Macedonian Migrants, Iraqi Anti-Corruption Protests, Surrounding Shady John McCain, Defrauding U.S. Energy Resources & BeforeItsNews

Macedonian Migrants,

Iraqi Anti-Corruption Protests,

Surrounding Shady John McCain, 

Defrauding U.S. Energy Resources

& BeforeItsNews


Hundreds of migrants enter FYR Macedonia after earlier border clashes

“Hundreds of migrants, including Syrian refugees, entered the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from Greece on Friday.”

Anti-corruption protests in Iraq

“Thousands in Baghdad and the southern city of Basra gather to protest against what they call widespread corruption in the government.”

Veterans Will March & Surround John McCain’s Office On September 5th

Santilli is calling out to all peaceful veterans and patriots to travel to Phoenix, AZ, by September 5, 2015, to ultimately call out AZ Senator John McCain, in mass protest against McCain’s polices against the abandoned, neglected and suicidal (22 per day) American Veteran.  Santilli is actively supporting enforcement under citizen’s protests and if, necessary, arrest McCain (citizen’s arrest).  He is declaring he has more than sufficient evidence to support the allegations with explosive evidence supplied by whistleblowers from the Veterans Administration exposing the deliberate cronyism, supporting ISIS, etc.

According to the 2015 GAO High Risk Report for “vulnerabilities to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement, or are most in need of transformation” the VA is #1.  (source:}

It’s About Defrauding U.S. Energy Resources

The dots are now connecting folks:  Dave Hodge’s article dated Friday, August 21, 2015, is a must read to get a perspective of the why because it will affect the how and when events take place in the U.S.

Dave Hodges from the CommonSense Show prepared an analysis report titled “The Chinese Plan to Occupy America,” in part stating:

“Far beneath the ground, the federal government and its bankster puppeteers, own the rights to mineral and energy leases, from which they receive royalties, rents, and bonus payments, states the Institute for Energy Research, an industry group. According to their estimates, government states that the assets are worth $128 trillion. That’s almost eight times the national debt.

“These resources could be leased to third parties and could subsequently earn the state and national government huge royalties, rents, and bonus payments that estimates could total almost $150 billion over 10 years, just for the oil and gas leases alone”. Then why isn’t this being done? Simple, ask yourself who would lose money if this were to come to fruition? These vast resources have been promised to the Chinese and they are moving to take possession. Already, the Chinese, have been and are in Hawaii to take possession of what gold America has left. Speculation abounds that this is why Obama is now living in Hawaii and he is personally supervising the transfer and to arrange for the transfer of mineral wealth.”

Included in the article was a partial listing of  land and energy resources, which coincidentally includes the Jade Helm 15 states layout plan for military drills? The area covers Pinon Valley in Colorado where the UN troops were converging in mass for the Jade Helm 15 drills:

American Energy Domain {source: Dave Hodges CommonSense}

American Energy Domain {source: Dave Hodges CommonSense}

The mineral and land grab resources includes the impact of the indigenous Native American Navajo Nation(s), the Piute their habitat, water, and cultural loss and perhaps others, which is why I now understand they are “protesting” against the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

Is it a coincidence that just recently EPA “spilled” toxic material into the Animas River in Colorado causing massive land, water and eco system devastation?

Please review the 86 page pdf report prepared by the BLM outlining their goals for “Solar Energy Zones”.

Senator John McCain Chased off the Navajo Nation

BeforeIt’sNews with SeashoreMary

Just to let everyone know, I am expanding my posts (and audience) and if you are a viewer with BeforeIt’, I am now a publishing “newbie”:

Before It's News with SeashoreMary

Swing by and read my ongoing comments for fresh cutting and on going developing global news with an eye on bible prophecy.


Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}





39 thoughts on “Macedonian Migrants, Iraqi Anti-Corruption Protests, Surrounding Shady John McCain, Defrauding U.S. Energy Resources & BeforeItsNews

    • Turns out, Germany also has Abortion Ghouls…
      – translated

      Book Launch: Business abortion (Alexandra M. Linder)

      It is also in Germany no problem to get aborted children. Under the pretext of research we have tried it myself and received by a Profiabtreiber [the remains of] seven children in one day.

      • Schau, DDR, Pille – abtreibende und Pille nehmende Mädchen, sie waten sehr häufig depressiv und suchten Alkohol bedingt Männer und auch Frauen! Die Kinderzahl wurde kurzzeitig angehoben, wegen der Aussicht auf dauerhaft Rente durch Bürgschaften des Staatsratsvorsitz und seiner Komminen-Bürgermeister, wie auch der Abnahme der Kinder in den Kindergärten! So kam man dann über deren Hetze auf Eltern und Freunde an die Systemkritiker! Jugend wurde in Heimen mit meist verderbten Lehrern zur Mittäterschaft im MfS erzogen und bekamen auch Stellung bis in die Flugsicherung und auch beim Honecker, um Erich zu berichten! Halle Beustradt hat ja noch Anlagen aus dem MfS!
        Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!

        • Google translation to English:

          “Look, DDR, pill – and abortifacient pill participating girls, they very often wade depressed and were alcohol related men and women! The number of children was raised briefly, because of the prospect of permanent retirement by guarantees of State Council and its Komminen-mayor, as well as the decrease of children in kindergartens! So it came about their incitement to parents and friends to the critics of the system! Youth has been in homes with mostly Corrupted educated teachers for complicity in the Stasi and also got up position in the air traffic control and also when Honecker to report Erich! Halle Beustradt still has installations from the Stasi! Fortunately, on my home!”

  1. @ abandoned, neglected, suicidal american veteran
    – abandoned by their own families and neighbors
    – the cost of repeated extended deployments
    – grown apart, becoming non-dependent
    – families and community kept going
    – then realization of being played
    – a cheaply paid mercenary
    – used by the globals
    – in political games
    – expendable

    With a mind controlled — expiration date — to self destruct

    • At the point one realizes…
      – nations are but beasts
      – devouring one another
      – in passing generations

      A jewel begins to shine…
      – The Kingdom of Heaven
      – not of mere time-space
      – but of righteousness +
      – peace and joy of spirit

      In The Holy Ghost…
      – by way of Yeshua
      – Jesus Christ=Messiah
      – Sovereign Lord
      – Son of God & Heir
      – Soon Coming King

      The Amen! Hallelu-Yah !!

      Why then do so called “Christians” reject Christ’s reign, to serve many masters, and fail to grasp — His transcendent enduring reality — that shall not end ?!!!

      How much more will our Heavenly Father give the Holy Ghost to those that ask?

      If you ask for the stone kingdom, built on The Rock, the Cornerstone rejected, made Capstone and raised higher than any other (to the highest dimensions) — will your only true Father give you slippery fish (slimy mud bricks) instead? Why build on sand?

    • Nome: Not only did you create a slanted pyramid “pattern”, you my friend have created a “poem”! So we can add to your resume that you not only excel in technology but are a Poet.


        • Yep! I was sitting here staring and admiring your pyramid shape but when I took a closer look (aka: Holy Spirit type), then it “hit” me–it’s poetry in motion!

          I knew instantly that you didn’t know what or probably why you would write in the stanza type format. I had to learn about it myself when the Lord “inspired” me to try writing poetry,–it’s divinely inspired because this is another way of “telling the story” making it mysterious and intriguing.

          I’m too excited for you. This is how it works–when we support someone else with either ideas or encouragement, we admire the other person’s work–God will reciprocate it. It’s a “you reap what you sow” principle. That’s how I got started on poetry (which I will get back into soon), because I had a friend who wrote poetry and I encouraged her in it…next thing I knew I was doing it!

          It’s God my friend! HALLELUJAH!!!



  2. Congrats, Mary! I think it’s a great idea for you to publish on BIN. I’ll look for your posts.

  3. So that was a very uplifting piece of news this morning… our puppet “rulers” in Washington D.C. under the direction of the Satan worshipping globalist Illuminati (who themselves are controlled by demon reptilian Nephilim) are handing us over to Communist China for payment of our so-called “debt” to them by giving them our vast underground wealth and infrastructure, which debt was unnecessary to put the nation in to begin with since we already have so much wealth that we ourselves could have taken over China and anything else we wanted. So this being the case, any logically thinking, rational human being then has no choice but to come to one unavoidable and undeniable conclusion… there is a bigger plan and intention going on here than just the covert intention of giving America to China for our so-called “debt.” There is a bigger and even more sinister plan that goes deeper than what we read about in the Hodges article. This likely ties in with the intentional enthronement of the Antichrist and the globalists using China (whom they control) as the spearhead of the New World Order. This is the likely reason that these globalists have used America to build up China because they ultimately want to use Commie China for their evil purposes. This puts an interesting few scenarios in play here. According to Joel Skousen, the globalists want China and Russia to attack America, which is the reason America has been building them up militarily and otherwise. This is when the globalists allow said nations to attack America militarily in order to create the excuse needed to go to war with these nations and thus implement world government officially. The population of America will be begging for it (which is what the globalists want). This is when the globalists unleash America’s secret weaponry to successfully execute and win a war against said nations whom they already control. Sounds pretty elaborate and conspiracy entrenched I know, but it’s the only explanation to the seemingly nonsensical madness.


    This is where it would help to have a certain understanding of God’s true purpose for America for an understanding of where we as Christians will fit into this and the possible timing of our departure from earth when all of this begins to happen. Under Communist rule (which itself is an invented tool and ideology for the use of the globalist Illuminati for there own ends) there will be no more teaching and spreading of the gospel message to the ends of the earth during the age of grace, or what is commonly referred to as the church age. When America is handed over to China by the globalists, the free and clear teaching and spreading forth of the gospel comes to a screeching halt, and this is when the church age ends and we leave this place via the rapture and the tribulation begins. There will be no more reason for God to keep things going the way it is (referring to us the church) still being here. Folks… America’s true purpose can easily be seen (see video below for info on this). This is why when we see God giving over the end time vineyard to China, we’ll know that our departure is near at hand. When the vineyard is no longer spreading forth the message of the vineyard owner, it’s over. And guess what… there’s not coming another vineyard. After America, there’s no more frerdom to do so. An argument for China’s underground Christians taking up that mantle doesn’t jibe. There’s no freedom there to do so.

    This whole thing of America being given to China is more spiritually significant prophetically than what we may realize… and it all has to do with God’s true purpose for America as the end time vineyard spoken of in scripture that was “temporarily” taken from Israel and given to the church, which has been working and doing the heavy lifting from a specific location… The United States of America, the end time vineyard. This whole thing is rich with spiritual revelation.



    • I’m showing a “webpage unavailable” message on my cell phone where I posted the above two videos “The Mystery of the Fullness of Time”, from, so if you are seeing the same thing and want to see the vids, just go to the dailymotion channel and watch while I pleasurably stomp my aggrevating cell phone into the ground into millions of pieces.

    • Looks like they did post after all, but I accidently posted part 2 twice. I’m just now learning how to copy and paste using my cell phone with the whole android clipboard thing. I’ll give it another wurl…

      PART 1

    • The initial reports were that this was “near” U.S. military base in Japan. Now, it appears this explosion took place inside the base: “Explosion site: US military’s Sagami General Depot is 197 hectare facility officially containing goods storage warehouses and repair shops.”

      This is U.S. territory. Basically, this means the U.S., it’s terrorism or the beginning of a formal attack on U.S. soil!

      (translation to English) Explosion in Sagamihara US military base supply depot! Terrorism Chantero chan 3148 viewsPublished on Aug 23, 2015NHK, at the news. Loading …

      • Could be we’re seeing the advent of surgically targeted space based energy weapons.

        On the arc between…
        – SDI ala Prezi Ray-Gun
        – Russ D. “planetary defense against messiah”
        – Gonz’ “Break away Secret Space” spooks
        – and Rev. 13:13

        An further escalation of the “frog boilin'” or “war without end,” aka WW3

        Too cool things off a bit…
        – re: NORKs vs. SOUKs
        – re: China Inc. vs. China Taxed
        – re: Contrived Dilemmas for Election Lies / Promises


    JOEL C. ROSENBERG: Well, it’s very interesting, Leland, because you’ve got a situation in which a former Israeli Defense Minister, in my view, shouldn’t have been talking about this at all, to his biographer now, or later. I mean, this is a very, very sensitive issue. But by Barak’s own admission, he was supportive of these attacks, but the Cabinet didn’t feel that the time was right. What this shows is how serious both Netanyahu and Barak and most of the Cabinet — but not all — believe this issue is.

    Remember, we’re dealing in Iran not with a moderate regime that is trying to find its way into the international community. We’re dealing with an apocalyptic, genocidal death cult. This is a group of leaders led by Ayatollah Khamenei who believe the End of Days has come, and that their messiah — the “Mahdi” or the “Twelfth Imam” — is coming to reign over the world at any moment, and that they need nuclear weapons to destroy not just one country, Israel, which they call “the Little Satan,” but also the United States, which they call “the Great Satan.” So the threat to Israel and the United States is enormous.

  5. Explosions UPDATE:
    No injuries of death from the 200 personnel stationed at the base. Military personnel were fighting to put out the blaze. However, regarding the contents of said warehouse…

    Per Reuters:

    “A U.S. Army spokesman said the building did not in fact store any hazardous material.

    “The building that exploded was not a hazardous material storage facility. We are in the process of determining the contents of the building. The depot does not store ammunition or radiological materials,” Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Toner told Reuters in an email.”

    The magnitude of the multiple explosions speaks of a “high energy weapon,” … I agree with Nome… just saying…

    • Oh boy… from here on out it’s strike and counterstrike, tit for tat from massively destructive weapons. But of course, as we saw with the “smelly” video you posted yesterday, it’s likely all planned with both sides at the behest of the globalists who control both sides. The last I read, those “twin towers” called “the Phoenix Towers” are or will be going up in China soon. Some are aware of the occult aspect of the Phoenix bird. This alone causes me to quickly come to the conclusion that I do in saying that all these major nations are controlled by the same elite globalists that control America. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that these “attacks” come with alot of suspicion given the evidence of such. Question everything. Of course, the phoenix towers are not the sole thing to come to said conclusion. I’ve seen better documentation/evidence to come to that conclusion… especially after reading that website you posted a few blogs back titled It was very revealing. But the phoenix towers seem to just add more fuel to that burning fire of evidence.

    • Oh man Nome… you shouldn’t have. Now that song is going to be going through my head for the next 3 months. I had that very song stuck in my head not so long ago and it just would not leave. Drove me nuts. And I always thought that it was an o.k. song, but even your favorite song can make you chew nails when it gets stuck there for days on end… 🙂 Good article though.

      • @ Corey:I have a remedy for when things get stuck in a loop inside our heads. His name is Jesus Christ. I know because I generally don’t get things stuck in my head *looping…but I learned to recognize it as a form of harassment. So when it starts to happen to me, I pray. “Father in the name of Jesus Christ–I’m being harassed–stop the looping that is bugging me quickly!” It stops. I guarantee results but you have to recognize it and act on it. Try it, you’ll like it!

        • 🙂 Maybe I should say just certain songs… like the ones you don’t like but attach to you like fungus. The favorites aren’t so bad. But I hear what you’re saying. The next time it happens I’ll give your advice the big whirl.

      • Could be worse…
        – you could get stuck
        – checkin’ out memes

        “Pull out Luke…”

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