Xenogenesis, Hinxton Group Statement, Scientists Apply for License to Edit Genes, Human Gene Editing Global Summit, Opposition Mounts to Genetic Modification, Gene Editing Review, 7 Gene Editing Companies


Hinxton Group Statement,

Scientists Apply for License to Edit Genes,

Human Gene Editing Global Summit,

Opposition Mounts to Genetic Modification,

Gene Editing Review,


7 Gene Editing Companies


Comments:  The following video has Authors, Researchers, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle DNAdiscussing the manipulating of the human genome–the altering of the human DNA.

The opening of this Pandora’s box of  changing humanity will definitely involve, if not already in progress, the creation of the hybrid–half man half human with cloning capabilities (the Chimera effect).  This will definitely destroy the 100% human being into ‘another’ species not human in violation of God’s order of creation: “created man in His image.”

The process is in full swing complete with an international or global summit beginning Tuesday, December 1, 2015, to discuss the gene editing modification processes, their advancements, the ethics, etc. in the name of science.

So…we have an upcoming full blown WW III, European Refugee-Migrant Crises, the Muslim Invasion, Inter-dimensional aliens crossing into our realm with CERN opening supernatural portals to help them cross over, then we have Planet 7X’s upcoming colossal catastrophe in the very near future.  We have earthquakes, pestilence, poverty, war, famines, drought, floods, volcanic cataclysmic eruptions, did I miss anything? Oh gosh, let’s not forget the killing of our U.S. Dollar from international valuation in progress.

However, today–it’s Xenogenesis and we continue to “warn” the public, if at all interested in rearing up a generation of what type of “species”?:

Tom Horn and Steve Quayle | Xenogenesis

Hinxton Group 2015 Statement:

Genome Editing The Hinxton Group Preamble“Statement  on  Genome  Editing  Technologies  and Human  Germline  Genetic  Modification”


“While  genetic  modification  methods  have  been used successfully  for  over  30  years  to  alter genes  in experimental  animals  and  animals  of  agricultural importance,  these  methods  have  been  inefficient, and have  often  lacked  specificity  or  otherwise relied on  a series  of  steps  that  made  them  both inappropriate  and unsafe  to  use  in  humans.  More  recent  advances  in genome  editing technology;  however,  make  it  possible  to  insert,  delete,  or  modify  DNA  with greatly  increased specificity  and  efficiency.  These  techniques  are  already  beginning  to  be  used in  human somatic  gene  transfer.” View The Hinxton Group 2015 Statement pdf.
Genome Editing:

“A common approach in the modern biological research is to manipulate the genetic sequence (genotype) of an organism (or a single cell) and observe the impact of this change on the organism (phenotype). Such approach is called reverse genetics and its significance for the modern biology lies in its relative simplicity. In contrast, in forward genetics a new phenotype is first observed and then its genetic basis is studied. This course is more complex, since phenotypic changes are often a result of multiple genetic interactions.

Among the key aspects of reverse genetic analysis is the ability to modify the genetic code.” {source:  wikipedia.org}

Scientists Apply for License to Edit Genes in Human Embryos


Kathy Niakan, a researcher affiliated with the Francis Crick Institute, London’s new £700-million (US$1.1-billion) biomedical-research centre, said on September 18 that she is proposing to use gene editing to provide “fundamental insights into early human development”. In a statement released through the Crick, Niakan said that her team wanted to use technology based on the CRISPR/Cas9 system—a recently developed technique for precisely editing genomes that has become hugely popular in the biology community.”  More…{source:  scientificamerican.com}

Human Gene Editing Initiative:

Gene-Editing Summit:

The initiative includes an international summit to convene global experts to discuss the scientific, ethical, and governance issues associated with human gene-editing research, as well as a comprehensive study of the scientific underpinnings and clinical, ethical, legal, and social implications of human gene editing. A multidisciplinary, international committee will be appointed to conduct the study and will issue a report in 2016 with findings and recommendations for the responsible use of human gene-editing research. An advisory group is steering the overall initiative.”

International Summit Begins December 1, 5015:
The U.S. National Academy of Sciences, U.S. National Academy of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the U.K.’s Royal Society are co-hosting a three-day international summit where global experts will discuss the scientific, ethical, and governance issues associated with these new and emerging human gene-editing technologies. The event will be webcast in full.

Opposition Mounts to Genetic Modification of Human Embryos

“A group of U.S. scientists and activists on Monday called for a global ban on the use of new tools to edit the genes of human embryos, in a report issued a day before a major international meeting in Washington to discuss the ethical and policy issues surrounding the technology.
A technological innovation that can strategically edit out specific stretches of DNA could ultimately lead to the genetic modification of children, and should be halted before it starts being used, scientists at the Center for Genetics and Society and the activist group Friends of the Earth argued in their report.
“Once the process begins, there will be no going back. This is a line we must not cross,” said Pete Shanks, a consulting researcher with the Center for Genetics and Society and author of the report.”  More…{source:  reuters.com}
Related search to Human Gene Editing

Gene Editing Review:

This is an 11 page pdf report:

“Among the approximately 25,000 annotated genes in the human genome, mutations in over 3,000 have already been linked to disease phenotypes (www.omim.org/statistics/geneMap), and more disease-relevant genetic variations are being uncovered at a staggeringly rapid pace. Now, because of sharp drops in sequencing costs, the completion of the human genome project, and the exponential growth of human genome sequencing data from diseased individuals, the role of genetics in human health has become a major focus of research, clinical medicine and the development of targeted therapeutics.”  More…Gene Editing Review.

7 Gene Editing Companies:

“A gene editing technology called CRISPR has been called “The Biggest Biotech Discovery of the Century” by the MIT Technology Review and Forbes magazine has said that this technology could change biotech forever. Some surprising news came out of China this week, when it was announced that Chinese scientists had utilized CRISPR to alter the DNA of human embryos. The experiment attempted to modify a gene in human embryos that causes a fatal blood disorder. This change would then go on to alter the DNA of every cell so any changes made could then be passed on from generation to generation. The ethical considerations immediately came front and center with talks of what guidelines should be used to control this technology. Is it okay to eradicate hereditary diseases but not okay to create designers babies? Regardless of the ethics of gene editing, it’s potential as a technology is incredibly powerful.”

  1. Editas (private)
  2. Caribou Biosciences (private)
  3. Intellia (private)
  4. CRISPR Therapeutics (private)
  5. Cellectis (EPA:ALCLS)
  6. Precision Biosciences (private)
  7. Sangamo (NASDAQ:SGMO)

{source:  Nanalyze.com}


Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful, He is forgiving, He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}


18 thoughts on “Xenogenesis, Hinxton Group Statement, Scientists Apply for License to Edit Genes, Human Gene Editing Global Summit, Opposition Mounts to Genetic Modification, Gene Editing Review, 7 Gene Editing Companies

  1. @ patenting pseudo sapiens…
    – “it’s as easy as abc…”
    – considering what’s done to those aborted
    – would parents have any rights to their offspring
    – would human parents be needed at all
    – and would pseudos have any rights

  2. @ fairy tails…
    – “and then the rich gave away all their wealth”
    – “and everyone lived happily ever after”



    quote: “Among the billionaire founders are Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, Alibaba Group’s Jack Ma, Virgin’s Richard Branson and George Soros of the Soros Fund.”


    in perspective…
    – for thy merchants were the great men of the earth
    – for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

  3. @ San Bernadino shooting…
    – any bets on Daesh taking responsibility?
    – 14 dead, 14 injured, 3 shooters, long guns
    – perps escaped in black yukon, dragnet in area
    – car at nearby golf course with weapons
    – no ID on suspects, black garbed
    – unrelated incident at local discount mall
    – security augmented at trauma hospitals
    – ordinance cleared device (likely bogus)
    – politicos jumping on issue to push agendas
    – other county buliding on lock-down or evac.
    – motive still unknown, basically hit an xmas party

    …foreshadows of Dizdar’s “Black Awakening”
    (i.e. demon possessed & mind controlled shooters)

  4. Mary,

    Listen to this lady’s account…I thought it was odd, listen starting at 2:27
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXVDqmCEdX0#t=141 ( I know the lady who posted this on facebook)

    And as a witness on channel 7 news, listen starting 2:13

    Was she there or not…it looks like the same person…am I missing something!
    By the way, I live in Redlands and I’m well connected to IRC.

    • Hey Liz! I looked at both videos. The 1st video is difficult to hear because of the heavy breathing and the whispering but the gest is that the dark skinned lady speaking in hushed tones doesn’t know anything and is asking ‘who, who…’ with the guy responding similarly in hushed tones about ‘they think it’s a person in black may have shot some’–something similar, I think. This is an orderly evacuation and no bodies or injuries anywhere.

      The 2nd video interview lady is identified as Melinda Rivas, also dark skinned but describes a much different scenario–“every one was running down the halls, etc.”

      I did a composite of both ladies …

      No. It’s not the same person, they’re wearing different clothing, demeanor much different, stature very similar, Ms. Rivas has a Hispanic accent.

      Very similar but different women. I had to look several times until I put them side by side for comparison.

      Good eye though Liz. One other thought, if this shooting did have real people killed, then the incident got hijacked for ‘gun control’ purposes.

      Thanks for sharing. Mary

      • Thanks for your response. I was trying to compare her earrings and if you look closely she is wearing a black sweater. Maybe I’m just crazy..but it something is not right.

  5. Hey Liz: Did you click to enlarge the image? The lady on the left is wearing a black sweater the lady on the right is wearing a single piece of black/dark clothing, a dress I think.

    I clicked on the url to double check the video on the 2nd lady and the article has been ‘hijacked.’ It appears the initial video of the interview is gone and has now been updated with today’s date, with a new ‘updated/edited’ video and a new headline.

    I can’t find the initial video with the initial article. The url is correct. Makes me think the author over rode the initial article, at least the top portion but they kept the bottom half. Is this common? No, unless the publisher makes a statement of ‘editing.’

    Would I now consider something ‘suspicious’? Possibly but for what? Had I not taken the clip for comparison, no one would know…or would they?


    Have a nice day Liz!

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