Paris Attacks were Blowback, Worldwide Terror Travel Alert, ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Demands $15 Million, Solution to Syria Crisis, Mexico City: Seismic Alert, UFO: Unusual Disc In Desert

Paris Attacks were Blowback,

Worldwide Terror Travel Alert,

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Demands $15 Million,

Solution to Syria Crisis,

Mexico City: Seismic Alert,


UFO: Unusual Disc In Desert


Confirmed: Paris Attacks were Blowback

The Alex Jones Channel

“Alex Jones talks with Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Michael Zimmerman about their experiences in France and Belgium and what they discovered while they were in Europe.”

US State Dept. Issues Worldwide Terror Travel Alert


Worldwide Travel Alert

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Demands $15 Million from Taxpayers

Real Thing TV

Iran Leader: Any Solution to Syria Crisis Should be Agreed Upon by Syrian People, Officials

PressTV News Videos

Ciudad de México. Alerta sísmica y evacuación de edificios 23 de noviembre 2015

{Google Translation:  Mexico City. Seismic alert and evacuation of buildings November 23, 2015}


Monday November 23 2015,
20:41:24 UTC
4 hours ago Guerrero, Mexico 5.5 46.0 CSEM-EMSC Feed Detail

UFO: Unusual Disc In Desert Nevada, Oct 2015



Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}

51 thoughts on “Paris Attacks were Blowback, Worldwide Terror Travel Alert, ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Demands $15 Million, Solution to Syria Crisis, Mexico City: Seismic Alert, UFO: Unusual Disc In Desert

  1. Earthquakes, earthquakes and more earthquakes. Volcanoes, volcanoes and more volcanoes. Could it be … have to do with … oh … I don’t know … perhaps … maybe … possibly … suspiciously … but then again … hmmmmm …


    Revelation 6 approaching.

  2. And my own sighting for those who haven’t seen (thanks to Nome for turning the picture from being upside down, gotta love those Android phones right)? Strangely enough, I saw two black helicopters fly overhead that morning … ha!

    • Hello, Corey!

      I don’t have the best PC monitor, at the moment , so I’m not sure what I am supposed to be looking for in your photo. Might be the view from downunder… turn it back round upside down, again!

      • Hi Pete,
        If you look to the right of the telephone pole and in between it and the traffic light, you will see a glowing object in the sky as though it were a far off second sun. The sun itself and it’s light dispersal is to the left of the photo of course. I can tell you that it looked much more definitive and a bit more dramatic when I saw it with the naked eyes in person that morning. But you can definitely tell there is a second glowing light source up there.

        • Cheers, Corey! I think I can see what you’re referring to, but I can only be honest and say that, to me, it just looks like sunlight shining on the clouds.

          One of the videos you provided with the man speaking of the sun having set in the west and the glow in the east as he revolves his camera is interesting… but… is it fair dinkum true/sincere and not edited camera work? I just figure a lot of people would notice such a thing (and possibly record with all the ready access to phone cameras etc these days). And is it a northern hemisphere observation only?
          I get pretty amazed some days at how visible/outstanding the moon is during the daylight hours, from over here in WA 9as compared to when I lived on the east coast). And my being right on the coast, I tend to enjoy the sunsets over western horizon, regularly, but never witnessed such a sight as depicted in that video. Seen a few shooting/falling stars on dark nights, possible satellites, and then other objects (UFOs?) that have made me wonder, but nothing like two suns or whatever. However, I do trust the Word that in future we will have asteroids etc hitting the earth, perhaps even Wormwood (if it’s not necessarily Chernobyl). I will say, also, that in last few years some of the “falling stars” I’ve seen seem to be bigger, brighter, more brilliant, than usual, and visible for longer duration (not minutes or hours) (and to my eyes).

          God Bless you, friend!

          Ps… I was wondering the same re your points about the young Israeli boy’s visions. What troubles me about that sort of subject/claim is weak-minded people accepting it and making rash unwise decisions, reacting from fear or panic… especially with claims like “imminent, next few months etc.” Its been done before with the Nostradamus cultists and Y2K etc etc. Nothing new under the sun.

          • Pete,
            I would just say that people have been psychologically, mentally and socially conditioned by the Luciferian elite that things like this do not exist and conditioned to not even consider “going there” and considering the possibility, therefore, no matter the amount of technology one holds in their hands, they are just not conditioned to even consider it even if they see “something” up there. People are likely to just tune it out and dismiss it as a sun reflection or whatever. The Luciferian elite have so focused the population’s attention on attention distracting things (bells, whistles and the toys and distractions of life) that I’m convinced that people at large are just plain zoned out. I noticed in the first home video I posted that the people engaged in their football practice never even bother and turning to notice that the sun has already set in the West and yet, right there in front of their noses, another glow appears in the east. They just keep playing with their football.

            One of many of the Luciferian elite’s weapons of mass distraction I suppose. Doesn’t surprise me at all that more videos don’t emerge of the same sighting this guy was filming. Technological trickery is always a possibility, but the historical and biblical evidence is too overwhelming in favor of Nibiru’s reality.

      • I also have a suggestion for you. If you hunch yourself down and look up at the image in front of your computer screen, it will become more definitive. The true definition of it comes through almost like I saw it with the naked eye view. For whatever reason, when you look at the image at eye level, the image doesn’t appear as definitive, although it does appear. Something to do with computer monitor physics I suppose.

  3. Do we really need to wonder why it seems that the globalists have put their foot on the accelerator of destruction and smashed it through the floor?

      • For a sec there, Nomemoleste, I thought you meant Black Sabbath! I was just learning/to play ‘War Pigs’ on the guitar, this afternoon! Never really been much of a fan of BS…

      • I do have to say that in reading some of his article, he never got around to explaining just why it is the historical evidence of Nibiru passing through our neighborhood is so abundant. Assuming that he is scripturally as blind as a goat in a snowstorm, I’m wondering if he can explain what the earth is doing in Isaiah 19-20. I’m quite sure that he can’t. A few hoaxes out there … no doubt. Is every naked eye view a “sun dog”? … I seriously doubt it. Assuming that every commentor out there isn’t a flat out liar, there are some I’ve read that have done the “finger over the lens” suggestion to prove to themselves that it’s not “lens flare”, and the test passed his muster. I would also love to see him explain just why it is that astronomers who dared speak up about it have suddenly and mysterious died under mysterious and suspicious circumstances. Stephen Quayle keeps a list of dead scientists and astronomers if I’m not mistaken. In my opinion, this dude in the above article and others like him who explain everything away as “lens flare” and “sun dogs” has been weighed in the balances and found lacking in the face of the most conclusive evidence about Nibiru.

        This, of course, is just my own personal opinion.

          • Corey, nobody is violently opposing on this matter. Rather, strongly disagreeing.

            I recall difficulties because of the willful ignorance and acceptance by people (including my then girlfriend) re the Da Vinci Code (novel) nonsense and its blatant lies… until I was able to refute and debunk with info obtained from both secular and non-secular academics/sources. Prior to learning the debunk material, I tried to read the book (re wondered what all the international popular fuss was about), but couldn’t get through it: because it was a crap, boring, and poorly written story (not to mention all the BS). The albino jesuit character made me laugh! My girlfriend took me to see the film at cinema and she made me promise that I would not make loud objections or laugh out loud – or else! I was able to restrain myself. She bloomin’ fell asleep through it! Interesting that I could never finish the DVC book… only other book I had same trouble with and not completed (plus it also gave me a headache) was… The Holy Blood & Holy Grail, which I tried to read about 10 or 15 years before DVC was published. I don’t necessarily agree with all of what the scientists say, particularly, Brian Cox and Neil De Gras since they push the evolution yarns, but sometimes they may express a tiny little truth in their BS. And sometimes they hide the truth (a little or alot).

            • And I am glad I didn’t spend top dollar on that HB & HG book! (secondhand copy was very cheap). And borrowed the g/f’s hardback copy of DVC I keep meaning to return it but it props up (supports) all the good books standing on the shelf and keeps them from falling over. It’s not gentlemanly, I know, but in order for me to willingly go watch DVC at the cinema, g/f had to pay for the tickets, which she agreed to! I wanted my money back! (even thought I not pay!)

          • Pete,
            The general population at large isn’t violently opposing Nibiru truth, but I can say that this is actually the case being perpetrated against the astronomers and scientists that dare speak out about Nibiru. They are indeed dying under mysterious circumstances and being “violently opposed” and dealt with. Stephen Quayle keeps a list of dead scientists and astronomers who have died under mysterious circumstances.

            Soon, in my humble opinion, the third stage we will pass through… the stage of it becoming accepted as it will become self-evident. The first two stages are in full force at present. That third one will be a rude wake-up call.

            • Corey, I check the Steve Quayle site every day re headlines. It’s also possible that these scientists are getting knocked off for reasons other than Nibiru. I mean, check out Crow777 youtube.. he does a lot of independent astronomy observing, particularly of the earth’s moon and claims it’s an artificial satellite. Some of his vids are fascinating, but no planet X. All distractions for the non-believers and the believers in Christ – anything to keep us away from the truth and in fear.

              I recall from my high school days having a science teacher speaking about nuclear missiles/warfare and that if he knew one was headed for Sydney he would prefer to be at its ground zero and go in a flash rather than be away from the blast. So if Niburu hits…

              I also remember conversation (back in late 80s) with some anti-FM authors (Christians) who told me that nukes couldn’t be detonated willy-nilly (i.e. nukes cant be detonated at the press of a button at just any time willed). The operators have to wait for certain windows in time for the opportunity because of electromagnetics, the sun’s solar flares, gravity etc etc and that is why (and this includes during Cold War era) whenever a nation was testing atom or nuke bombs in the Pacific or wherever all the mighty nations naval fleets (French, British, Soviet, US etc) would be invited to go and observe because of these limits. Makes alot of sense, and I believe God has His control on it and placed these limits so they can’t fire one off whenever they wish. For instance, we hear these reports about lone terrorist seizing hostages and shooting and blowing up people and property, and others (refuting) saying of that individual having mental issues and its not their way blah blah… well, there seem to be a few of these lone crazy people in the world, more so today, and if one got their hands on, say, a briefcase nuke (there’s been several reports of “missing suitcase nukes” – especially since Perestroika/Glasnost and Berlin Wall coming down) then would’ve already seen one or several fireworks.
              Corey, you and I both know and accept GOD the LIVING FATHER has HIS PLAN so He does things in His time.

              And even if you may be right or wrong about Nibiru and crashing down on us all.. not much one can do about it [easy cop out for one to say, I know]. Can only pray and trust in the LORD, now, yesterday, and tomorrow!

              So much fear mongering, deception, and distraction from God’s truth. Anyway, it’s all going according to His plan.

              (Sorry for the all the “I”s).

              Ps… I saw three army blackhawks, yesterday, flying above the coastline. Impressive sight. There’s a base about 20 minutes drive south from my suburb. Which reminds me… what’s the latest on Jade Helm over your way?

              Ps… and… How is Captain Kirk Dimotrovic?

            • Pete… Many of these scientists and astronomers that are being taken out have direct links to the study of comets and suspiciously planet x. As you can see from the video below, I don’t believe that this is just a coincidence. I believe that the dramatic increase of comets can be explained by the planet x system as well… which is why they are being killed. It’s only a short jump in the connection of the increase in comets coming from the Planet X system.




              I would also say that the fact that none of us can really do anything about it is no reason for people to keep sounding the trumpet of warning backed by the evidence. The Lord will indeed do what the Lord is going to do, but the point of sounding the trumpet with it’s accompanying evidence is to warn the lost of what is approaching, which is what the Lord wants us to do. That is the whole point. The Lord will take care of the rest.

              RE: your question wondering about the Israeli boy’s vision. I have to say that Mary made some very interesting and valid points. In the end, it’s for everyone else to decide whether or not they believe it, but I will say that amidst the valid points in favor of his vision, I’m having alot of difficulty getting around his statement about the second coming happening in just a few more months. As noted, this leaves no time for the 7 year tribulation period to occur so described in scripture. He also stated that this Gog/Magog conflict has already started according to his supernatural “downloader” that gave this info to him. This also is biblically inaccurate in my opinion. I do have to say that I believe that Obama is connected to the Gog war happening, but is not Gog himself. It is very interesting to me that Obama’s name is also found in the bible code occurring in the same verses of scripture that describe the war of Gog and Magog.

              But again, may be something I’m not seeing here, so Mary may indeed be right on the money on this one. My personal opinion is that the whole thing is suspect.

            • Pete, what is a blue dragon?, this is from Paul Begley’s Youtube channel.

            • Hello, Racer Bannon!

              Re: Blue Dragon… (from off top of my head) I believe it’s a type of sea slug/snail. Another one of those mystery, weird and wonderful creations of God. Awesome colours, which like alot of other sea life such as coral, fish, squid etc the colours are revealed when an artificial light source is shined upon them.

            • Pete, I had never heard of them, as for Pastor Begley’s thought that it may be a precursor to an earthquake, we pray not.

              And yes, they are cool looking.

            • Corey, I agree with the last line in one of your comments there: “The whole thing is suspect.”

              I’ll trust in YHWH and Yeshua.. despite my struggles every day in keeping the gift of faith – some days I just want to give up because I am unhappy with myself and angry with misfortune/disappointment/frustration and people, especially my own “family” – and not to mention all the things politics, religion, West Coast Eagles losing the last grand final in the footy, and other goings on in the world) in my life and carry so much bitterness that I try to let go of and do but is only replaced with other – but if not for Him, He keeps me hanging in there. It’s not His fault that I am these things some days more than others, sometimes not at all and I’m “happy”. Often, He is the first person I’ve blamed! “Why? Why?” If my neighbours had a rooster, it would be crowing all the time – almost! Even just last week I was denying because of poor selfish self-pitying boo-hooing me. And as soon as I’ve said and done, the LORD comes and kicks me in my butt and says, “Wake up you fool and turn around back to Me”. If I had even just 1% of my own mother’s faith, love and forgiveness I’d be a wealthy and happy man with a bigger heart. Unfortunately, I have only about 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% (my guestimate). And that’s better than zero. Thank God. Some days it’s 0.01% (or more)! Glory to the LORD!

              I do enjoy the conspiracy theories. SO much so that I used to be obsessed with them and used to give them more importance than knowing who Christ really was and is (He’s still alive and living). In fact, for a time I knew more about prophecy and conspiracy theories, and illuminati ad nauseum than I did about Christ. I’ve got bookshelves full of prophecy conspiracy books that have more pages and words (and on one specific/minor subject) than the entire Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments)! Now, it’s the other way around and I know more about Christ than those conspiracies yarns. These days, I just dabble in them and confirm or deny with His Word, and not obsess because there are more important things in life. Besides, I just a visitor passing through ‘this’ world and He wants me to live.

              Corey, you, yourself said (paraphase) that there are those luciferian elite who condition and deceive. No doubt about it. I agree. However, just because someone said this and that doesn’t always make it true or evidence.
              Last week, I went with friends to cafe at local beach. Whilst sitting there enjoying lunch I could see a cloud which looked very odd. It appeared, to me, like a pillar of smoke (vertical, straight up & down) and stood out among all the other typical clouds. It surprised me and I pointed it out to my companions. However, nobody saw it how I did. It was nly a cloud going across the sky towards horizon, but to my perspective it appeared vertical. I looked again, and they were right. Though they are not of faith or belief (I’m a loner in that regard with most people I know) we’re aware of the chemtrails, and this wasn’t the case in this instance.

              I guess, what I am trying to say to you, my Murkan buddy in Colorado… is be careful. As we all should be.

              Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. Psalm 138:7

              Apologies for my lengthy diatribe.

            • Pete,
              Hang in there my friend and I’ll just say that I totally get ya and where you’re coming from.

        • @ “A few hoaxes out there … no doubt. Is every naked eye view a “sun dog”? … I seriously doubt it. ”

          It’s easy for me to agree with this point. I think we should always ask, “What percent?” is bogus, and what really should be checked out.

    • Now, assuming this image hasn’t been manipulated, the view is unmistakable with 2 ‘suns’ at night! Unless these are ‘huge ufo orbs’? hmmmmnnnn.

  4. G’Day, Seashoremary!

    Couple of headlines (via LL website)

    “Moscow confirms the downed SU-24 jet is theirs but denies it was in Turkish airspace”

    Extending the invitation to warfare?


    “Greece: Iranian refugees sew mouths shut to protest Macedonia’s policies”

    I’ve got nothing to say about this news report, except to ask.. “Iranian” refugees?


  5. Is it me, or does the google doodle look like they’re pushing evolution from chimp to tall-gray alien (or perhaps silver backed gray haired president)

  6. Admittedly, the Luciferians likely possess the technology to cause all of this in the video below, but somehow, I can’t attribute all of this global natural catastrophe to it.


  7. Anyone catch Jim Bakker last night? Jonathan Cahn mentioned something relating 9-11 to the Paris massacre. Something about eagles being on the American airlines logo, and, Eagles of Death was the band that was playing at the Paris nightclub. Cahn mentioned a bible verse, wondered which one it was?

        • Mary, thanks for the link. I do find those numbers interesting. As for that band, the Eagles of Death, I feel sorry for them. How do they live with themselves after this? Apparently they were singing a song to the devil when it all went down. I don’t know if they really bought into the occult or if they thought it was for some kind of perverted showmanship? A few days back, we mentioned the video game which used a song by Dion in it’s commercial. How does music go from Dion to the Eagles of Death?

          Coincidently, I have seen so many crows lately, it must be their time to roost, or fly south or something. That Eiffel tower peace sign is also called the crow’s foot or the sign of Nero (I think).

          • Seems a heavy name, “The Eagles of Death Metal”… I not too familiar with them, but turns out the reference was a passing jib at the band for the style they played which had/has nothing to do with death/heavy metal style of rock… a bit of cheek at their country (The Eagles of Hotel California fame) style crossed with hard rock, so the name stuck. Sounds very sinister, but is actually a joke. As for the music… well… nothing new under the sun. And yes they apparently sings songs featuring lyrics about the devil and sex and drugs and rock and roll. Not that original, really. Nothing new. Might be fun at a live show, but not something you’d listen to whilst sitting in the comfort of your lounge chair having a cup of tea, unless you wanted to turn the volume up and annoy your old-fashioned neighbours.
            Today, I was playing on guitar the chords to “It’s The End of the World as We Know It” by REM. Came out over 20 years ago. Again, nothing new there.

  8. If you haven’t heard, Turkey downed a Russian Fighter but the video released is showing a U.S. made weapon in the background.
    Please listen to both of these videos–very interesting points/view:

    Putin Calls Out the Backstabbing Gov’t of Turkey

    Now I’m seeing Hagmann & Hagmann has linked The Benghazi killing directly to September 11, 2012, when Ambassador Stephens met with the Turkish government.

    Talking points start at approximate timeline 33:39
    News on The Official Hagmann & Hagmann Report-11/24

    We could still ‘add’ another major point to WW 3 already in progress.

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