Pete Santilli Arrest, West Now Under Martial Law, Robert LaVoy Finnicum, Bioweapon: Zika Virus

Moments before Pete Santilli’s Arrest

West Now Under Martial Law

Robert LaVoy Finnicum (Rest in Peace Patriot!)  Even if Finnicum states “if you’re going to shoot me, shoot me now!”  This would NOT justify law enforcement officials to shoot.  Officers are held to a higher standard of conduct more so because they are heavily armed and trained.  Finnicum was a farmer tired of seeing his fellow beings rights being trampled upon.   I’ve read comments that Finnicum’s hands were raised but I’m not seeing comments he was aiming at any officer to shoot.  I know he clearly has stated if someone points a weapon at him he would defend himself.  All videos where he is in view show him soft spoken, patient, well composed, educated and willing to share his knowledge of the Constitution.  I would not consider him a terrorist.  He died in his belief that what he was doing was the right thing.  Wish we had more like him at the front lines of defense.

Bioweapon: Zika Virus





12 thoughts on “Pete Santilli Arrest, West Now Under Martial Law, Robert LaVoy Finnicum, Bioweapon: Zika Virus


    Sharp reported that shots were first fired at Ryan Payne as he complied with orders to show his hands out of the window of the vehicle in which she was riding, but that the shots missed. Payne was calling for police to not shoot, as there were women in the vehicle, and exited the vehicle, asking that the women be allowed out.

    At this point, LaVoy Finicum, one of the spokesmen for the occupiers, who was driving the vehicle in which Ms. Sharp was riding, yelled out the window that they were going to go talk to the sheriff (at the meeting in John Day), or that agents could just shoot him. He told the passengers to get down, and drove forward, precipitating heavy gunfire from the agents, and crashing the vehicle into a snowbank.

    Sharp said that Finicum then exited the vehicle, hands in the air, yelling, “Just shoot me then!” A volley of shots rang out, and Finicum fell to his back, hands still over his head, and was shot several more times on the ground, Sharp said.

    According to Sharp, agents continued shooting at the car, striking Ryan Bundy in the shoulder as he shielded her on the floorboard, and deploying tear gas before finally taking the rest of the group into custody. She also claims that none of the protesters fired a shot or even touched a gun during the encounter.


    AUSTIN (CBS11) – Governor Greg Abbott called the indictment against the two people who recorded the undercover Planned Parenthood video, “completely dumbfounding.”

    The Governor says David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress were trying to expose alleged wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood….

    Governor Abbott says he doesn’t believe Daleiden and Merritt will be convicted.

    “They had no intent to commit a crime,” said Gov. Abbott. “They had the intent to reveal criminal activity that has allegedly being under taken by Planned Parenthood.”

  3. @ truth be told…
    – most religions are wrong (or worse)
    – most science doesn’t matter
    – most people are demons possessed
    – most would rather be distracted
    …than escape damnation

    There are a few, a remnant…
    – that want to be saved
    – that will believe in Christ
    – as the eternal Son of God
    – seen in Jesus of Nazareth
    – doing the will of Father God
    – as Yeshua Messiah, Lord
    – and True King of old Israel
    – abiding even now in heaven
    – along with those grafted in
    – out of every generation
    – for which Christ was crucified
    – to pay the price of sin & died
    – then resurrected, ascended, &
    – is soon returning to complete
    – what our Creator intended
    – from the very beginning

    It really doesn’t matter what the majority thinks.
    – They’re already damned.
    – Love ’em while you can


    One cowboy stood today, and showed me life’s freedom in his eyes:
    the glint of a living world shone forth from his belief.

    No matter what the world says now-so glaringly in error:
    time will show LaVoy stood true.

    A peaceful man full of honour
    Quiet dignity fortified with strength of belief

    A principle that was embued in this world
    when it was created,
    lived in LaVoy
    and we saw it in his eyes.

    Welcome Home, LaVoy, Well Done Native Son
    You stood tall, straight and true
    The Honour of the Ages lived in you
    And the light of God shone forth from your gaze

    Today you are in an unfenced pasture,
    Home on the Range
    with the Master Shepherd,
    and the angels sing.

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