UFO Mothership, Muslims Mandate, Sounding the Alarm & Sounding the Battle Horn


{image source: UFO SightingDaily.com}

{image source: UFO SightingDaily.com}

UFO Mothership, Muslims Mandate, Sounding the Alarm & Sounding the Battle Horn


Mothership – Massive Alien Craft

“This object has structure and for NASA to dismiss it as nothing is an insult to people’s intelligence. If they post data then they must expect ufohunters to find anomalies and share them.”

Link – http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov//data/…

Muslims  in eastern Jerusalem are mandated to kill all the Christians

Muslims Issue a Bulletin Massacre all of the Christians in Jerusalem by end of RamadanIn Jerusalem flyers were spread through out the old city claiming to be ISIS.

The bulletin which had the ISIS logo demanded that all Christian Arabs must leave eastern Jerusalem by the end of Ramadan accused of being “Israeli collaborators”. ISIS also demanded that in the case the Christians refuse to leave that Muslims  in eastern Jerusalem are mandated to kill all the Christians living there.” More… {source:  shobat.com}

Sounding the Alarm:

Following is a powerful interview with Pastors Jim Bakker, John Kilpatrick, and John Shorey. Critical topics are not going to make anyone comfortable but rather its the sounding of the alarm.

Note:  Volcanoes, earthquakes, pestilence are all signs of “the earth is puking” because of the worldwide intensive sin that has been and continues to build–a sign against God.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn 2015 Brings Battle Horn to Washington D C


Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior? Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.




if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.’

{Ezequiel 33:6}


18 thoughts on “UFO Mothership, Muslims Mandate, Sounding the Alarm & Sounding the Battle Horn

  1. The world is turning against Israel.

    “Obama, the United Nations, and the Vatican are all planning on forcing Israel to agree to their terms sometime this year, or else go to war. There are two critical treaties that are being tabled for Israel at this very moment. Obama has one and the United Nation has one as well, which both fit perfectly together. Once you hear the link between these two treaties, you’ll be floored by where we are really headed. We could be looking at the reason the blood moons have arrived!”

    • “There are currently 271 vaccines in the development pipeline,” The Daily Sheeple

  2. And in case anyone should wonder at all these signs and if there is something to all of this “end time prophecy stuff”, I will offer up some pretty powerful evidence that the bible is not only of supernatural origin, but incredibly is layed out with a supernatural structure and design… for the analytically minded who would like some evidence to help their belief.

    The videos are from my newly created youtube channel. These videos are not available anywhere else on any other youtube channel as far as I can tell. These videos go way back to the early 90s. I have uploaded them from my collection of old “Prophecy In The News” DVDs. They are a treasure trove of information. I’m not sure you could get them from the ministry anymore.


    Divine DESIGNS OF THE BIBLE (part 2)



    I’ve had some fun creating my own youtube channel, which I’m sure I’ll be tweaking up a bit in the coming days, and also look for more unavailable videos from my DVD collection that are quite timeless that do not get talked about much. I am considering recording some of my own insights and posting them on my channel… we’ll see.

  3. Congrats Corey! Or should I say Mr. Darkness Descends? 👳🏿

    I think fishing with worms and other creepy crawlers is a great approach! 🐛🐍🐸🎓🗽 🗿 🎣

    Fish on the other side of the boat bro! You’ll get much interest.

    Look at the trend…
    – cosmology: dark matter, dark energy, dark flow, black holes
    – politics: black is white house, black lives matter, the black president racists dread
    – supernatural: black awakening, bottomless pit opening, sun darkened, black flame

    Similar of course to: mysteryoftheiniquity, shatterthedarkness, marzulli’s blog

    • Thanks Nome. I was kinda surprised at how easy it was to create your own channel. Takes a little patience with the uploading… Lord have mercy!!… I almost decided to stand in the street and protest Youtube for Pete’s sake!

      But I guess my overall “darkness” theme is in response to the “Jesus Saves” theme I see parading in the streets sometimes. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen people standing on the sidewalks of downtown Denver on the sixteenth street mall holding up “Jesus Saves” signs. My first reaction internally to that is … “from what”? The average Joe six pack on lost street doesn’t know what that means, if he ever had any inclination at all of ever asking a sincere question of the bible and the afterlife, and deliverance from the approaching darkness. Of course, I as a Christian know “from what”, but what does that mean for Joey six pack who doesn’t have a clue. It just seems outdated in relation to what is going on now these days. I probably shouldn’t say all that because perhaps God does use the “Jesus Saves” thing as well… what do I know? Personally if it were me, I would add on the words “from the approaching darkness” to that sign.

      I prefer any Youtube Channel or any blog that I may start to have a dark theme about it because those are the times that people are noticing the world spiraling into these days.

      The saying goes “we’re not in Kansas anymore”, but I say “Kansas is about to blow up and turn into one giant demon infested horror show.”

      I think I would want someone to warn me, wouldn’t you? There are indeed many hungry fish on that side of the boat (perhaps) wondering where that worm is. Not sure if a “Jesus Saves” sign will be the lure.

  4. @ Marzulli on abortion


    There has now been over 1 BILLION abortions performed globally. Think about that number. It’s hard to imagine isn’t it? Do these aborted babies have souls? Did they scream in their mothers wombs—see the movie Silent Scream—as they were killed there?

    La makes a great point about their souls. I think we have to consider that the numbers of deaths in the Trumpet & Vial judgments may count the unborn that have been exterminated.

    Certainly we should forgive murders and any sin. The point though is that we should also recognize that sin is sin — like plague is plague. Sin is not doing God’s will — not doing things The Creator’s way. Sin ultimately results in death. There’s only one cure — Christ (Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua Messiah). The discussion should always be about exposing sin, not blaming sinners.

    I don’t date things…
    – so discount the years
    – but this is interesting

    Ya gotta ask — what brings God’s judgment? “How long, O Lord, Holy and True, before you avenge us?” (see opening of Seal 5)

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