Burns, OR: Shots Fired, Ammon Bundy Arrested, Hospital in Lockdown, FBI Speaks with Ammon Bundy, San Diego Active Shooter Drill, Congress Suicide Pact, Australia:Mysterious Triangle

Pray for the Patriots in Burns, Oregon please…






10 thoughts on “Burns, OR: Shots Fired, Ammon Bundy Arrested, Hospital in Lockdown, FBI Speaks with Ammon Bundy, San Diego Active Shooter Drill, Congress Suicide Pact, Australia:Mysterious Triangle

  1. In the video above, the member of congress who doesn’t want to ” make a constitutional issue out of it”, is frightening. Which founder said that when exchanging freedom for safety, you have neither one?

    As for the Oregon standoff, I pray the safety of both sides. The country seems to have reached a boiling point, and everyone is choosing sides.

    In other news, I can’t understand Glen Beck, saying that he would support Sanders over Trump? Personally, I prefer Cruz for his pro-life stance.

    I read that both the Pope and the Queen have warned that last Christmas may be the “last” Christmas. Just fear-mongering? And, the filmmakers of the planned parenthood video, are the ones in legal trouble? These are crazy times indeed.

    • Things are upside down. The Fed’s have been baiting for a civil war outbreak. This incident may be the trigger. I’ve seen comments of more people willing to travel to Burns to join Blaine Cooper who is at the refuge.

      Latest news was the Militia 3%s from Tennessee plus Idaho too would be traveling overnight to Burns. Situation definitely beyond steaming.

  2. I really think that as America, the bastion of freedom and constitutional government descends into a state of a “Ceaser” run government with no balance of powers left in it’s daily functioning to protect it’s citizens, the spirit of global lawlessness and chaos will take hold.

    Isn’t it interesting that it’s under the puppet show of the Obama brand that this is now beginning to occur. All those scriptural and other peculiarities about Obama being prophetically significant seem to now be taking on an obvious tone to the prophetic plan.

    Just sayin.

  3. @ wheat and tares…
    – angels charged with weeding
    – children of God told not to

    @ conflicts with authorities…
    – owe none ought but love (Rom. 13)
    – authorities are ministers of vengeance
    – their duty is to be a terror to the wicked
    – so agree with officers when confronted
    – lest they deliver you to judge and jail
    – and you languish there till penniless
    – Christ has no mercy for those with none
    – and that includes unjust cops & judges

    @ in the world but not of it…
    – there are worldly factions of all kinds
    – kingdoms as beast prophetically shown
    – yet the Kingdom of God within prevails
    – bowling over the ten pins (ten horns)
    – since there is a better way in Christ
    – why weep for the dog eat doggers
    – when your treasure is in heaven

    @ sows ears and silk purses…
    – pigs and dogs considered
    – wine in old bags versus new
    – bad actors and bad apples
    – lots spoiled when left to rot
    – like flies in beauty cream (*)
    – or balaams and jezebels
    – in salt & light not appointed
    (* to the remnant of The Anointed)

  4. Really sad to see a dad leave so many children behind…


    I see Robert (LaVoy) Finicum was mormon, rancher, libertarian, foster father, and a husband.

    The Bundies are also mormon, like Glen Beck. Do mormon teachings promote armed resistance? I’d not thought of them like Christian Identity or the KKK, which are both judeo-christian cults. I know there’s a history of “wild west” era conflicts. More to the point — is there a violent faction in the mormons (if not hate group). I’m not saying extremist faction, since much of what’s taken as mainstream now is violently extreme to me (such as murdering the unborn and innocents).

    The larger question is if this was all manipulated by FBI stings, or socialist, or greens (big government), or undergrounders,,, or Gladio style fascists etc.

    In any case — 1 dead instead of body counts like at Waco — is better. Are the Feds actually learning restraint?

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