Simpson’s 2000 Trump Episode, Israeli Soldier, Houston Capital Murder, Pope Francis Blesses Children’s LGBT Author & UFO Abductee

Simpson’s 2000 Trump Episode,

Israeli Soldier, Houston Capital Murder,

Pope Francis Blesses Children’s LGBT Author,

& UFO abductee


From “a series of eerie Simpsons predictions,” (or pre-casting for the globalist agenda 2030) to war torn Israel, from capital murder charges for the Houston deputy shooting, to the Pope blessing an Italian LGBT children’s author, and to a monument honoring a UFO abductee (a close encounter of the 4th kind)–it’s been a busy Saturday.

Simpsons Episode from 2000 Predicts TRUMP Becomes President and More

“Donald Trump’s bid for the White House and ascendancy in the polls has surprised many – but The Simpsons called it 15 years ago.  The cartoon foretold a Trump presidency in a surreal episode where Bart is given a window into the future – and found a country brought to its knees by financial mismanagement and a crime wave ushered in by The Donald.  In Bart to the Future, first aired in March 2000, a fortune teller gave Bart a glimpse of 2030 – just weeks after Trump vacated the White House.”  More…{source:}

Palestinian women and children force Israeli soldier to release boy

“In a disturbing video that has gone viral online, an Israeli soldier is seen pursuing a young Palestinian boy and pinning him to the ground amid clashes in the West Bank.”

Man faces capital murder charge in killing of Houston deputy

“Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday arrested a 30-year-old Houston Deputy Shooting 8 29 2015man who will be charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting death of a deputy at a suburban Houston gas station, a killing the sheriff tied to anger against police.

Shannon Miles was picked up for questioning early on Saturday following the Friday night shooting, which was captured on surveillance video, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman told reporters. He noted that Miles is black and has a history of prior arrests for trespassing and resisting arrest.

Earlier on Saturday, Hickman had linked the shooting of deputy Darren Goforth, who was white, to anti-police rhetoric across the country in the wake of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white officers.”  More…{source:}

Pope Francis Blesses Italian Lesbian Author

Pope Francis Children's LGBT Author“Italian children’s book author Francesca Pardi has received blessings from the Pope after her works have been controversially banned by the new mayor of Venice.

In his latest gesture that seems to suggest a more pragmatic stance on the LGBT issue of the Catholic church, Pope Francis has extended his blessing and appreciation to Francesca Pardi, a lesbian author of children’s books whose works have been banned by the mayor of Venice.

The Italian author has made waves with her book, “Piccolo Uovo,” which means “Little Egg” and tells the story of an egg who is faced with the decision of which type of parents to choose – a pair of gay penguins, lesbian rabbits, a single parent hippo, a mixed-race dog couple, and a pair of kangaroos who’ve adopted polar bear cubs. Eventually, the egg realizes that all of the parents are equally great” … More … {source:}

Massachusetts UFO abductee honored with monument

“SHEFFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – The man behind the discovery of an UFO encounter is being honored with a monument.

The commemorative monument is dedicated to the official induction of our nation’s first off-world UFO incident.

The monument was installed and funded by a coalition of witnesses present on that fateful night in 1969.

Thomas Reed was one of those witnesses. Reed says he was his family’s station wagon adjacent to the Old Sheffield Covered Bridge in Sheffield, Massachusetts.”  More…{source:}

Comment:  re: the Monument to the “official UFO abductee in our nation,” Betty and Barney Hill were the first official abductees.  But if the government acknowledges them, then they would have to admit UFOs existed during 1961.


Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



35 thoughts on “Simpson’s 2000 Trump Episode, Israeli Soldier, Houston Capital Murder, Pope Francis Blesses Children’s LGBT Author & UFO Abductee


    An interesting Trump Presidency prediction above. I’m not buying it though. I think Trump is going to split the “vote”,,, (as if we really have one, but that’s the big lie they feed us) and it will go to Hillary Clinton. As you can see from the video above, it looks and sounds like America will indeed have another President and Obama may not be the last one as has been speculated. It would make perfect sense to me given that uncanny parallel that America shares with ancient Israel. Although the Rabbi’s prophecy above of Israel getting attacked is interesting given the fact that his predictions have come true, I couldn’t help but notice that he mentioned “the next president of the United States” will have to reverse the deal that Obama just shoved down Israel’s throat causing the attack. This fits right in with America’s ongoing ancient Israel pattern. Further, it fits right in with the prophecy that was given about America’s end and it’s “sinking under the influence of a certain women” in it’s final days. We all know Hillary is running for president. Just my opinion of what is likely to happen. I would put my money on the bible and would sooner believe these unfailing patterns that America shares with ancient Israel. But then again, perhaps the pattern won’t be given a chance to play out or we’ll be gone when this particular pattern plays out. Who knows. I find it very interesting and perhaps clue ridden just having a name like “Trump” running for the presidency. It’s almost like the globalists are saying … “Gotcha America, he is our Trump card to bring America down, he’ll “split the vote” and the election goes to Hillary, then America sinks under her influence”…. TRUMP! TRUMP! I could be way off on my guess here, but I think it’s probably more than a guess given the pattern though.

    I’ve posted this before but will again for those who haven’t seen it.


    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

    If you’ve never heard of this pattern America shares with ancient Israel before, it’s quite peculiar indeed. I’ll put this below for those who haven’t seen and wish to…


    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

      • And some of your comments are getting old. Skip past them if you don’t like them… it’s just that simple. Ever heard of “new visitors”? Some may be interested in seeing this given that the information is so relevant to the specific prophetic times we’re in. Hate to break it to ya Nome, but I’m sure Mary’s site gets new visitors all the time and not just Corey, Nome and Rose… Kapeesh?

        • If for new visitors… then what of old visitors. I’ve given you a suggestion which you reject, for whatever reason, that’s your business, and I’m ok with that. And I’m very glad that you post videos I can adblock (dailymotion), so that the site loads quicker.

          My friend, listen, have mercy on those with small devices like cell phones. Posting 8 vids at time does slow down things. This is not criticism.

          • A pertinent piece of information for the new viewer that not only directly correlates with the interesting Simpson cartoon on today’s post, but also can show the unwarned of what’s coming as per the above mentioned Ezekiel 33:6 should not be withheld for any reason whatsoever … especially for the “inconvience of load time” for the already spiritually safe and secure Christian.

            • Yes Corey, I understand your rationale. And that you’re likely to repeat such things frequently. No worries on my part. Just sayin, you may want to check what you’re doing on an android.

              Adblock works fine for me to reduce load delays. Very easy to block pics and dailymotion. Vimeos and youtubes take a bit more work with the filter wildcards, as do slide shows.

  2. I would also just add that according to the minister who had this vision of America sinking under the puppetry … I mean … influence of this woman, he also saw these horrendous explosions break out all across America leaving the country in ruins and devastation as the gobalists swing America’s door wide open to our enemies and they attack… and it happens under this “woman’s influence” according to the vision. The minister who gave this vision has a good track record from what I understand. So if Hillary gets in, look out. This next election is gonna be something interesting if she indeed makes it in. Likely, we’re looking at this whole pattern and vision play out.

  3. @ Fantasy Elections…
    – (like fantasy leagues for ball games)
    – Trump Schwarzenegger 2016
    – vs. Hill Billy 2016 (aka The Clintoons)
    – for prez & veep

    It’s Fate…
    – The Demolition Man Prophecy
    – What plot twist can put Arnold in as Chief
    – except he first run as veep

    At one point Sandra Bullock references the “Schwarzenegger Presidential Library.” This blows the noble savage’s mind, so she explains:

    Lenina Huxley [“Bullox”]: Yes! Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment which states…
    John Spartan [“Stallion”]: I don’t wanna know… (incredulously) President…

    Proverbs 10:23-24
    Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool…
    – And so is wisdom to a man of understanding.

    What the wicked fears will come upon him…
    – But the desire of the righteous will be granted.

  4. @ magic 8 ball prophecies…
    – media as “The false prophet”
    – more precisely “entertainment”
    – “there shall be mockers in the last days”
    – that use power & politics for pleasure

    @ compare Doom & Gloom…
    – Y2K, 2012, 9/2015, 2030
    – or Atomic Scientists’ “5 minutes to midnite”
    – like microsoft time backsliding or
    – the load bar pausing during updates

    Divination is about prediction. Set times and dates are not the point — in God’s timing. Recognizing that things come in due season, of in yearly (or so) cycles — is very different than identifying a definite time and date.

    Fractal (fractured) reality (due to sin), means that similar patterns are everywhere, like in a Carnival Fun House. Not only do folks talk themselves into self-fulfilling prophecy — they lock themselves into curses. Such as meddling with apocalyptic patterns, which we are specifically warned against in Revelation 22. Doomsday cults repeatedly bring apocalypse on themselves. We can easily point to Waco, Jim Jones, or Heavens Gate.

    The warning at Babel was that whatever they imagined to do, they would do, (cp. pre-flood “imagining evil only in their hearts continuously”). So the Almighty confounded their languages and divided them. If CERN is a similar (parallel) attempt to manipulate x-humans (with hybridized demonic dna … in their other dimensional bodies … beyond overt time-space physics) — then they can expect similar results in parallel with Babel.

    Warning of jeopardy is far different than setting a date (divination).

    • I think Tom Horn said it best when he stated one time that even demons have more knowledge of the times and seasons than human beings do. This is not to say that we are to engage in this scripturally forbidden and evil practice, for it will bring a host of troubles upon yourself that you do not want to deal with, but if the track record of such diviners do seem to be coming unbroken, then we better at least pay attention or at least take a mental note. God can allow a certain bit of info release even if from the dark side and turn it around to his glory (speaking of the first video above concerning the Israel attack). In all due respect, your view of the “apocalyptic pattern” phenomenon is most assuredly not applying to what Stone is pointing out. America’s unique patterns including it’s geography with the ancient wilderness tabernacle is an in your face fingerprint of God. Respectfully, Revelation 22 is being grossly misapplied here.

        • Fanboy? Not a “fanboy” of anyone, just someone who recognizes good word when I hear it… and in this case, when I both see and hear it.

          Taking it personally? wrong again… but if I did, one can be cut some understanding for doing so especially considering that you’re being compared to the “Koresh” bunch. It seems that you also have a penchant for mischaracterization of personality traits. Personality cults? Wow, I’ll leave that one alone. So, no, the shoe doesn’t fit.

            • Here’s an idea Nome… quit your constant blathering on of “scientific kingdom” dimensional, fractal, atom laden BS no one can understand except maybe you. Look at something more down to earth that people can understand. I dare say the majority skip past your comments like I do. Talk about pseudo – blabber. The Stone videos are something that at least everyone can understand and see.

              Don’t like my comment? Well, don’t open the can if you can’t eat the worms.

  5. Here’s what I did to corral Corey’s extra videos using Adblock…
    – youtubes: right click, select get url, right click what’s shown, select adblock, select first filter, i.e. 3 above custom, add filter
    – dailymotion: select frame, press enter on adblock tab, select first filter, i.e. 3 above custom, add filter
    – refresh afterward

    Ahhh! Much better 😎

  6. @ “I shot the sheriff…”
    – “but I did not shoot the deputy”
    – strange things afoot in houston(*)

    (* a notorious lgbtpn…uvwxyz sanctuary)

    Investigators say he came “combative” with hospital staff. The staff called for help. 2 off-duty police officers answered the call. They were working security at the hospital. The officers initially used a stun gun to subdue him. It didn’t work and the struggle escalated. One officer says he feared for his life so he shot Pean….

    There is no doubt that these were extraordinary circumstances and that Alan was experiencing a severe mental health episode at the time of the event.

    @ that old voodoo…
    – that med students do

    It’s unclear why Pean became combative. His family describes him as a kind person, who recently went to Haiti to do community service. He was the senior class vice president at Sharyland.

    • The “I feared for my life” from a peace officer is wearing very thin. Fear interferes with clear concise thinking allowing taking decisive action.

      I’m not saying officers are not human but if they continue “to fear for their lives,” they’re in the wrong business.

      The general public now fears the “fearless” officers…???

      • @ things I somehow lived to old age before learning…
        – cops consider being touched in any fashion legal assault
        – firemen will let whatever burn if there’s a risk of violence
        – commercial ambulance contracts to cities are often given no cost
        – emergency dispatchers often aren’t allowed to give medical instructions
        – volunteer firefighters are hard to find during M-F 8-5 work week
        – rural buildings will likely burn up in the time it takes to respond

  7. @ “a mixed-race dog couple…”
    – there are all colors of cows in the world
    – likewise cats, dogs, and “chikins”
    – yet they can all mate with their kinds

    Injecting race into “lifestyle choice” (sex sin) issues
    — propagates delusion.

    …gladly, eye-color-ism and hair-color-ism, aren’t issues
    (except for blonde jokes *)

    But leave it to “The jesuit in chief” to foment opposition.

    * And that fantasy faction pushing “Hill Billary 2016!”

  8. @ just desserts…
    – the majority in America
    – cursed themselves, and
    – are headed down the drain
    – faster and faster

    Not in the least with “actors & entertainers” as presidents, governors, and politicians…
    – Ronnie Ray-gun
    – Sonnie Bono
    – Arnold Schwarzenegger
    – Donald Trump? (aka Dynasty Duck)

    ps. Those curses started generations ago.

    God is not mocked — those that sow fantasy, reap fantasy. Such as politics turned into a ball game competition, with all the insanity that comes from that.

  9. Looks like none are willing to pick up the gauntlet and attack the Trump Terminator 2016 fantasy politics ticket.

    It must be a shoe in! Fait Accompli. In the cards. A tarot victory. Murica wins!

      • @ the only job Arnold can’t have…
        – (without being shoehorned like Obama)
        – is president, yet he can be vice president
        – not that marrying & divorcing a Kennedy
        – didn’t open plenty of doors “for a farm boy”

        In Arnold’s America — even legal immigrants can be president!

        Fantasy Elections 2016 /// Imagine the Possibilities

        • The Donald Arnold 2016 ticket will promote…
          – Civil Rights for the divorced
          – Anti-discrimination in Hiring foreign nationals
          – An open door visitor policy for documented aliens
          – Parental Rights re: abortion, custody and visitation
          – and an Amendment to allow (fanfare) 🎶🎺
          – legal resident aliens to be President

          Trump Terminator 2016 /// no cigars nor trom-bones (🎷)

  10. I’m guessing our host, SeaShoreMary, either went up to see LA Marzulli in Belton in person — or had a block party for an LA extravaganza. 🎆 🎇 🎉 🎊 🎈 The route is about 4 hours one way.

    So, unless she was able to log in here by smartphone… it may be a while yet before she can tell any news. Hopefully, Mary will follow-up with a blog, perhaps later in the week.

    I checked the stream from time to time on saturday and LA was covering older materials. Those who saw friday (or a sunday service, perhaps first hand) might give their impression?

    • I did run into an issue with youtube direct after a session. Had to go back to the website to relaunch the stream each time. I’m guessing there’s some sort of token passed from the website via the API back to youtube? If anyone has a clue please comment what the glitch was … or if you just let youtube direct run all day, no hiccups.

      Thanks much!

    • Hey! Just now logging in. Working on tomorrow’s posting. Just had a busy weekend.

      No I didn’t visit LA in Belton–my car won’t travel beyond city limits.

      I did try to link the lecture on Friday (8/29/2015) which I did but the audio feed technology was so badddd on the side of the host Church. I was in pain for LA because of the poor audio.

      I did post the YouTube into the comments section but I haven’t had an opportunity to view them. It might have gotten better Saturday and today.

      Here are all recordings. The first one starts 30 minutes into the recording.
      #NephCon2015 – As It Was In The Days of Noah w/ LA Marzulli

      #NEPHCON2015 – UFO Update w/ LA Marzulli

      #NEPHCON2015 -UFO Update Part 2 w/ LA Marzulli

      #NEPHCON2015 – Why Prophecy matters! w/ LA Marzulli

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