All Eyes Focus: Star of Bethlehem’s Projected Trajectory After 2000 Years

Star of Bethlehem Trajectory

All Eyes Focus:  Star of Bethlehem’s

Projected Trajectory After 2000 Years


Imagine, the Star of Bethlehem appearing in our “today’s skies” after 2,000 years.  If this is true and I can’t “verify” this information, one way or another–I’m not an astronomer, but it is totally fascinating and taking the internet by a storm.

Is it time for the Lord to reappear?

I know these are the ‘end times’ and we certainly have had our eyes in the heavens for several weeks with all the teachings about CERN, Stargates, Supernatural Portals, Near Earth Objects of projecting destruction/collisions involving Asteroids, Comets, Planet 7X, aka Nibiru, and now the Star of Bethlehem?

BP EarthWatch uploaded a video today (June 29, 2015) regarding the Star of Bethlehem after 2000 years.

The Star of Bethlehem Returns after 2000 Years

Eyes on the Solar System” is a free downloadable software program.

From NASA:
Eyes on the Solar System” is a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data. Explore the cosmos from your computer. Hop on an asteroid. Fly with NASA’s Voyager spacecraft. See the entire solar system moving in real time. It’s up to you. You control space and time.
Before choosing any of the modules below, this visualization tool requires a quick one-time download and install. Once downloaded, run the file to install.”

Stellarium is also a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.  It is being used in planetarium projectors.


The Star of Bethlehem certainly signals the return of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lord, Jesus Christ–His sign of Peace everlasting.

Are you saved?  Do you know His majesty, His mercy, His compassion, His love for mankind?  Do you know my Jesus Christ?

Stay safe.  Be blessed.




24 thoughts on “All Eyes Focus: Star of Bethlehem’s Projected Trajectory After 2000 Years

  1. @ signs in the heavens


    Acts 2:18-21 (and context)
    And on my servants and on my handmaidens
    – I will pour out in those days of my Spirit
    – and they shall prophesy
    And I will shew wonders in heaven above
    – and signs in the earth beneath
    – blood and fire and vapor of smoke:
    The sun shall be turned into darkness
    – and the moon into blood before
    – that great and notable day of the Lord come

    And it shall come to pass that
    – whosoever shall call
    – on the name of the Lord
    – shall be saved.

  2. ps. to yesterday’s threads on hoover “damns”
    – The US is that dam on the financial flows of the world
    – To harness and direct them to the powers that be
    – The weakness of dams in collapse
    – Is water flowing over the top
    – By analogy then, the underground market
    – Gone mainstream

  3. Heavenly Merger: Venus and Jupiter Become One Under a Full Moon

    Heavenly Merger: Venus and Jupiter Become One Under a Full Moon

    This year’s evening show continues on Wednesday July 1, when the “dazzling planets stand side by side in the west, still with just a full moon’s width between them,” says. Watching over them will be the full moon, the first of two coming in July. “Only the full moon itself—climbing higher in the southeastern sky this evening—appears brighter.”

    That moon becomes full at precisely 10:20 p.m. EDT. As for Venus and Jupiter, we will not see the likes of this for more than a year, says

    “Venus and Jupiter both appear bright in Earth’s sky because the cloud cover on these worlds effectively reflects sunlight,” says “Although Jupiter is so much farther off than Venus, Jupiter’s sheer size guarantees the king planet’s brilliance. This is their closest pairing in the evening sky until August 27, 2016.”
    Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork

  4. Christmas Star Promo

    The Christmas Star and Prophecy Studies

    “The Christmas or Messiah’s star is one of the most important of God’s heavenly signs, not just because of its significant appearance as a sign of warning to Israel and a sign of hope for the world that marked Christ’s first coming more than 2000 years ago, but its re-appearance in the summer of 2015 may be confirmation that we are in the season of the Lord’s soon return. Importantly, the timing and location of the re-appearance of the Messiah’s star seems to once again be a sign of warning… this time for America, just as it was for Israel the first time it appeared. But most importantly, Messiah’s Star is God’s sign of hope that Jesus Christ is indeed coming soon for His inheritance… every believer who puts their faith and trust in Him.”

    • Glad you pointed that out Mary. I’ve been saying for a long time now that America is hugely and enormously prophetically significant. It’s God ordained purpose is like that of ancient Israel… a God ordained nation for the purpose of declaring the Messiah to the world, which America has done since it’s founding. So we can expect the same parallels in America as happened to and with ancient Israel. They were a divinely blessed nation for a specific purpose. This being the case, is it any surprise that this conjunction is signalling something for America just exactly like it did for ancient Israel and the Messiah’s arrival on earth “inside” Israel, the nation he came into. Further, what happens to America will have repercussions for the entire world since the “America is the dam on the financial flows of the world”, to quote Nome. It’s no secret that the world at large has been and continues to be, to some extent, intertwined and connected to the U.S. financially and otherwise. So goes America, so goes the world. So goes America, so flows the speeding bullet of prophecy fulfillment. As I have posted so many times before, if anyone would doubt our Christian heritage and Godly ordained purpose like no other nation has enjoyed should read the following. No other nation has this parallel like America does. People shouldn’t be fooled because of all the occultism from the Illuminati happening in our nation, although it too is very prophetically important and significant. People tend to focus much on the occultic aspect, but fail to realize that America’s overall and main purpose has been that of ancient Israel… to declare the gospel message to the world. God has raised this nation up and set it high to to that very thing. Again, the information in the PDF below is no coincidence.'s%20Creation.pdf

      The parallels with ancient Israel right down to our very peculiar geographical characteristics relating to the ancient tabernacle of Moses should make people stand up and take notice of the prophetic importance of America, and thus, the repeat of the signs today in America including the heavenly, compared with ancient Israel and what it means to the world. This conjunction of the two planets is absolutely HUGE!

      • Corey, just as I’ve heard that there are parallels with Israel. I’ve also heard it said that Obummer is, in a sense, America’s anti-christ. I’m just amazed at the times we live in, Praise Jesus!!!

        • Liz… I’m thinking that obama is a huge signal of bad tidings indeed, and quite possibly, the one who will be the actual antichrist. If he isn’t, he is likely the forerunner of Antichrist in light of the Ezekiel 20:29 and Luke 10:18 passages of scripture. From looking at how the Illuminati plan on incarnating the “spirit of Apollo” into a wicked ruler in this nation, one has to come to some conclusions about these “Bama” high places of Ezekiel 20:29. I think it is possible and likely that it could be obama, especially given those odd scars on his head. The modern high places are being utilized on a grand scale and will be used to incarnate this spirit of Apollo a.k.a. Antichrist via the occultism taking place in Washington D.C. with these elite. Is it a coincidence that ancient Israel’s high places were called “Bamah” by God and now we have a figurehead installed into the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth named “obama”? Remember that the ritualism, evil machinations and devices (CERN) are already in place and utilizing or repeating the ancient “Bamah” high places to install Apollo into their “bamah” high place. So, either he is the AC or an enormously large sign that he is the “John the Baptist” of the Antichrist making the path straight for the real one to arrive. Yet another parallel with ancient Israel and America… the “Bamah” high places. This time, on steroids with the advent and creation of CERN.

    • Very interesting 2 minute video above Mary. Something hit me watching it. To add to my other comment about the parallels of America with ancient Israel, I would say that it’s very interesting to me that Israel declared and was used for the first coming of Christ. Isn’t it interesting that, with America having Israel’s peculiar patterns, it has been responsible for declaring Christ’s second coming. It is America that has been declaring this message for a very long time.

      Notice in Christ’s first coming upon his birth in Bethlehem, they opened up their treasures and presented him with Gold, incense and Myrrh. After the rapture of the church, we born again believers will “cast our crowns” at the feet of Christ according to scripture when we are at the judgment seat of Christ. This end time message of the rapture and the return of Christ is, and has been, declared by this peculiar nation America. You can see the parallels right there. All these events tie in with the peculiar heavenly signs that signalled these events very shortly before they transpired. This conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is very specifically tied to all of this. It is an exacting repeat of those days of his first coming inside the very nation that has declared his second coming… a warning.

  5. So it appears that September is the beginning of the Jubilee year and the ending will be the following year. Perhaps the date we should be watching is September/October 2016 for the possible “ingathering”, a.k.a. trumpet sound, of 1 Corinthians 15. September 2015 this year really is heralding something spectacular, and alas, we find out about tonight’s “Heavenly Merger” of Venus and Jupiter to coincide with the blood moon tetrad and Schemitta’s end.


  6. If that trumpet should never sound, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep… not screaming like all the passengers in his car.

    • I just stepped outside to get a look at it, but I have too much cloud cover here in Denver… and this is the same thing that was occurring at the birth of Christ in Bethlehem two thousand years ago and I don’t get to see it because of some clouds. GRRRRR!!

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