Two Major Super Typhoons to Hit China & Japan

Western, Central Pacific SatelliteTwo Major Super Typhoons to Hit China & Japan


The Weather Channel is reporting up to five tropical cyclones at once two which have now become active typhoons:

Up to Five Tropical Cyclones At Once Possible in the Pacific Ocean: How Rare Is That?

“At some point this week, you could see not one, not two, but as many as five tropical cyclones spinning in the Pacific Basin. Although it’s not unheard of to see multiple storms at the same time, five is impressive on any scale.

Three tropical cyclones — Chan-hom, Linfa and Nangka — formed in the western Pacific within three days of each other last week. Two of those became typhoons, and all three remain active.” {source:}

Huge storm band bearing down on China and Japan

Australian news weather is reporting two major super typhoons convergingHuge storm band bearing down on China and Japan in the south seas heading towards Japan and China.

“Sitting off the coast of China and Japan are two typhoons, spinning just 1500km apart and quickly intensifying.

Experts predict they will develop into ‘super typhoons’, with at least one – Typhoon Chan-hom – likely to make landfall in Japan.

The map shows it is currently tracking towards the Japanese island of Okinawa, packing wind gusts of up to 185 km/h.

The second typhoon, Typhoon Nangka, is continuing to strengthen as it heads towards the island of Guma, with winds of up to 260km/h.” {source:}

This map shows the three cyclones/typhoons tracking off the coast of China and Japan with coordinates:

Typhoons Earth China Japan 7 8 2015{Source:}

Two “Super Typhoons” Headed To Japan & China & Guam

Enenews updates and Fukushima:

12:54 PM EST on July 7th, 2015

Many large marine mammals found dead around California, public warned to expect further strandings — FOX: “Very disturbing…

04:20 PM EST on July 6th, 2015

NOAA: Young herring “suddenly disappear” from Pacific, no one can find them

09:57 AM EST on July 3rd, 2015

BBC: People taken from movie theater by police, forced to go in reactor and deal with burning fuel rods — TV: Military picked men


I did check with, both the website and YouTube Channels. but there aren’t any updates or reports concerning the possibility that HAARP may be involved with this weather anomaly.


I did find it a bit odd that “warnings” are not going out to Japan or even China for possible evacuation preparations.  Will Fukushima be able to weather this new onslaught and not affect their nuclear reactors?

Below is the most current article from

“Officials: Much of Pacific Ocean threatened by Fukushima releases, an area covering 1/3 of globe — US: “States in region understandably concerned for safety”… “Urgent need” to assess impact on food, water — IAEA begins testing around Pacific” {}

Please pray for Japan and China as they continue to face weather wars.

Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

Stay safe.  Be blessed.



“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars;

and on the earth distress of nations,

with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;

{Luke 21:25}


17 thoughts on “Two Major Super Typhoons to Hit China & Japan

    • Thanks for posting. Really great learning lesson on aviation. Yes, I did wonder how a Cessna and F-16 could be in each others paths to cause a collision. Now I have a better “picture” on how this could, indeed, take place.

      • Well, you know, one does not fly mega-millions with hard to stop speeds into a crowd. Unless they want to create a distraction.

        So even training ops used as cover for relocating forces, get protection. They clear a path. Unless there’s a gambit…..

    • Regarding your link Nome… Wow, all these things happening. Very suspicious. Something is going on. More than likely, it’s computer hacks or attacks ordered by the Illum….cough! cough! … I mean… the globali….. cough! cough! …. I mean …. our “enemies” …. Russia, China, or whatever.

      And now suddenly, count ’em … FIVE TYPHOONs heading to China in a counter attack. I wonder who fired the first shot? Probably from the U.S. since China’s stock exchange half collapsed yesterday and continues to. Suspicious much? The war between the West and East is on brother. But again, like I always say, the war between the West and East is for public consumption for the ignorant masses. There is evidence that these Illuminati globalist control all sides and the leaders of these various governments are just puppets doing as they are told by their globalist Masters…. or something of that nature.

      Looks like they are anxious for the real war to begin as Nibiru approaches.


      • We can easily liken the world to a stadium…
        – (world = governments, politics, markets, etc)
        – The “owners” contrive the battles
        – also the entertainments like half time
        – they get “paid” by the teams, the concessions,
        – also advertisers, attendees, and media rights
        – there are high class and low class seats
        – along with limo services and tours
        – rigged betting, intoxicants, back room services
        – stock speculations and investor backing
        …in brief they get their cut from everything

        And the point is to create events that involve large crowds.

        ps. The current “owners” are the enemy angels…
        – like gang bosses in prisons

        “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!”

  1. Raw: Typhoon Linfa Makes Landfall in China

    “Typhoon Linfa made landfall on Thursday in south China’s Guangdong province, where heavy rain pelted down and hundreds of passengers were stranded at the airport. (July 9)”

  2. I normally steer clear of “politics” and certainly with so many interested possible presidential nominees, I was wondering about “what happened to common sense?”

    Throw in a mix of frontal assaults using racism as a “trump card” and most recent hate speech cliques hitting Donald Trump, I was back tracking to see what he had actually said that deserves the treatment he is now getting.

    Yes, I’m fully aware that immigration is a hot issue, particularly in Texas with its border security issues and lack of federal funding and interest to beef up security (I live approximately 3-4 hrs from the border), so I do pay attention.

    Would I “hit” Donald Trump for making his statements about illegal Mexicans or immigration? No. It’s not his fault that Mexico is our next door neighbor and most likely an entry point from deep down South America.

    I also don’t really believe he is a racist. The true elements for racism really isn’t supported. In fact, if he continues maybe the border issues will be adequately addressed and security is beefed up.

    Here’s an interview with the Donald discussing, without a teleprompter, with the editors of the Chicago Tribune, differing topics displaying his vast knowledge not only domestically but internationally.

    Donald Trump discusses Presidential run with Tribune editorial board

    He actually speaks with what I call common sense. Is he a diamond in the rough? A little honing to sidle up against the “political pros?” Perhaps.

    Interesting, just saying…

  3. Hello!

    Cyber Guard Exercise Simulated Attacks On Critical Infrastructure

    “In an effort led by U.S. Cyber Command, an array of federal authorities participated in a Cyber Guard exercise which simulated a major earthquake in Southern California coupled with a series of coordinated cyber attacks designed to disrupt electrical power along the West and East Coast.

    The exercise, which was held from June 8th through the 26th in Virginia, included elements of the Defense Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Federal Aviation Administration, The United Kingdom, private firms, and law enforcement.

    “Under the scenario, banks are affected, oil and gas pipelines and a major commercial port in the United Kingdom are disrupted, and Defense Department information networks — across the department and across the services — are attacked,” said Coast Guard Rear Adm. Kevin E. Lunday, director of training session.” More…

  4. Dave Hodges~

    A Strange Phone Call From a “Crackpot”
    F-16 brought down, not shot down, at the Mexican border.

    F-16 brought down, not shot down, at the Mexican border.

    Five days a week, I drive my son 25 miles to his high school’s athletic practice which begins at 6AM
    (Pacific). On July 8th, at 530AM (Pacific), I received a call from a number that showed up as 99999999 on my caller ID. I later learned that call came from a satellite phone. The caller told me he was calling me because of an article that I had recently written in which I said that I had information that the downed F-16 which crashed in Arizona, near the Mexican border, was brought down by a satellite based and localized Russian EMP weaposn that was also sold to the North Koreans in 2014.

    This unidentified caller proceeded to tell me, at 830AM (Eastern), that the Stock Market was going to be hit with a cyber attack in a planned beta test. He said that the Obama minions inside of the “Fast and Furious” DOJ were responsible and were planning to hasten the demise of the American economy once everything was in place (i.e. Jade Helm). The next set of attacks, he said, was going to probe the infrastructure. The conversation then returned to some technical aspects of the space based war going on, designed to destroy each other’s satellites (e.g. China, Russia and the United States). I asked him if he worked the Air Force Space Command and he hung up on me.

    I was convinced, although this call, although interesting, was a fraud. I was also influenced by a “fake diary”, on the same day, that was sent to me, allegedly from Greece, describing the bad economic times. For many reasons, I knew this to be a fraud and I warned, in writing, both Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann about this fake diary.

    I dropped off my son and went to the gym. I spoke with two colleagues in the Independent Media later that morning and did not even mention the phone call. I picked up my son and took him to breakfast. It was not until 2pm (Eastern) did I discover that the Stock Market, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal had all three experienced a cyber attack on the same day. Further, I discovered this happened on the same day that the Chinese Stock Market was collapsing and I have come to believe that .all of these events are connected. Further, the cyber attack on cell phones carriers is also part of this probing of cyber attack beta tests with more to come before the main event that takes down large portions of the grid and forces American into martial law.


    • Okay, Nome:
      Do you garden?
      Do you have pink hair?
      (That show actually looks very cute.)

      • Alas no. I’d love to live by a forest. Being a bit photo-phobic… I’d certainly appreciate ferns and similar flora, even mushrooms. jeje, no gnomes though! 🌾🌿🍄

        salt & pepper hair …camouflage? …what’s left that is. 🙆

        I might be able to grow frogbit in an aquarium.

        And you Rose?

        • Yes, I love to garden – inside and out. My children refer to the livingroom as the “forest.” But, alas, no pink hair. I still have a full thatch, but there’s snow on the roof. 🙂

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