Pluto’s Twin Peaks, Near Earth Asteroid 1994 AW1 Flyby & Jade Helm 15

Pluto’s Twin Peaks, Near Earth Asteroid 1994 AW1 Flyby & Jade Helm 15


Giant Twin Peaks discovered on Pluto! | Super Volcano?

Pluto {image source:}

“Using basic photographic image enhancing techniques I have revealed some at first not so obvious twin mountain size ‘hills’ on Pluto. They and some other very interesting observations were also detected.”


“New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto this morning, just 7,750 miles above the dwarf planet’s surface. Now the waiting begins. During the flyby, the spacecraft was too busy taking pictures and gathering data to communicate with Earth. Mission controllers will receive their first status report from New Horizons this evening after 9 pm EDT letting them know that the spacecraft survived the encounter. Check for updates at the New Horizons home page.” More… {source:}

Near Earth Asteroid 385186 {1994 AW1}:

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.

On July 15, 2015 there were 1595 potentially hazardous asteroids.
Near Earth Flyby: 1994 AW1 slated for July 15, 2015 {image source:}

Near Earth Flyby: 1994 AW1 slated for July 15, 2015 {image source:}

Asteroid 385186 {1994 AW1} {source:}

Asteroid 385186 {1994 AW1} {source:} Discovered 1994-Jan-11 by Lawrence, K. J., Helin, E. F. at Palomar


The last time Asteroid 1994 AW1  flyby was February 28, 2015, with the next one July 15, 2015, then again it should reappear December 26, 2015.

Asteroid 1994 AW1  flyby is calculated to reappear July 9, 2022, according to NASA’s data.

Jade Helm Alert-A Call From Oklahoma
(Rolling out Martial Law)

Countdown To Jade Helm 15 Begins

Heads Up! SPEC-OPS to Hold ‘Planned Power Outages’ As Jade Helm 15 Begins

“A very disturbing alert has gone out about “planned power outages” being initiated on the California- Nevada border in the “Ant Hill and Tejon Ranch” area where SPEC-OPS are conducting operations on land owned by a power company under false pretenses, from July 15 – 20th, 2015.” {}

Related article:

Jade Helm 15 & Cyber Guard 15 Connection:

In the article titled “Jade Helm 15 & Cyber Guard 15 Connection,” is the portion referencing the critical electrical infrastructure roll-out referenced in pdf Cyber Guard 15 Fact Sheet.


Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior? Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



“Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.”
{1 John 3:4}

30 thoughts on “Pluto’s Twin Peaks, Near Earth Asteroid 1994 AW1 Flyby & Jade Helm 15

  1. I post this PDF often for those who haven’t seen it, but in the following video, you can see the visual map of it as Bill Cloud and Perry Stone show the actual overlay map of the tabernacle of Moses onto the USA map. It demonstrates the fact that God raised up America for a very special purpose as he did ancient Israel, a tabernacle of sorts in which to dwell in and use as a light to the world for the spreading of the gospel of Christ. We obviously have reaped the extraordinary rewards of such a blessing. As fascinating as this is, we also share some very interesting parallels with the ancient Roman empire, which is in many, many ways is a blessing of sorts as we have benefitted tremendously from it as citizens living here… but unfortunatel, we also share the same pattern of ancient Rome regarding it’s collapse, albeit intentional by the globalists. Considering Jade Helm and the overall horror show that’s beginning to unfold, thought this very timely. Many know and realize that alot of the symbolism and occultism laid out in Washington D.C. is an evil, Satanic put in place by Illuminati occultists to bring about their Satanic World Order while incarnating “Apollo”, otherwise known as the biblical “Antichrist” as brought out by people like Tom Horn and a whole host of others, but as you can see, God does indeed turn the enemy’s plans on their head and establishes his own ultimate purpose. America came into existence by the powerful hand of God with a special hand of blessing upon it. Regarding the overlay map of America and the tabernacle of Moses, It’s very thought provoking what one commenter has said on this “peculiar” (to say the least) revelation. “The Washington D.C. layout is inspired by the Babylonian mystery religions and are very pagan with no biblical intent and the obelisk in the center represents the phallus of Baal/Osiris, but what makes this remarkable is how they layed it out as the camp of Israel without even knowing it! This is very telling because it goes to show how God works even when you think you are working against him, it all falls into the plan of his perfect will. God brings the intent of the wicked’s plans back on their own heads.”

    Can’t say it much better than that. America was indeed a nation created and raised up by God to reveal to the world the light of Christ, which it has done and continues to do. But by decree, when America shall have ceased being that light and falls, it necessarily means that the world will fall with it and an age of darkness shall fall upon the world as happened when Rome fell. In the bible, this would be the tribulation. So goes America, so goes the world.'s%20Creation.pdf





  2. And for those who haven’t seen this yet, a more indepth look at the very “peculiar” pattern that is unique to America.

    show 1 of 4



    show 2 of 4



    show 3 of 4









  3. Nothing against Corey, Perry Stone, etc.

    I’m definitely skeptical that America is important in prophecy. In the since of “pride goes before the fall.” But, here’s where I can see “reflections” and counterfeits in many many aspects of America as regards Israel, Judah, the Millennial Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Take for instance “UFO cults” and similar…
    – catholic church (apparitions and claiming primacy on earth)
    – mormon church (becoming “gods” of other planets)
    – urantia, black muslim, etc and such more obvious cults
    – not to mention pop cults like “ancient aliens”
    – templars, masons, etc.

    They have “the appearance” (a mask) just as a Potemkin Village is a prop and a scam.

    Very like secular holidays having the appearance of faith, and christian apostates having the appearance (like with sodomy practicing, abortion justifying, or pedophilia excusing clergy) — but not True Christ centered faith.

    So, this for Corey — why give more credence to these presentations — than anything else that’s a mix of good and evil (in the same way that “the tree of knowledge of good and evil” is such a mix)?

  4. I appreciate your point of view Nome and likewise, nothing against Nome here, but I would have to respectfully disagree. I would say that America is very important in prophecy. To point these peculiar characteristics out about America having the fingerprints of God upon it does not mean that it can be justifiably in the vein of pride. It is what it is. Your point of the catholic church claiming primacy on earth is nearly like the comparison of apples to oranges. Although the catholic church in it’s arrogance does claim primacy of the “christian faith” so called, it is indeed a powerful earthly force which does hold enormous sway. This has nothing at all to do with anything regarding the peculiar standing of America on the world stage relating to it’s God ordained purpose like that of ancient Israel. We are not looking to the catholic church or any of the other false masks of Christianity masquerading throughout this nation. At the same time, nor can we deny the fact that the TRUE gospel of Christ has been going forth to the nations of the earth through this nation since it’s founding, even though the Masons and the like came over here to this continent along with true Christianity. In fact, they had to go in hiding for good while because of the overwhelming influence of true Christianity on the establishing and propagating of the gospel. Ancient Israel was raised up by God for a special purpose as we all know, but it too had it’s false religions running rampant throughout that nation including it’s leaders worshipping idols at the false “high places”. As we know, this would not negate the fact that God raised them up for a special purpose of declaring the true God of creation regardless. It’s quite foolish to think and even say that this negates the idea that God still had his hand on that nation, for we know that he did indeed according to scripture.

    As far as your list of sins, it’s the same thing. Israel had this going on in their nation too. Does that mean that their standing as a nation that God had and has his hand on was a false conclusion to make? Indeed not. Again, we know this from scripture. It’s the exact same thing with America. These sins do not negate the idea that God raised this nation up as well in like manner for a very special purpose. This revelation concerning America’s prophetic importance is not trying to “replace” Israel by pointing out it’s very peculiar characteristics regarding ancient Israel. The assumption that this is all a “prop” and a “scam” does not hold water. It becomes very obvious that when you look at the correlation of characteristics concerning Moses tabernacle when overlayed onto a map of America that God’s hand is in this. No human being could create the characteristics and resources we see in America’s geography so that their respective pieces fall into the exact same places as the characteristics of the Tabernacle of Moses did. They would have to have been some super human beings with some special talents indeed to pull that one off. This one demonstration alone puts to rest any doubt concerning America’s importance in biblical prophecy in the mind of God.

    As per your statement of not giving any credence to this “mix of good and evil”, I would just ask you this… should we not give any importance , prophetic and otherwise, to the significance of Israel? After all, Israel had all of these mixes of good and evil as well. This does not do away with the fact that God had his hand upon them and can be easily seen in scripture. Yes, God eventually judged them for it, but it did not change his mind about Israel’s importance.

    When taking all of this information in, it is quite foolish to assume that this is any kind of scam or smoke and mirrors.

    • Corey, I think you’ve answered my objections without making a case for what’s worthwhile in the youtubes and materials you’re suggesting.

      I’d easily agree that The Almighty turns curses to blessings, sanctifies the unholy, turns the hearts of kings (ex. pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzer), etc. to His own ends.

      Yet we have the certainty, as Christ explained clearly, that there are wheat and tares. We’re instructed to check out things and keep what’s good. And to be discerning (as snakes but gentle as doves). And yes, you’ve admitted that Israel and Judah (all but a remnant) we’re eventually judged — and found wanting. Whole generations were cast out, dispersed, etc. and nations given over to worldly kingdoms, such as Egypt and Babylon.

      Yet there was a remnant. Not the whole. That was dear! The very apple of His eye. The true Israel — that never fell away, never hid in admission of sin & error. That remnant is with Him still out of every generation.

      So, pointedly, (considering conclusions of foolishness, so we can be blunt), since we should be blunt — iron sharpens iron — where is the discerning of wheat from tares, of the remnant from the counterfeit, the keeping of what’s good???

      Yes Our Creator made a perfect Creation. I don’t believe in continents moving. I do believe He has had a hand in the placement of all we know. That said — the enemy has tried things. I believe you’ll agree. What I’m hoping is that you can point to what you’re seeing that stands out — that makes such presentations exceptional. Certainly it’s not the messenger nor can be.

      Isn’t this the type of discourse that matters? Keeping the good. Throwing out the bad. America is a mixed bag at best. Perhaps we should identify the remnant. Or the original intent. The corrupt version is indefensible. As is earthly Israel. True Israel (the remnant) is in Heaven.

      • Nome… Regarding the statement of “not making the case of what is worthwhile in the youtube videos posted above, I would say that the case has unequivocally been made for the worthwhile notice of said characteristics. The specifics of the details revealed show to darkened minds of the masses that there is indeed a God in Heaven and his name is Jesus. It reveals to the masses of the unsaved that the God of the bible is the one who has blessed America because America’s God was the God of the bible. It demonstrates to the darkened minds of the masses that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord of the bible” (psalm 33:12-22). Further, the fingerprints that God has left on this nation demonstrates to the masses that he is all knowing and knows the future and is in control of all. It demonstrates his power and knowledge of all things and that he wants every living being that dwells upon the face of the earth to come to him that they may be forgiven for all and live in eternal peace and happiness. This is the essence of what these left behind fingerprints on our nation are demonstrating for the masses. This is what is worthwhile in these videos. All this evidence is pointing to the God of the bible, as so many need to see. God did not leave these fingerprints behind on our nation to create an unsolvable riddle. It’s pretty straight forward what the worthiness of all this is. I think God is making that quite clear here. There’s really no room for misinterpretation of what this means. All of these fingerprint details point to the God of the bible as the creator of all things. So, to answer your question concerning what it is I’m seeing that I can point to that makes it stand out and be exceptional is all in the details. Examples can be found in the material… Do you not see the profoundness of the characteristics within America’s geography relating to the tabernacle furniture and the strategic location? What about the “Ivory House”/White House parallel? What about the significance of the number 50 concerning Israel and the fact that America has fifty states? What about Israel being split between the north and the south just like America’s split was between the north and the south? What about Israel having thirteen tribes and America starting out with 13 colonies? I could go on and on and on and on… believe me, I could. 🙂

        I would also add that because there are the wheat and the tares is irrelevant to the overall point. The point being that America as a political, physical entity has been designed by the Almighty for said purposes. The people that have dwelt within this entity from it’s beginning have declared the gospel and the second coming to the ends of the earth as the Holy Spirit has moved throughout our history… not everyone of course, but whom the Lord raised up to do so.

        Your point of what is important in keeping the good and throwing out the bad is not the overall point of these peculiar characteristics pointed out in these videos. We’re talking of the shared parallels of America, good and bad, with ancient Israel. No one disputes there is good and bad in America. We’re talking of the evidence of the hand of God on our nation. Nothing more and nothing less.

        Your point of the corrupt version being indefensible is also beside the point. No one is defending the corrupt. Regardless of the corrupt, the parallel is still there that God has raised this nation up and that parallel that shows us God’s purpose for America all along is not going anywhere. It can’t be buried, it can’t be ignored and nor can it be said that it does not exist when clearly it does.

        • Corey, During the 1776 years prior to the USA, The Almighty had all well in hand. And since, to be certain.

          In Korea, China, Brazil, etc. The Almighty has all well in hand, in massive numbers, even in the underground churches. Out of every nation, tribe, tongue, and people — Our Creator and Savior has all very well in hand.

          Let’s fast forward the discussion. This world we’re in now, has certainly been part of The Creator’s perfection and design — but the new heavens and new earth replace it. Eggshells, placentas, and cocoons have their place, likewise… not places to get stuck in.

          You may recall from Daniel, that the kingdom of the north wars back and forth with the kingdom of south. Note: north vs. south. You know, I trust, that the Confederate Battle Flag has 13 stars. I believe you paralleled the white house to Ahab and Jezebel’s ivory house (of Samaria) — I’d very much agree that “Samerica” is an accurate parallel — along with any “samericans at the well, that worship they know not what.”

          I’ll have to conclude that when all is said and done, the US (in whatever variant), America, etc. have been no more blessed, exceptional, nor special — than every other nation, tribe, tongue, and people in this soon passing world.

          Our Heavenly Father brings gentle rains on the just and the unjust. Moreso, all good things throughout the world and across the ages — come from God.

          Let’s play for a moment in your court. There comes soon now 10 kings with one mind. That suggests 10 kingdoms. We might say Israel compares to Joseph. And the US to Judah. Perhaps you’d prefer they switch? Any any case, call it kingdom 11 and 12. Judah also fell in with the other 10 in selling off Joseph into slavery, short of slaying him. Prophetic parallel? Iranian nuclear treaties considered…..

          • Nome… Indeed, the Almighty had all well in hand prior to 1776. I would be willing to bet that the underground churches that exist in said nations likely exist due to a certain extent from the gospel that went forth from America… to some extent or another. You observe well that the new Heavens and the new earth shall come forth and replace the current and that the current is no place to get stuck in. However, what is the nation that has been largely responsible for declaring this coming Kingdom? As you well know, God raised up Israel to declare his first coming. He used and blessed a physical nation in order to declare and demonstrate the true God of the bible and to declare the first coming of the Messiah. Would he not raise up a nation to declare his second coming and to declare to the world the Messiah towards the end before his coming again? This is just how God works. This is how he rolls as we can see using the example of ancient Israel.

            Your point you make that America has been no more blessed than any other nation in this soon passing world is lacking in my opinion, and in all due respect. Just upon casual observation, one can plainly see that America has been blessed beyond what any nation of the past and the present has been. No other nation has had as much global influence through shear wealth and prosperity as the USA has. No other nation has had such a unique system of governance that it guaranteed the freedoms we have enjoyed throughout the many years. Surely, the world can see that America is a uniquely blessed nation and always has been. This answers why the masses and masses of people are flooding our shores from the third world and killing themselves to get here… and threatening our very survival as a result. They are not flooding to other nations like they are here. Why? Because America is a uniquely blessed nation.

            • @ China missions…

              – from britain
              – progenitor of many generations of missionaries

              Historian Ruth Tucker summarizes the theme of his life:

              No other missionary in the nineteen centuries since the Apostle Paul has had a wider vision and has carried out a more systematized plan of evangelizing a broad geographical area than Hudson Taylor.[4]

              Taylor was able to preach in several varieties of Chinese, including Mandarin, Chaozhou, and the Wu dialects of Shanghai and Ningbo. The last of these he knew well enough to help prepare a colloquial edition of the New Testament written in it.[5]

              And so as not to overload comments with more youtubes… 👲

            • Still does not hold water. Missionaries can be found of many nations throughout history. But these nations have not had the sheer influence and financing of the true gospel as America has had. It is clear that America is the nation that was designed to give the gospel the final, last big super thrust across the globe before the coming of Christ, and that obviousness can be seen with these peculiar parallels seen in America’s geography relating to the tabernacle and so on. Also, these nations do not have these same patterns that America has. It’s quite obvious to me that America is a nation that was raised up to be an end time light to the world for the gospel and for the message of the second coming. Other nations have been influential yes, but the technology that came along to get it to all four corners of the earth in quick fashion such as internet and various other means clearly happened when this nation came into being. I don’t think anyone can dispute that. It’s very clear that America is the last nation that will carry the torch home, and that is the message and purpose that God has had for this nation.

            • I would also agree that Britain had spawned many great progenitors of the gospel, and they too became very blessed. But eventually, they petered out on that front, and so God had to raise up another nation to keep the gospel going forth and then start the message of the second coming going forth in earnest because the time was quickly approaching. America holds that extinction, not Great Britain. I’m not nor was I ever saying that God has never used other nations. My point all along is that America is the nation selected to carry the torch on home for the end times. Again, you can see this in these characteristic parallels we hold with Israel that no other nation past or present shares. We are the only nation that had our founding based upon the Torah. Our government is a uniquely designed government unlike others. Sorry, but the clues and fingerprints God has left behind on our nation are just too numerous and evident. You may have an point if we’re just talking of the fact that other nations have had missionaries and left it at that. But the peculiar standing of America goes beyond that into our very fabric as a nation, into our very core. Again, our governmental rule is structured around the gospel. No other nation can claim that.

  5. Corey, I’m absolutely amazed that you got all of those videos to post in one comment box. If I try to post more than four links, I get sent to stand in the moderation corner. What is your secret?

    • Rose, apparently YouTube videos are not recognized by the “system” as a link. Technically, Corey posted one http link and well over 4 videos. I did open up the “links” from 2 to 4 then to 6 which will send the commentator into “moderation” once it hits 6 to leave “space” just in case. However, Corey managed only one http link, well below the 6.

      ha ha ha ha…

    • My secret was to do a handstand in the middle of the floor at midnight with 7 candles burning while humming. Then do a back flip in front of the computer while reciting “you shall be delivered” 7 times.

      In all seriousness, I really didn’t have a secret as it were. I just tried it and it worked. 🙂

    • @ A Robot Chicken in Every Pot
      – is a sure cure for
      – lud-dytism, troglo-dytism, and gap-itis
      – or whatever ails ya

      quoted and re-parsed:

      …nearly two-thirds of households in the lowest-income quintile own a computer, less than half have a home internet subscription. [1/5 x 1/2 =1/10]

      While many middle-class U.S. students go home to Internet access,
      – allowing them to do research, write papers, and
      – communicate digitally with their teachers and other students,

      too many lower-income children go unplugged
      – every afternoon when school ends.
      – This “homework gap” runs the risk
      – of widening the achievement gap,
      – denying hardworking students
      – the benefit of a technology-enriched education.

      President Obama is announcing ConnectHome
      – to help close this gap and provide more Americans digital opportunity.

      which should work at least as well as the VA, foreign policy, infrastructure programs…
      – those poor kidz

      • @ unintended consequences…
        – US military sees a sharp increase in young americans too obese to join
        – rising from 1/3 of the populace to 1/2 starting in 2015
        – due to extending homework time via home computers
        – with a sharp rise in “psycho war gamer attacks” on the public
        – by lone male shooters…..

  6. On blatant fetal tissue harvesting and the rationale for such…
    – openly promoted, check the date
    – re: Planned Parenthood profiting from harvesting the aborted

  7. And in possible continuing parallels between the US and Israel…
    – i.e. US vs Russia as Israel vs Iran.

    Derek Gilbert interviews Doug Woodward on
    “VFTB 259: Russia’s Nuclear Threat”


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