Truck Spills Missiles, North Korea and Iran Plot, Blizzard Jonas Geo Spike, Blizzard Jonas Historic Storm, NWO Airlines RFID Passport Chip



Really? Humanoid?

Events continue to be ramped up rapidly!  Can deadly missiles just be trifled with traipsing cross country without adequate safety measures?

Geo engineering still out causing destruction, New World Order goes on relentlessly.  Yep, God is still on His throne doing His utmost to protect humanity from humanity!






17 thoughts on “Truck Spills Missiles, North Korea and Iran Plot, Blizzard Jonas Geo Spike, Blizzard Jonas Historic Storm, NWO Airlines RFID Passport Chip

  1. @ Reaping What They Sow…
    – their cons and schemes aborted

    per UPI…
    – President campaigns a farce, candidates not up to the office
    – Global markets freefall, Dow & NASDAQ down > 15%
    – Mid East & Gulf: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen in civil war
    – Saudi’s need economic reform, Wahabi’s export radical Islam
    – Saudi’s don’t see ISIS as dangerous, Sunni Shia split growing
    – Russia’s economy plunging, aim in Ukraine, Syria … opaque
    with such unpredictable political gods, What can be done?

    No surprise the damned have a gloomy outlook, (esp. in the rapidly evaporating for profit “news” services). No surprise that atheists, darwinists, and journalists are chronic grumps.

    The solution as per the Gospel (Good News)…
    – is Christ as Savior (Rescuer) whose crucifixion
    – burial, resurrection, and ascension… heralds
    – God’s will done on earth as in heaven
    – The Kingdom of Heaven, now within openly extended
    – Eternal Life for those in Christ (sin & debt forgiven)

    Yet the damned instead keep auditioning their pretenders for “The antichrist” — “expanding the field” seeking “The predictable political god.” …always rejecting the only true Savior (Jesus of Nazareth / Yeshua Messiah).


    The Zika virus is spreading in the Americas, and is now expected to reach nearly every country, including the United States. Since it first appeared in Brazil in May 2015, over a million cases have been reported in that country alone. Symptoms are usually mild, but the virus is thought to be responsible for 3,500 cases of infants born with abnormally small heads, a debilitating condition known as microcephaly.

    Late last week, countries in Central and South America began taking the dramatic step of urging women to hold off on getting pregnant. In Colombia, the recommended hiatus is six to eight months. In El Salvador the government has gone even further, asking women to consider avoiding pregnancy until 2018. Jamaica and Honduras have made similar pleas.

    Zika microcephaly reality check…

    …”The media can get ahead of the science, so don’t always accept what you read, at face value.”

  3. Glad to see the blog is up and running again. LA noted on his blog that he really liked the new X-Files show that started last night. The show was interesting and it touched on many of the topics that LA and others have tried to highlight.

    As Nome has pointed out, 58 million abortions and now the Zika virus, a war on the unborn is being waged.

    • @ “retconned…”
      – “retroactive continuity”
      – cf. historical revisionism
      – per define ____ in google

      revise (an aspect of a fictional work) retrospectively, typically by introducing a piece of new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events.

      Interesting review…

      @ “it’s good to have the right enemies…”
      – The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom
      – “Reverence” The Lord, your God, with all your heart, soul, and strength.
      – what you fear is most certainly coming, quickly

      What the X-files dare not do is tell the truth. That mankind need not fear gods, aliens, or fallen angels — but only The Creator — who is able to destroy one’s soul in hell.

      Best I can tell, since we are made in the image of God, with body, soul, and spirit — our soul is that which connects body and spirit. “E’er the silver cord be loosed, and the golden bowl be broken…” Becoming disconnected, or untethered, must seem like falling into darkness forever.

      For those saved in Christ, “it does not yet appear what we shall be, but we shall be like Him when He comes.” For the damned, when they’re resurrected, no doubt they’ll also be like their daddies. And X-files won’t dare wake the sleeping masses about that.

      The damned are already spiritually nephilim. Once resurrected, (my best guess), they will be quite literally be demi-gods in the flesh doomed to an eternal prison made for the devils and his kind. The mormons, transhumans, satanists, etc. don’t get that they’re not told the whole truth by their handlers, that they’ll become “as gods” — but it won’t make any difference at all, cut off, and cast out, forever.

      Imagine that.


    Health insurer Centene Corp said on Monday it is missing six hard drives containing the personal and health information of about 950,000 people.

    The hard drives do not include any financial or payment details of customers, the company said….

    The missing data from the hard drives included the names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers and health information of patients who received laboratory services between 2009 and 2015.

    The better to give…
    – aliens & illegals
    – your identity and
    – your vote
    – my dear

  5. @ Hill&Bill, Huma, et al….
    – orange is the new black

    @ Soros jerking Weirner’s chain…
    – whose wife is Huma
    – Hillary’s chief aid

    @ Tom Delay driven from office…
    – later exonerated

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