Asteroid Flyby, Area 51, Planet 7X, Devil’s Breath & California Burning

Asteroid Flyby, Area 51, Planet 7X, Devil’s Breath & California Burning


An asteroid worth a potential US $5.4 TRILLION is set to pass by Earth on Sunday night

“Asteroid 2011 UW158 is going to pass 30 times closer than the nearest planet on July 19 at around 10pm.  This asteroid will approach within 6.4 LD and will be one of the strongest radar targets of the year. 2011 UW158 has an absolute magnitude of 19.4.”

Live Stream Times for Red Flag, Jade Helm, Area 51 Event 7/17/15
Dahboo7 Live Streaming url

If any of these events are on YouTube, I will pull it in here for easier viewing “live”. Event should be very interesting live from Area 51.

Fire From The Sky

Planet 7X Estimating the Year of Planet 7X ReturnA Planet 7X LIVE BLOGTALK Radio Show, host BPEarthWatch with guest, Gill Broussard.

What is Coming Upon this Planet and are You Ready? http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com.
Gill Broussard’s YouTube Channel and His Website

FDA Legalizes Drug That Removes Free Will and Wipes Memories

Danger: Scopolamine: ‘The Devil’s Breath’ is such a powerful drug that it can remove the capacity for free will.

“Ryan Duffy traveled to the country to find out FDA Scopolamine Transdermal Therapeutic Systemmore about the powerful drug. In two segments, he revealed the shocking culture of another Colombian drug world, interviewing those who deal the drug and those who have fallen victim to it.

Demencia Black, a drug dealer in the capital of Bogota, said the drug is frightening for the simplicity in which it can be administered.”  More…{source:}

“Raging Wildfire” California

Pastor Paul Begley

20 cars and trucks burned up 5 homes in San Bernadine California.


Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior? Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars;

and on the earth distress of nations,

with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;

{Luke 21:25}


7 thoughts on “Asteroid Flyby, Area 51, Planet 7X, Devil’s Breath & California Burning

  1. @ scopalamine…
    – aka “pussy patches”
    – see datura s., voodoo, zombie

    I used scopalamine patches routinely for one year during my Navy days while on “arduous sea duty” at that time attached to a USNS ship that did CNO special projects, as part of a small military detachment. The low flat fantail of the ship had a funny motion when underway with no back deck cargo; causing it to fishtail back and forth sideways in addition to the up and down surging motions over waves.

    I routinely used the patches to prevent becoming seasick. We did things like plane wreck salvage, missile test observations, target towing during live fire drills, etc. I agree that the patches both dull intellect, (as in “zoned out”), and affect memory. Something like the opposite of coffee, though not a sedative, (…definitely not as dangerous as valerian root).

    That whole year is basically a blur in my memory.

  2. Thank you, Mary, for putting up the Gil Broussard youtube video. I tried to listen to him live yesterday and either my internet or the player kept cutting out (probably both). The new Blog Talk player is very frustrating at times.

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