Cowboys & Aliens Review

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Cowboys & Aliens Review


Oh sit down and enjoy a western, science fiction, action thriller starring none other than blue-eyed, blond hair, smooth, suave and sophisticated British Agent 007, Daniel Craig and from the Indiana Jones’ series ruggedly handsome, virile and adventure seeking Harrison Ford.

Can you picture Daniel Craig dressed in a western outfit complete with a hip holster carrying a gun–a six-shooter, toting man of the wild west riding a horse?

I didn’t have any problems recognizing ruggedly, still handsome with a wry smile, blond flecked peppered hair, Harrison Ford because he can still carry that Indy trademark for fighting in those heavy action packed scenes he’s so famously noted and he can still cut those rocky scenes on his horse without missing a beat.

Genre:    2011 Science Fiction, Thriller, Western, Action

Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, et al.

Directed by:  Jon Favreau

Run time: 2 hours 16 minutes

Now throw into the mix Aliens from outer space complete with a mothership.  Yes, you read correctly.  This movie takes place in the 1800’s during an era that we, today, would not have considered aliens roaming the wild west fighting Indians much less cowboys.  Don’t forget the indigenous Arizona mesa Native American Apaches with bows and arrows filled with historic legends of these space creatures, now have to join forces with the “white” man to fight these grotesque alien intruders from another world.

The uncomplicated plot has a town called Absolution that is being wrecked and terrified by these aliens from the future (definitely another dimension) that the local preacher calls “demons.” These demons are abducting, pillaging, and destroying Absolution and the Apaches.

The opening scene is, in itself, quick to brand the main character, Jake (Daniel Craig) as an amnesic tied to a high-tech, out of this world, metal computer wristlet wrapped to his left arm as a weapon.

So who is this Jake?  Where did he come from? Is Jake from the future?  Why is the mysterious metal computer armed with a high-tech laser weaponized computer chip wrapped to his arm?

 ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ Trailer

Don’t let me forget the mysterious rather tall, slender and very sexy brunette, Ella, played by Olivia Wilde, who has  a secret she cannot reveal but she holds the key to unlocking the mystery of how to destroy these aliens.

This movie blends the times of the wild west with the future.  Each character is strong and has  delivered quite well the message intended for the audience–action, mystery, thriller.

If you would like to see this movie, it’s available for purchase or rental on Amazon.  You can see this movie instantly and directly on your PC by downloading the free Amazon application to your PC.

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Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens

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26 thoughts on “Cowboys & Aliens Review

  1. Ha! Mary, I saw Cowboys and Aliens several years ago and enjoyed the story. It’s supposed to be based on the writings of Zacharia Sitchin, if I recall correctly: a picture of the Alien Gospel.

    My husband and I were watching one of our favorite sci-fi shows, Fringe, from DVDs our kids bought for us for Christmas several years ago. It’s been awhile since we watched these, so my husband and I were shocked by some of the stuff we picked up that flew over our heads before.

    Fringe is a story much like the X-Files in which a group of FBI agents, Fringe Division, investigate all kinds of weird and paranormal phenomena.

    The most shocking thing I saw in one episode concerned the opening of a gateway between two universes. The universes were on a collision course and the person who would be able to stop this could be located by the sign of the torc (torq or torque) on his person.

    I about fell off the couch. I have only learned about the torc this year from Anthony Patch’s work. It represents Cernnunos, the antlered god of the Celts and after whom CERN is named. The best representation of him can be seen on the Gundestrup Cauldron.

    More images including giants throwing humans into a pot: Wiki

    He is wearing a torc and holding one in his right hand.

    This show was first broadcast about five years ago and is another example of something hidden in plain sight.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Lucifer is using the media to embed his own kind of “Torah Codes” — the anti-Torah Codes.

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      • More than one link will definitely invoke moderation.
        I’ll sometimes forget when including a photo with a source (2 links).

        I think there’s a setting…


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  2. backchannel info…
    – for after most have moved on


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