Police Chopper Harassment, Refugees Boat Sinks, Burns, OR: Update, L.A. Marzulli, UFO Moon Explosion

Police Chopper Harassment

Greece: Many Dead as Refugees Boat Sinks

Burns, OR Update

L.A. Marzulli Politics, Prophecy, & the Supernatural

UFO Moon Explosion






13 thoughts on “Police Chopper Harassment, Refugees Boat Sinks, Burns, OR: Update, L.A. Marzulli, UFO Moon Explosion

  1. Breaking! LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video surfaces! Note: FBI preposition to ambush Bundy … LaVoy was definitely murdered.

    Please copy video before it “disappears” from YouTube.

  2. With all the talk of crisis actors in this “standoff” that I’ve heard on some videos, I think the evidence now kinda points in the direction that this was a staged event in order to possibly cover for an Illuminati/Freemasonic blood sacrifice ritual. Very, very suspicious considering the information in the above article if you ask me.

    It’s like we’re living in a stage show these days. You don’t know what is real and what isn’t, except to say question everything. Always peel back the curtain and take a deep, onerous look at the strings and one will see all of it for what it is. We’re practically living in a world of Illusion and demonic evil, quite literally.

    • Corey: The occupation got infiltrated with some “actors”. That’s the newest tactics by people who are paid informants to downgrade whatever the core message may be, to create division, create distrust, etc. These types of outsiders are called provocateurs specifically designed and may include undercover law enforcement officers/actors.

      LaVoy was real, Pete Santilli is real, the Bundy’s are real. Now I’m hearing Blaine Cooper has disappeared. Few people are still at the compound surrounded by law enforcement officials.

      Joe Biggs from InfoWars has already arrived in Burns. This story isn’t over and there are still people in jail being held without bail for interfering with Law Enforcement activities. This means ANYONE who criticizes or speaks, writes, films … 5th Amendment free speech rights…could be charged by the Fed’s with interfering with law enforcement officials:

      If Pete Santilli hadn’t been supporting the movement by reporting on it we wouldn’t have gotten a genuine feel or feedback for what was happening as events unfolded, including exposing the level of corruption involving the BLM land grabbing techniques. This includes the presiding Judge on the Hammonds case who is related to a BLM agent! This is a direct conflict of interest circumstance.

      We’re free to judge for ourselves for how we ultimately deal with situations but with the more credible information available then we should be able to decide what we decide.

      Now people are trying to demonize Santilli when he shouldn’t be criticized for speaking out.

      Just saying!

      • Mary: Yes, I do agree with that. They were all real but the whole thing got infiltrated. It’s the infiltrated part is where I’m thinking the occult agenda came into play here as per the curious facts in the link above. But yes, the whole situation was real and there is more than one agenda going on here. I should have clarified more.

  3. When I hear “ammon”, as in bundy, I think of the plagues of Egypt that showed the Lord’s dominance over the Egyptian gods. The 3 days of darkness was the Lord showing his power over Ammon-ra, the sun god.

    Also the storm “Jonas” reminds us of 3 days of darkness in the belly of the whale.

    The days or three years? Are these events actually warnings?

    • Very, very interesting R. Bannon. I never thought of that. Of course, it does make perfect sense. Very peculiar indeed. If it is an Illuminati, Satanic sacrifice ritual going on here according to the above link I posted (which does indeed seem suspicious), it’s almost as if God is inserting himself here very subtly and warning these Luciferians of his superiority over the “god” they are worshipping. “Ammon” Ra, The “Jonas” storm that hit the United States … it all does make sense.

      • Corey, I’d wager there are many sects capable of performing human sacrifice. There was a recent news story of a santeria cult to be in possession of human remains. They think they can derive some power or move forward their agenda with the spilling of blood. I hated hearing that Fennicum lost his life. And someone has to live with the taking of the life…so so tragic.

  4. [y] – multiple agendas
    [y] – provocateurs
    [y] – resonances (3 days)
    [y] – blood rituals
    [y] – expose patriot networks
    [y] – derail racist cops unrest
    [n] – MSM news worthy
    [?] – longterm significance

    • Clinton and company should be convicted.

      Sec. 1.7.
      Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.
      (a) In no case shall information be classified,
      continue to be maintained as classified,
      or fail to be declassified in order to:
      -(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
      -(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
      -(3) restrain competition; or
      -(4) prevent or delay the release of information….

      Sec. 4.1.
      General Restrictions on Access.
      (a) A person may have access to classified information provided that:
      -(1) a favorable determination of eligibility for access has been made by an agency head or the agency head’s designee;
      -(2) the person has signed an approved nondisclosure agreement; and
      -(3) the person has a need-to-know the information.
      (b) Every person who has met the standards for access to classified information in paragraph (a) of this section shall receive contemporaneous training on the proper safeguarding of classified information and on the criminal, civil, and administrative sanctions that may be imposed on an individual who fails to protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure.
      (c) An official or employee leaving agency service may not remove classified information from the agency’s control or direct that information be declassified in order to remove it from agency control.
      (d) Classified information may not be removed from official premises without proper authorization.
      (e) Persons authorized to disseminate classified information outside the executive branch shall ensure the protection of the information in a manner equivalent to that provided within the executive branch.
      (f) Consistent with law, executive orders, directives, and regulations, an agency head or senior agency official or, with respect to the Intelligence Community, the Director of National Intelligence, shall establish uniform procedures to ensure that automated information systems, including networks and telecommunications systems, that collect, create, communicate, compute, disseminate, process, or store classified information:
      -(1) prevent access by unauthorized persons;
      -(2) ensure the integrity of the information; and
      -(3) to the maximum extent practicable, use:
      ….(A) common information technology standards, protocols, and interfaces that maximize the availability of, and access to, the information in a form and manner that facilitates its authorized use; and
      ….(B) standardized electronic formats to maximize the accessibility of information to persons who meet the criteria set forth in section 4.1(a) of this order.
      (g) Consistent with law, executive orders, directives, and regulations, each agency head or senior agency official, or with respect to the Intelligence Community, the Director of National Intelligence, shall establish controls to ensure that classified information is used, processed, stored, reproduced, transmitted, and destroyed under conditions that provide adequate protection and prevent access by unauthorized persons.

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