Russia To Nuke Apophis Asteroid 2036, UFO Near The SUN, Russian Helicopter MI-24 Drops Bombs Near Syrian Rebels, Saudi Mission in Syria Rests on US-Led Coalition Decision, Could a World War Over Syria Actually Happen?

Paul Begley  “BREAKING” Russia To Nuke Apophis Asteroid 2036 (Deep Impact)

“Russia to aim their ICBM nukes at Apophis in 2036.”

UFOvni2012  NIBIRU ? PLANET X ? UFO Near The SUN Captured By NASA, Feb 14, 2016

Fuerzas Armadas Russian Helicopter MI-24 Drops Bombs Near Syrian Rebels

Published on Feb 14, 2016 “A rebel cameraman is nearly hit by unguided bombs dropped from Syrian government MI-24 “Hind” combat helicopter. Syria. Darayya (South of Damascus).”

PressTV News Videos  Saudi Mission in Syria Rests on US-Led Coalition Decision

Published on Feb 14, 2016  “Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir made the remarks in a press conference with his Swiss counterpart in Riyadh. Jubeir said the kingdom is to consult with the so-called coalition on the scale and the timing of its possible ground deployment in Syria. He said the details are yet to be worked out. US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter had earlier said he expected Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to send Special Forces to Syria. On Sunday, Riyadh confirmed it has deployed aircraft at an airbase near Turkey’s southern borders. Turkey, a NATO member, has given the green light to Riyadh for a possible military intervention in Syria.”

Al Jazeera English  Could a World War Over Syria Actually Happen?

“Russia’s PM warned on Thursday that the “new Cold War” between Russia and the West could escalate into a “permanent war.” But how possible is that?”

Comment:  This round table discussion video is really insightful, very frank/brutal, on what’s happening in Syria, (Daesch) U.S., Russia, Turkey, Iran, etc. plus or including the 10-15 major axis super powers (all chess players), in addition to the weak U.N. who is really  unable to ‘act’ on behalf of peace within the region.

This conversation covers the reality of current events in the ‘natural’ realm not the winds of war spiritual realm which the Gary Stearman’s and LA Marzulli’s, biblical prophecy watchmen’s on the wall cover.

UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21On a side note/comment:  The full 351 page guidebook/manual to Agenda 21 was/is available for purchase on Amazon for $300 so I never bought it.  It’s now come to my attention that it is available for free downloading, along with other valuable documents at the Watchman News website at  Scroll down past several pages to ‘Agenda 21’.




 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



16 thoughts on “Russia To Nuke Apophis Asteroid 2036, UFO Near The SUN, Russian Helicopter MI-24 Drops Bombs Near Syrian Rebels, Saudi Mission in Syria Rests on US-Led Coalition Decision, Could a World War Over Syria Actually Happen?

  1. Picking up from previous posting comments re: Scalia was Murdered:
    Scalia Was Found with ‘Pillow Over His Head’

    Statement: “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.

    This one statement describing Scalia’s position is enough to call it a ‘suspicious’ act warranting an autopsy.

    If his bedclothes were unwrinkled, he never moved positions or may have been carried there to indicate he died in his sleep (murder).

  2. HEADS UP! COULD IT BE?… An interesting article to be sure since 2016 looks very ominous at this point.


    Is it a coincidence that now the book of Enoch is getting so much deserved attention? I personnally don’t think so. Enoch deals heavily with this time period called the Tribulation.

    Continued from yesterday’s blog
    THE ANCIENT BOOK OF ENOCH (program 3 of 11)

    THE ANCIENT BOOK OF ENOCH (program 4 of 11)

  3. Although I’m hesitant to buy the timing of this, the interview is still very interesting given the rest of the content of the information along with some very intriguing pictures of this planetary system getting ever so closer.

    It would seem that the elite pulling out every weapon of mass deception they can to keep the truth of Nibiru from coming to full light.



    Take note of the information from about 2:22 onward. Didn’t Mary just post a story of the Pope meeting the Russian Patriarch? Could this story of the transport of the “Ark of Gabriel” have something to do with this first time ever meeting of the Pope and the Russian Patriarch?

    “Here is why this story is one of epic proportion … There isn’t an individual on earth at this moment that would not recognize that religions and their disparities are bringing about tremendous fractures inside of human society, and outspread convictions by some have brought about millions being killed throughout the centuries. What do Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have in common? … the Archangel Gabriel. What is this gadget called? … The Ark of Gabriel.”


    This is sounding pretty familiar for those who have seen the “Apparitions of Mary” video by Perry Stone. The uniting of Islam and apostate Christianity? Looking more possible every day it would seem. I think I’m gonna go to bed now before I have a brain implosion.

    2016 anyone?

  5. @ 99942 apophis impact…
    – no other known impactor for Revelation events
    – if nuked then radioactive i.e. wormwood
    – ability to deflect also means into vice away
    – space mining tests on near asteroid vs far
    – Project Orion tests (ala Freeman Dyson)
    – yet another Break Away Civilization scenario
    – 325 m ~ 1066 feet (2013 Herschel ESA measure)

    if tsunami then major population reduction…
    – requires surprise else prior refugee relocation
    – if land impact then climate-change ice age
    – provides rationale for putting nukes in space
    – provides rationale for planetary defense
    – if sea impacts nuke power plants / ships
    – more wormwood toxins poison ocean
    – 3rd Trumpet and 3rd Vial events

    unholy angels/demons deflect into earth…
    – warrant for casting them into the earth
    – more plausible than disclosure
    – 7 year period between 2029 & 2036
    – 4-13-29 friday to 4-13-29 sunday
    – 365 weeks and 2 days
    – 7 * 365 + 2 (leap days? … solar)
    – 2557 days = 1260 + 1260 + 30 + 7 (prophetic)

    Revelation 11:17-18
    Saying We give thee thanks O Lord God Almighty
    which art and wast and art to come, because
    thou hast taken to thee thy great power and hast reigned

    And the nations were angry and thy wrath is come
    and the time of the dead that they should be judged
    and that thou shouldest give reward unto
    thy servants the prophets and to the saints
    and them that fear thy name small and great
    and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth

    • so, scaled down to apophis…
      – shattered asteroid impacts
      – Chelyabinsk meteor = 20 meters
      – apophis= 325 meters
      – shattered meteor cloud
      – wipes out satellite belt / cascade
      – many Chelyabinsk air bursts
      – sun dark, moon red, global cooling

  6. Meteor Dust Plume Aftermath from Chelyabinsk…

    simulating nuke impact on asteroid “rubble…”

    nuking asteroid simulation…

    Rome based, Planetary Defense, How nations react…

    They know it’s coming, but will assert / spin a miss in the msm – to “prevent” panic. Wicked intentions dismissed though some will play god — like the Russians (or globalists). Or those factions that would push pulverizing apophis as a quick fix for global warming — even at the cost of a cascade in the satellite belt. Globally dispersed meteor dust cloud plumes blocking sunlight could cause massive plant and ocean life death (waters turn to blood). Counter factions arise – saying “don’t harm the trees or anything green.” Compare apocalyptic scenarios in the Revelation.

    • Rev. 16 Vials parallel Trumpets…
      – what started in Trumpets is finished in Vials
      – note: smoke from the Golden Censer
      – is mixed with prayers of the saints (*)

      Easy to see that…
      – The Great Multitude comes out of Great Tribulation (Rev. 7)
      – since the destruction of the world
      – doesn’t leave much room for doubt

      * saints = all those saved
      (saints does not equal super catholics)

    • I’ll bet that the ‘not a real asteroid disaster scenario’ played out in the Conference was a challenge in itself trying to tie in all possible aspects of an actual potential disaster.

      • Well then Mary, here’s a treat. since 2014 TTX (table top exercise) misses Corpus, mostly.

        9 page pdf… (same via google search)


        For the 30-day briefing, the overall worst-case scenario was a tsunami-producing impact in the central Gulf of Mexico.The possible consequences, according to the tsunami calculation by LLNL, include maximum wave heights of 1 to 3 meters that arrive at the coast 1 to 4.25 hours after the impact. Damages from a tsunami are somewhat analogous to storm surge damage resulting from a hurricane.


        • Oh Gee! Does the Galveston perimeters have a ‘barrier’ or ‘sea wall’ that would cause a delay or a way to stop tsunamis from rolling in? We have a ‘sea wall’ out in the Bayfront area which was in development for 20 years after a 1919 devastating hurricane: “Building the Bayfront: The Corpus Christi Seawall”

          Read More:

          So how effective is this seal wall? I don’t know and I don’t want it tested!

          • Having spent more than my fair share of time in Galveston, I can conclusively say they don’t. Here in the valley, we have the southern end of SPID.

            Not that I want to experience 30 foot tsunamis any time soon, having gained a good deal of respect for such on temporary duty on an old tin can destroyer in the north Atlantic during a major storm, with AFFF (blood based) foam sloshing up and down the main passage, most of the crew strapped in their bunks, and waves breaking over the forward gun mount.

            I may make it to 2036, (not willingly), but likely to see 2029. I reckon things will be really obvious regarding apophis by then. Always happy to research more in that area!

    • @ gaga & the gagoids…
      – she looks more CGI than usual
      – just got large bowie head tattoo
      – my guess is she splinters in VR
      – with holos that perform together
      – reflecting the ego self worship
      – chronic to those possessed
      – a “femoses” idol for the monsters

      @ illuminati symbols…
      – doctrines of demons no doubt
      – white pillar + black pillar = gray pillar
      – male pillar + female pillar = gay pillar
      – human pillar + inhuman pillar = x-human
      – mocking the promise of Rev. 3:12
      – no exit for the matrix from the matrix
      – holographic hybrids of entertainers
      – pseudo-life vicariously crowd sourced

      perhaps the image of the beast…
      – becomes the virtual collective
      – of all that are demon possessed

  7. @ crimes against humanity…
    – caesar photos of assad atrocities below
    – very graphic google image search
    – strongly advise prayer first
    – if you decide to open

    The current instance of “the ten horns” won’t admit that what they do routinely is far worse — for instance by enabling (and sanitizing) legalized elective abortion.

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