Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle & Ghost Ship: the Mary Celeste

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle &

Ghost Ship: the Mary Celeste




What is going on at the Bermuda Triangle. There have been a number of alarming disappearances and very strange phenomena happening over the many years in this area of the world. This documentary takes a look at these bizarre happening including a bizarre encounter a control tower had with a plane that seemed to be in a parallel universe in a different time.



The Ghost Ship:  Marie Celeste

Mary Celeste Amazon 1861 painting aka Marie CelesteIf you’re searching for a mystery to solve, then the legend of the disappearing Ghost Ship, the Marie Celeste would be one to definitely check out.

This is one of those mysteries that defies the imagination which is why I believe writers take to it because as seen through the eyes of a “ghost”, it leaves the reader in perpetual state of  “What?” or “Gee!” and wanting a more readily acceptable ending.

The Marie Celeste fallacy definitely fits the still ongoing deep seas mysteries, aided by the Bermuda Triangle possibility.

Fallacy?  Yep and I fell for it.  No, the Marie Celeste vessel is real but not the “disappeared off the face of the earth” portion.

When I first read about it I was doing basic research into the archives for giants and I tripped into the mystic of the Marie Celeste.

Setting my own sights into this phenomena for a future article, I placed it in my pending folder for more information as I generally do.  I had collected countless pieces of information, including one where the wife is seen wandering around a harbor with a strange look on her face years after the disappearance still wearing the dress she was last seen in in 1873, attesting to time lost–then she disappears:

Marie Celeste Strangest of Modern MysteriesCheck out this clipping to the left:

“The fate of the Marie Celeste is perhaps the strangest of all deep-sea mysteries.  Sailors, novelists, even psychologists, have sought for years to solve it.  The affair has passed into nautical history.  Fanciful writers have added melodramatic or weird touches to the original account, until, as this late day is is impossible to be certain of each detail’s truth.

The brig Marie Celeste sailed from New York harbor on November 7, 1873, bound for Genoa, and carrying a cargo of petroleum and alcohol.  She had a crew of ten men and officers (mostly German), and was captained by B. S. Briggs, who took on the voyage his young wife and their two year-old child.  The Marie Celeste passed the island of St. Mary’s in the Azores on November 24.  So much is known from the entries in her log.  The rest is mystery.”  More…Marie Celeste Ship Mystery pdf

Or better yet, try this intriguing September 18, 1910, article in the NY Times:

The Mystery of the Marie Celeste: A Solution Offered Nearly Forty Years After the Ship was Found Crewless Under Full Sail.

Marie Celeste Mystery of the Marie Celeste NY Times Image 1910“Among all of the tales if the sea in fact or fiction, the mystery of the Marie Celeste remains unique.  The main facts of the case, often repeated have been speculated upon for forty years without reaching a solution.”

This article validates the Wikipedia resource who states that the Marie Celeste was deliberately loaded with shoddy merchandise, billed at exaggerated prices, and deliberately run ashore and wrecked in the Caribbean Sea in order to collect the insurance.  More…

I probably would still be collecting more bits of information had I not seen the video on the Encounters with the Unexplained, the Bermuda Triangle and here they bring up the mysterious disappearance of the Marie Celeste.

Despite some people’s objections or questions regarding, I like to read their information and oftentimes refer to them in my posts as a resource tool.

Here is what Wikipedia posted–knocking the winds out of my sails:

“The Bermuda Triangle has been invoked, even though Mary Celeste was abandoned in a completely different part of the Atlantic. Similar fantasies have considered theories of abduction by aliens in flying saucers.

The Mary Celeste left Genoa on June 26, 1873, and finally arrived in New York on September 19. The Gibraltar hearings, with newspaper stories of bloodshed and murder, had made her an unpopular ship; Hastings records that she “rotted on wharves where nobody wanted her”. In February 1874, the consortium sold the ship, at a considerable loss, to a partnership of New York businessmen.

Gonâve Island, in the Gulf of Gonâve, Haiti. The Rochelois Bank is faintly discernible in the southerly channel between the island and the mainland.”

“Under this new ownership, Mary Celeste sailed mainly in the West Indian and Indian Ocean routes, regularly losing money. Details of her movements occasionally appeared in the shipping news; in February 1879, she was reported at the island of St. Helena, where she had called to seek medical assistance for her captain, Edgar Tuthill, who had fallen ill. Tuthill died on the island, encouraging the idea that the ship was cursed—he was her third captain to die prematurely. In February 1880, the owners sold the Mary Celeste to a partnership of Bostonians headed by Wesley Gove. A new captain, Thomas L. Fleming, remained in the post until August 1884, when he was replaced by Gilman C. Parker. During these years, the ship’s port of registration changed several times, before reverting to Boston. There are no details of the ship’s commercial activities during this period, although Brian Hicks, in his study of the affair, asserts that Gove tried hard to make a success of her.

In November 1884, Parker conspired with a group of Boston shippers, who filled Mary Celeste with a largely worthless cargo, misrepresented on the ship’s manifest as valuable goods and insured for $30,000. On December 16, Parker set out for Port-au-Prince, the capital and chief port of Haiti. On January 3, 1885, Mary Celeste approached the port via the channel between Gonâve Island and the mainland, in which lay a large and well-charted coral reef, the Rochelois Bank. Parker deliberately ran the ship on to this reef, ripping out her bottom and wrecking her beyond repair. He and the crew then rowed themselves ashore, where Parker sold the salvageable cargo for $500 to the American consul, and instituted insurance claims for the alleged value.”  {source:}

All is not lost on the theory of disappearing vessels in the Bermuda Triangle.  Wikipedia goes on to state:

“Mary Celeste was not the first reported case of a ship being found strangely deserted on the high seas. Rupert Gould, a naval officer and investigator of maritime mysteries, lists several such occurrences between 1840 and 1855. Whatever the truth of these stories, it is the Mary Celeste that is remembered; the ship’s name, or Doyle’s version of it, has become fixed in people’s minds as synonymous with inexplicable desertion. In October 1955, the MV Joyita, a 70-ton motor vessel, disappeared in the South Pacific while traveling between Samoa and Tokelau, with 25 people on board. The vessel was found a month later, deserted and drifting north of Vanua Levu, 600 miles (970 km) from its route. None of those aboard was seen again, and a commission of inquiry failed to establish an explanation. David Wright, the affair’s principal historian has described the case as “a classic marine mystery of Mary Celeste proportions”. {source:}

The Marie (Mary) Celeste mystery solved.  After all, I did set sail to solve it and I did.  Case closed.


Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



10 thoughts on “Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle & Ghost Ship: the Mary Celeste

  1. That video and website looks vaguely familiar…. 🙂
    There are some clues or scriptures in the bible that seem to indicate that there are entrances to Hell located under the sea, found in the book of Job if I’m not mistaken. The Bermuda Triangle is suspected by some to be one of perhaps 12 locations around the world for this most dreadful entrance. In one of the four video segments below, Perry Stone expounds a little bit about these locations under the sea found in the book of Job and speculates that this may be what is happening with the Bermuda Triangle. There is some kind of vortex or supernatural entrance to a parallel reality that seems to be effecting objects in the physical realm. Perhaps the mystery of the Mary Celeste can be attributed to this.





    • @ Corey: Wow oh Wow! Great teaching by Pastor Perry Stone! He is truly gifted not only in his research, which is clearly evident, but in the knowledge of the Word of the Lord!

      As a former Catholic, I can now understand how “purgatory” came to be including other “man made practices and teachings” not in the Holy Bible or scriptures.

      Perry’s all inclusive information is, indeed, clear and concise. One just has to listen and learn, repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior–our eternal lives depend on it.

      Heaven or Hell–you chose.

      • Indeed Mary. This ultimately leads to the very controversial issue of eternal security given that salvation can’t be bought (Catholicism’s teaching of paying a soul out of the fictional purgatory) or worked for. The mother-child cult was practiced in ancient Israel among the Israelites by “baking cakes to the {queen of Heaven}.” God himself directly addresses this idolatry by the Israelites through the prophet Jeremiah. The mother- child cult had infected Israel and God wanted it to be out and addressed it very directly by referring to their practice of “baking cakes to the queen of Heaven.” Ultimately, this leads directly to Revelation 18 and the destruction of Mystery Babylon which is underpinned by this global false mother-child cult headquartered in Rome.

      • Correction: I meant to say that what will be in the future has already been revealed in the past. The mother-child cult that had infected Israel has survived and grown like a cancer on up through to the present day. It has and will underpin that Great city (New World Order) and ultimately meet it’s end in Revelation 18. God will destroy the mother-child cult once and for all. The past sin of Israel actually reveals what Mystery Babylon the Great really is.

      • Stone believes with good reason that apostate “Christianity” will be united in the near future during the tribulation period through a false miracle such as a “Mary” sighting. There is one common and very powerful and uniting factor that both Islam and Catholocism have in common that could unite the two religions. Care to take a guess as to what that is? You got it… they both highly venerate Mary. The video by Perry expounding on this is located on my Youtube channel. It’s called “The Apparitions of Mary.”

  2. Pro-Sanity Stickers for Text Books … sticker-found-biology-textbook-public-school

    Elective Abortion is eternally Soul Damning Murder…
    – but even sin of murderer can be forgiven by way of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah)

  3. I think you should take note that the ship found deserted and adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1873 was the “Mary Celeste”, not “Marie Celeste”. The latter name occurs in a short story by the British writer Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle’s story is a fictional explanation of the fate of the real “Mary Celeste”, but he altered the spelling of the ship’s name, probably accidentally. As you have demonstrated, very many people now believe that “Marie Celeste” was the ship’s true name.

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