Israel Invades Syria “Missing Pilot”, ISIS Captures Israeli Pilot, War in Space, America’s Secret Space Program, UFO Footage – STS-48, Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Port, & Spanning American Landscapes

Israel Invades Syria “Missing Pilot”,

ISIS Captures Israeli Pilot,

War in Space,

America’s Secret Space Program,

UFO Footage – STS-48,

Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Port,


Spanning American Landscapes


Unconfirmed: Israel Invades Syria “Missing Pilot”

Paul Begley

Published on Oct 24, 2015

“Israeli war planes and helicopters going into Syria looking for a missing pilot clashes have taken place with shooting and bombs.” also… also…


The Next News Network

“An Islamist group affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has claimed the capture of an Israeli pilot inside the Dara’a Governorate’s western countryside on Saturday night – the group, “Liwaa Al-Shahada” (Martyrs Brigade), is currently engaged in a fierce battle with their former allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Syrian Al-Qaeda faction “Jabhat Al-Nusra” in this region of western Syria. According to social media activists from the Syrian Opposition, the Israeli pilot allegedly ejected from his aircraft after losing control of it.”

Israeli Timeline Quneitra Syria 10 24 2015STAR WARS: REAL FOOTAGE OF WAR IN SPACE ABOVE EARTH


“This is REAL Footage from the STS Mission. These are also the same objects I filmed around the sun! ITS REAL! There is a Space War going on and people on this planet are oblivious to what is going on. Most carry the mentality of a 5th Grader. For those of you with the mind opened enough to see the Truth! There is a war going on Right Now In Space! And I’m telling you this. The evil ones have already made it onto this rock, so I believe, they are shooting at potential good guys trying to help us. Regardless, There is a Battle going on with super tech that is jaw dropping! Stay tuned for more:”  More…{source:}

UFO Footage – STS-48 – “Abrupt Turn” – Full Length Original

Ooohyeah’s Channel

Uploaded on Oct 28, 2007

“This is the video clip of the highly discussed STS-48 footage showing a number of unidentified objects, including one that makes an abrupt turn. This is original footage in its entirety. Very good video quality.   From Nasa Mission STS-48, circa September, 1991.”

Confessions of a Naval Intelligence Officer Regarding America’s Secret Space Program

CSS Offical-New-Logo2“In Part One, I laid the groundwork for the fact that Operation Paper Clip.

Before going any further, I want to thank Steve Quayle and three readers for validating yesterday’s presentation of facts. Steve publicly noted that his deep cover military sources validate every word that I wrote. Further, I heard from three people who had family members who worked in very similar capacities as did my father. At some point, I would like to sponsor a teleconference with these people to compare notes. The family members of the men who worked in some capacity related to Operation Paper Clip sacrificed greatly. We had to do without our fathers, brothers and uncles. The stress that the government placed upon the families was enormous.”  More…{source:}

Comments:  The Dave Hodges recent articles are bombshell revelations.  Please take time out to read his information because there isn’t any guarantee that they will stay up much longer since he is now being “targeted and threatened” for speaking out on ET’s, America’s Secret Space Program, and his direct personal relationship with his father who worked for the CIA/NASA black op programs, Operation Paper Clip program.

Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Port


“Obama administration has not yet dispatched ships toward China, and instead has been merely weighing for weeks whether or not it will send a freedom of navigation mission within 12 nautical miles — the internationally recognized maritime border — of features in the Spratly and Paracel China has reclaimed from the sea.

It would appear that Obama was once again all talk and once China threatened to call the U.S. bluff and warned it would use force, the US desire for confrontation promptly evaporated.”

Related Article: Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Port

“At a time when the US and China are practically at arms over the artificial islands in the South China Seas, with the US sending warships on location to patrol (despite White House Spokesman Josh Earnest saying on Oct. 8 that U.S. warships “should not provoke significant reaction from the Chinese”) and a stunned China responding “What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This”, the last thing we thought we would see right now was three Chinese warships about to port in Florida’s Naval Station Mayport.

And yet according to USNI that is precisely what is about to happen: citing US Navy officials, USNI reports that he three ships about to dock in the US are the Type 052C Luyang II-class guided-missile destroyer Jinan (152), the Type 054A Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigate Yiyang (548) and the Type 903 Fuchi-class fleet oiler Qiandao Hu (886).”  More…{source:}


The Next News Network

“Empty, that is the word to describe the countless malls, shopping centers, office buildings, and stores across America that are shutting their doors due to the fact that the economy is literally diving, and all this happens as our government continues to lie to the populace stating that our economy is headed in the right direction.”


Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



 “…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}

11 thoughts on “Israel Invades Syria “Missing Pilot”, ISIS Captures Israeli Pilot, War in Space, America’s Secret Space Program, UFO Footage – STS-48, Three Chinese Warships To Dock In Florida Port, & Spanning American Landscapes

  1. With all this supertech war going on in the heavens, I think it probably tends to cloud the minds of people that it is only secret weaponry and nothing else, when in fact it also involves a supernatural war going on behind the scenes that the average Joe Whiskey doesn’t think about… and that is…

    THE BATTLE IN THE HEAVENS (program 1 of 2)

    THE BATTLE IN THE HEAVENS (program 2 of 2)

  2. As any serious minded thinker should know by now, America, under the order and direction of the globalists using their installed puppets in Washington D.C., is currently building up China both economically and militarily to create a threat whether real or perceived to get the depopulation agenda going through world war 3 and implementation of world government. The globalists likely control Beijing as well. With Russia being controlled by the CIA out of Switzerland, all their puzzle pieces are being moved into place to set America up for the fall and the implementation of the NWO. This is why none of this makes any sense on the surface and seems awkward and shocking to the average Joe Smilefungus and average Jimmy Sillywhiskers publication, internet and otherwise. It only starts to make any good sense when you realize that there really is a secret, Satanic cabal shadow government at work looking to take down America from within and set her up for the fall. America has to go down in order for their NWO plan to move forward. All that being said, likely they have forged a secret alliance between America and China, whom they control anyway, to take out Russia eventually. Notice how Russia isn’t a part of the UN. Is Russia not playing ball? So Russia has to be taken out. But if Russia is being controlled by the CIA out of Switzerland, how is it they need to be “put in line?” It’s all smoke and mirrors, but has a deadly serious outcome just like the globalists want. I’ve posted this before but will again for those who haven’t seen. One can blow a brain cell trying to figure out the details, but this scenario is roughly correct. The shadow government is on the move, and so are the demonic principalities who control these “Kings of the earth.” There is indeed a battle in the heavens taking place for the destiny of man’s soul and the destiny of the earth and creation itself.


  3. Video Purports to Show Raid on IS Prison In Iraq
    Associated Press
    This video posted online purportedly shows the joint raid of a prison Thursday by US and Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq. About 70 hostages, including some members of the Iraqi security forces, were freed from captivity. (Oct. 25)

  4. Wow … got a chance to read the two Hodges articles. Looks like Skousen is right on the money. America’s secret weaponry will not be used to defend America, but will be used against America’s manufactured enemies after they have been allowed to attack America, all in order for the excuse needed to “go after the USA’s enemies” … a created boogeyman much like the 911 boogeyman. It will be under an official banner of an implemented global governance.
    There… I have it all figured out…it is thus, it is so …. saith me.

    Any idea when Hodges will have the third part of his article? I have to say, he sure is an expert at leaving us with a cliffhanger! He said he would reveal what he knows about where they are taking us with this technology.

    • I’ve been waiting for part three. It’s noted that he did state more info forthcoming in part 4 so part 3 must be complete but not yet–perhaps being “edited” for uploading?

  5. For all those trying to turn halloween and christmas into “holy” days, instead of abominations.

    Halloween Revelations

    Pause then Pan with your Pointer

    Imagine {Rod Serling voice} your spirit (your ghost) pulled up out of your body, like having your hair pulled up out of your head! And the first thing you hear is distant thunder. You pause and you find yourself at a dining table arrayed like some bizarre version of The Lord’s Supper. Back in the distance, you see a cold barren fireplace, with the picture of sacrificed child above it, “caught up into the heavens.”

    Nearby on the table, instead of punch bowl to dunk for apples, is a pile of candied apples with gooey coatings (“the doctrines of demons”). The apple is a notorious symbol of giving in to temptation and original sin. To the right are pastries, the firstfruits of the dead branch laid there, uprooted and now fit only to be burned. Notice the goblets of blood around the table, for the drunken revelings and debaucheries to come.

    To the left we see black candles, as the seven thunders begin to sound (nothing but that can be heard). (Try to unpause.) And there’s a bowl full of the eyes of the blind, (a tasty snack but not good for seeing).

    And looking down, there’s the bones of a dead fish lying lifeless like the prayer hands of those that pray to saints to shorten their purgatories. And on the floor is an empty footstep, where the stepstool should be, before what should be the throne (now missing).

    St. John was yanked out of space and time to witness the horrors of the end times in this world — when all the unholy angels are cast out of heaven and into the earth. He was given a tour down one side of the Throne Room of Heaven and back up the other. And he witnesses the horrors and related what he was shown as best he could.

    Let all the counterfeit christians see the truth in their holiday abominations — as foreshadowing of the strange work of The Almighty soon coming — for such time as this.

    • ps. In the “Dining Hall,” the chandelier is “the mothership” (mystery babylon, false rapture, alien invasion, etc.). And the raven (pops in on the top of the bookshelf just left of the locked doors, is the occult black awakening).

      • pps. In the Cantina, los tres caballeros, with priestly sashes, are the 3 frogs sent out to deceive the kings of the earth; respectively, the false father (guitar), the false son (trumpet), and the false holy ghost (violin, next to lampstand). Of course, they’re serenading the false mother of god, la santissima muerte, whose shrines are located by the locked doors.

  6. And now for a general academic survey of all things strange….
    – by our local Rio Grande Valley based expert, Dr. Judd Burton

    Basil gave an excellent interview!

    The story of Nephilim, giants who roamed the earth, is a past not recognized as true history in the ivory towers of academia. Yet, our culture is drenched with stories and statues of strange mythological characters, from 400 foot titans, to hybrid beings, to gods who ruled over the humans. Even today, our pop culture has a fascination for werewolves, zombies, and vampires which begs the question, where did such ideas come from? Does it have anything to do with the antediluvian world, and the advent of the Nephilim? And while these are dismissed as mere fiction or primitive attempts of the ancients to describe what they did not understand, some of us believe that the truth is in fact stranger than fiction.

    Dr. Judd Burton, is the author of ‘Interview with the Giant: Ethnohistorical Notes on the Nephilim‘, and holds an MA in anthropology and a PhD in history at Texas Tech University with a focus on Early Christianity and Greco-Roman religions. His website, Burton Beyond is devoted to conducting sound research in the fields of archaeology, biblical studies, ethnology, folklore, history, mythology, paranormal studies, philosophy, and religion, which could collectively be described as para-ethnology.

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