Knowing Trailer, NZ: Vampire Demons, Angel Under the Rainbow, Burns OR: Military Buildup & Left Behind, Europol: 10,000 Missing Refugee Kids

Knowing Trailer

This isn’t the first time I sit back to relax from daily trivia chores, troubles, whatever may be bothering me, to watch a movie, hopefully fiction, but invariably the movie somehow goes deeper giving me chills.  Such is the case with “Knowing” starring none other the dynamic, thrilling Nicolas Cage.  Get a sneak peek at the trailer:

This 2009 movie feels prophetic.

It is dealing with the destructive weather phenomenon on a massive global scale. It invokes the spiritual gift of prophecy.  But what is a huge underlying problem is that the only way to save Cage’s only small child is to allow him to be  “taken” to another planet on a spaceship by “aliens” who are willing to take anyone who wants to go to their planet and avoid earth’s ultimate climate collapse.

The scenes show this planet to be a mimic of Heaven, a beautiful, rich, clean area to grow up safely.  A place where one day there will be a reunion.

Scriptures are misinterpreted, misrepresented by design.  This is a seed planting solution as the earth people are battling massive solar flares from the Sun, fighting electromagnetic waves, shutting down the electric grill, causing explosions across the continent bringing colossal deaths through earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Sounds very much what we are facing today!  Recent massive meteors were seen and booms were heard along the Canadian southeastern and upper U.S. northeastern New England, NJ, NY seaboard states.

Reports of destruction, if any, have not surfaced yet.

If you are going to yield your and your family and friends souls, yield them to The Eternal God of true Salvation, the Lord God, Jesus Christ!

New Zealand: Vampire Demons 3 Women Biting People

Vancouver Island, Canada: Angel Under the Rainbow

Burns, OR:  Update Military Buildup

If I can find the 600 page report mentioned by Rice, I will post it or link to it.

Burns, OR:  Deborah Jordan (Pete Santilli’s Co host) Left Behind?

Europol: 10,000 Missing Refugee Kids






25 thoughts on “Knowing Trailer, NZ: Vampire Demons, Angel Under the Rainbow, Burns OR: Military Buildup & Left Behind, Europol: 10,000 Missing Refugee Kids

  1. I remember seeing that movie (Knowing) not so long ago. I remember thinking of all the end times parallels and hinting going on in this movie. Shortly thereafter, I saw the following video and saved it and forgot about it until now. In the following video, the movie is broken down and it is quite amazing what you walk away with after seeing this video. It seems to connect the movie hinting at the comet Elenin event, which has strong connections to the approach of Nibiru (see below), but first, the Rapture occurs around the time of Nibiru. This one here is an attention getter. This movie seems to be identifying a pre-tribulation rapture immediately preceding the Revelation 6 judgment of Nibiru, which the below video breaks down.

    E = Extinction
    L = Level
    E = Event
    N = Nibiru
    I = Is
    N = Near

    But all that said, even though we as Christians know that this disappearance will be the rapture of the church, it would seem that the powers that be (Illuminati, Luciferians, globalists, etc. are planning a fake rapture event in which aliens will be the explanation for a disappearance? We’ve all heard of that before. This movie was likely a strong hint by these globalists of what is being planned in the future, but for us Christians, will be a real event such as the Rapture of the church. A must see video. It’s been awhile since I saw the video, but those are just 2 or 3 of the several things that I remember that really struck me about the video breaking down the Knowing movie and other things.

    Here is the video.


    • @ rephaim ~ nephilim…
      – re: “Yea though I wall through the valley of death”
      – cp. valley of the dead (shades)

      You know, FaceLikeTheSun’s sidekick…
      – without da lucha mask
      – could be called FaceLikeTheMoon

  2. @ snow in mecca…
    – taken by muslims as a sign
    – of their impending judgment
    – weighed in the balance
    – and damned forever

    … expect panic and mass pilgrimage from non-hajjis

  3. @ 2716…

    “in like flint…”
    – imdb



    Flint is again called out of retirement when his old boss finds that he seems to have missed three minutes while golfing with the president. Flint finds that the president has been replaced by an actor (Flint’s line, “An Actor as President?”) Flint finds that a group of women have banded together to take over the world through subliminal brainwashing in beauty salons they own.

  4. To add to Nome’s very interesting videos above, I’ll put this one here. It seems the halftime show performers are furthering the message along. All taken together with what we know about 2016 as explained by Jonathan Kahn, Tom Horn ala Zenith 2016, the symbolism of the upcoming Stuporbowl etc. etc., it would seem that 2016 is looking very ominous as a candidate for some possible major prophetic events to occur. Rapture? Middle East letting loose? The End Time Vineyard’s (America) purpose being fulfilled and coming to it’s climax? Necessarily, all of the above would have to occur when the Vineyard’s purpose has climaxed in it’s assignment.

    Anyway, here’s the video:


  5. So many videos and so little time…I’ll try to watch some tonight when I get home. Thanks to everyone for posting.

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