHING! Part 2

    • @ Corey: The last few seconds of the 2nd video, “President” Morgan Freeman mentions the loss of lives in France, Germany, Spain, and Africa reminded me, which also correlates, to this image I posted in the Pt 2 Planet 7X post:

      I’m also remembering that Alex Jones stated that “was it possible that Jade Helm 15 isn’t what we think it is but that it’s something much bigger and worse, something we haven’t been told about?”

      Would the NWO be established “formally,” once Planet 7X has done its damage but preparations are underway and why its been ramped up?

      • Interesting you should say that. Rose posted that video two blogs back in which Fred made the observation of the meteor shower approaching due to Nibiru’s debris trail. Nibiru’s effect on earth would cause earth’s rotation to stall for a time and thus causing the west portion of earth’s land mass to get pelted I.e Revelation 9 and a third part of the grass and trees burned. BUT… what if they are deliberately hinting and telling people at this time that it will hit that side and not this side. Everyone rushes to the wrong side to escape and BAM! INSTANT POPULATION REDUCTION LIKE THEY WANTED! But of course, even though it may hit the east, it’s still possible thatt only a third would burn by only hitting those specified areas.

        It is indeed very, very interesting that the movie correlates to what the chart you posted shows. I think I do remember Alex saying that same thing. The purpose for Jade Helm may be alot bigger than what we suspect. They certainly are dropping the hints. Very suspicious that suddenly they are seemingly going full throttle with Jade Helm to coincide with the chart timeline of Gil Broussard. But I think they will use other means for the excuse to implement Jade Helm to keep Planet X under wraps for as long as possible initially… like their controll of the ISIS threat for one example.

  4. Games the Enemy Play — Roles…

    When con artists, criminal gangs, high pressure sales, spooks etc. want to compromise a target they work as a team with typical roles…

    – rescuer (gets close, always agrees, appears to rescue)
    – thugs (create contrived crises)
    – outsiders (pressure the target’s extended family and friends)
    – watchers (collect info on target, never interact)
    – brains (contrive series of situations)

    Their goal is to turn the target into a mule or asset by small incremental steps. That usually starts with small exchanges of information or seemingly innocuous objects, like a pen. Ultimately, there’s blackmail, as the friends and family are threatened or worse, possibly far from the target’s immediate situation.

    – for historical instances of such situations

  5. Mary, I can’t get the link to Munoz-Ferrada’s obituary to open. Did he die as the result of vaccines on 911? That is very weird if accurate.

  6. The Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage. Now abortion is legal (child sacrifice); homosexuality is legal; and cannibalism is legal (the use of fetal tissue for anything from flavoring cola to vaccines).

    The Nephilim will feel quite comfortable now, because these three things described their world.

    Events are going to speed up; and the LORD has already sent the Destroyer.

    We will need endurance for the times that are coming. Lord help us.

  7. What is with the zombie thing they are constantly throwing in our faces? Planning to unleash a certain horror are they? I’ve heard Planet X will have a certain kind of effect on the human brain when it comes through, which will make everyone mad. The disease angle will be a distraction? Coincidence that this T.V series is being released while they suddenly release an image of the winged planet through Google… ???

  8. Mary and Corey, in video 2, it refers to Efrain Rodriquez prophecy. I listen to it about a year ago. I’m listening to it now….boy its timely. I will post it…please, with all the info going around, bring it to the Lord in prayer.

    • @ Liz: Wow oh Wow!!! Very very powerful video by Pastor Efrain Rodriguez.

      I can confirm that body bags and military personnel have overtaken Puerto Rico. I’ve seen some YouTube videos where people were sneaking out photos of the military unloading supplies but these people were being told “not to say anything about it.”

      We’re all thinking Martial Law and overtaking the U.S. I’m thinking now it’s both. I’ll try to find the Puerto Rico video…

      Thanks for sharing.


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