Inside the Kurdish Ground War on ISIS, YPG & YPJ Clean Giri Spi from ISIS & Turkish Forces, Unresolved Case of Suspicious Letters Targeting Oregon Sheriffs, Carson Offered Money to Quit, UFO Hidden Near Trees In Romania

“National Geographic journalist Neil Shea discusses his experiences while embedded with the Kurds as they defend their home against ISIS. EXPLORER: FIGHTING ISIS AIRS SUNDAY MARCH 6 at 8/7c.”

Bill Still  Still Report #666 – Carson Offered Money to Quit

“Dr. Ben Carson has received multiple offers of money and political support if he would drop out of the 2016 presidential race Carson confirmed on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox.   “The machine in Washington is extremely complicated and complex. It is corrupt,” he told Maria Bartiromo.”

Paul Begley  Oregon Man “Takes The RFID Chip” Ready For Future 666

Scott Waring  UFO Hidden Near Trees In Romania On Google Earth, HD, Feb 29, 2016, UFO Sighting Daily

Published on Feb 28, 2016
Date of discovery: unknown
Location of discovery: Romania
Google coordinates: 45°42’12.11″N 21°18’8.88″E”This UFO has been seen many times over the years, but no one has made a video with the views over it from 2003 to 2016, including a 3D view of it which is proof its not a water tower, it is sitting flat on the ground. There are no doorways and there are no roads or paved walkways. It is hiding under the trees, with a line of trees blocking it from all sides. This looks very suspicious to me. Even though the house and are looks old and desolate, the buildings near the UFO were not even there in 2003, but look old, probably made to look old on purpose to keep people away.”
Scott C. Waring,


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe. Be blessed.


 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



28 thoughts on “Inside the Kurdish Ground War on ISIS, YPG & YPJ Clean Giri Spi from ISIS & Turkish Forces, Unresolved Case of Suspicious Letters Targeting Oregon Sheriffs, Carson Offered Money to Quit, UFO Hidden Near Trees In Romania

  1. G’Day, SeashoreMary!

    Here is a clearer side-plan view of what is, I believe to be, the same alleged UFO as featured in Mr Waring’s video:

    “” [Cyril Duclos]

    I have no explanation for the humanoid-type figure, captured in the still image, standing in the grass between tree and UFO, apart from it being a humanoid-type figure standing in grass between trees and UFO.

    • Hey Pete! So it takes someone from across the world to figure out if the UFO in Romania really is or is not a genuine UFO?

      Waring made a very good case that it was a UFO because of its spherical shape and it was initially silver. After seeing the Romanian “Temple”/UFO…I don’t know. Plus the “Temple” is only a guess at best according to the posting on FB.

      • Hello, Seashoremary…

        Apologies, this this galah, “Scott C. Waring” is taking the p***.

        He carefully, conveniently, words his commentary to fit a certain narrative (his own)….

        “…has been seen many times over the years”
        – so it’s hardly new, secret or inaccessible.

        “…including a 3D view of it which is proof its not a water tower”
        – I can agree that the clearer image you’ve provide shows that is not currently a water tower. May have been a barn or silo of sorts that has been converted to a rather eccentric or exotic styled building – be it a temple or home. Converting barns, silos, to living quarters or homes is nothing new. You may be familiar with the British TV show “Grand Designs” which often features barns etc converted to houses. Actually, it reminds one of an observatory building.

        “… it is sitting flat on the ground.”
        – No exaggeration there!

        “There are no doorways and there are no roads or paved walkways.”
        – Of course, that is according to the perspective he provides in his video. The location appears to be a country setting, perhaps it has not been worth the while to install a paved footpath to the building? It is a country-setting in Romania. Although, there does appear to be some well-worn tracks through the grass/dirt.

        “It is hiding under the trees, with a line of trees blocking it from all sides.”
        – again, this is his suggestion… “it is hiding under the trees…” It’s not doing a very good job at “hiding”! The building just happens to be positioned nearby to trees with the branches covering a port of the building (top view) which “hide” a section.
        – “… with a line of trees blocking it from all sides.” According to him. Looks very accessible and would be visible from certain perspectives. Again, it’s a country setting, and it’s hardly “hidden”.

        “This looks very suspicious to me.”
        – Another selling point, despite the “…has been seen many times.” Of course, he is entitled to his opinion.

        “Even though the house and are looks old and desolate, the buildings near the UFO were not even there in 2003, but look old, probably made to look old on purpose to keep people away.”
        – Nevermind the poor grammar… (I know mines not always perfect).
        – “… the house and are looks old and desolate” – difficult to presume with a top view only.
        – In video, he claims it’s guarded by an 8′ high fence. Nothing suspicious about a property bordered by a fence and gate. Yes, gates and fences are usually there to border and limit access, and maintain a certain privacy. Who knows what motivates people to put a fence around their yard? Afterall, the “desolate” house (according to Waring) is more-or-less standing alone. Nothing new for a house/property to have a fence and gate around it.*
        – Nothing sinister about an old, desolate house.. makes for good ripping yarns as provided by Scott C. Waring.
        – In video, the location of this “old desolate house”, with the “junk” on it’s property next to the “UFO” is set in a country or farming field, and there appear to be *urbanized areas located a short distance away.
        – “…the buildings near the UFO were not even there in 2003”
        – upon reading wikipedia re Google Earth… Google wasn’t (publicly) there, either!
        – that is Waring’s claim, and in his own video he shows that there are buildings/house (top view only) from 2003!
        – the house/property is set in the middle of a rural area surrounded by farming fields for growing. Not unusual for a house in this type of location to be be bordered by trees, allows for privacy and helps keep the dust away on windy days or harvest time.

        If you scroll down his UFO sightings daily page, his background layout features a series repeated image of what, I guess, is supposedly images from Mars – he has conveniently divided/split and swapped (put left side to the right, and the right to left) a certain image of rocks which have a free-hand red bordering defining a certain… shape. If you join the two images in correct order, it reminds me of the immature (but funny) graffiti you would see scrawled on a classroom desk or the wall of a school toilet block, back in school days. (I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself). His website is BS, too.

        Duclos puts a ? (question mark) asking if it may be a temple.

        Sorry, Seashoremary, but this UFO is merely a building in Rumania. Complete with rain/drainage pipes and windows. Don’t be sucked in by his BS.

        I could go on, especially about his verbal claims in his video… but this guy, Waring, has a few roos loose up in the top paddock.

        I give Scott C.Waring and this video (and his website) a rating of -8.53 out of 5 stars.

        Ps… yes, I had some time to kill, today…. wasn’t a complete waste of time to analyse (even with the limits), as am able to determine this video and his website are BS. Of course, that is just my opinion.

        • i forgot to add.. Waring’s 3-D view looks heavily (and poorly) paint-brushed – very cartoonish… and conveniently hides the “extension” from the building as depicted in the side-profile view of photo/still image you have posted.

      • Ps… The ‘roof’ still looks silver or grey in the photo above. Probably, shines/reflects the sunlight very brightly, too.

        • And then there’s that kingdom of the crystal skulls…
          – camouflaged as a indian temple
          – alien multidimensional ufo saucer


          …basically a cargo cult twist

    • Nomemoleste! re yesterday’s posts… I guess the periscope, being “live”, moves onto another view every so often. Tried having a look at your Nepal link, but was no longer there (by time I checked).

      You posted the “what they don’t want you to know” [i think, titled] which begins with interview by a Canberra, A.C.T (Australian Capital Territory – where Parliament House stands, and our PM and politicians entertain each other) TV show host interviewing professor at Wollongong University re studies on micro-chip implants… (I’m not familiar with the show, must be a local one, and probably on a community channel that not many can receive so no one can see it?).. anyway, it amazes me that we have Book of Revelations, quite specific in detail re Mark of the Beast, recorded 2000 years ago, printed in English language bibles 500 years ago, depicted in Hollywood movies and pop culture/sci-fi made in last 40-50 years, and literature (both fiction & non-fiction), used by the Nazis to ID prisoners in WWII (at least in tattoo form) – and yet, people still say the Holy Bible is fiction or nonsense! These micro-chip implants (for humans) have been in the news for over 10 years, already! The pet one’s have been around for a couple of decades. The appropriately named SDR (Special Drawing Rights) re barcodes on items for sale have been around since early 70s! Yet, people still discount and disregard the Bible as truth? Ah-maaaazing! And doesn’t matter whether 666 or Damascus in ruins… how people cannot see it all happening is just… talk about living on another planet!

      Also, i made comment in my first post about friend ignoring my point re “aetheists have started more wars” etc … i watched your vid’s posted on the Eugenics (after my post), which listed the various dictators and their murdering of millions… very timely, brother!

      As for Corey’s and whoever else’s comments and videos, including mine.. people can say and present whatever they want (and I grateful to Seashoremary, for that). I agree with you, Nome, on same token, I appreciate the various offerings as they are all interesting and thought provoking (at least) and, fortunately, we still have the choice to agree or disagree. i know I’m a little cheeky at times, perhaps offensive, (others may call me smart$%^*#). It’s a good thing to throw a little humour in amongst all the seriousness… not that I really needed to tell you that.. “earth 2” he he… What’s a little cheekiness among friends?

      Most importantly, we all trust, believe and have faith in the same and true Living father.

      Regardless, I love you all, and hope and pray that you are all well and safe and happy.

  2. I knew Trump was controlled. I knew we couldn’t trust him. Take a look at the Trump symbol. It looks to me that he is their pocket as well. Looks like he’s part of the act/deception/whatever you want to call it.

    • Corey,
      I agree they all play on the same team playing their deceptive game of “good cop, bad cop”. I have not watched one debate because I know its just a distraction as to what going on behind the perverble curtain. I’m amazed that someone can come out as a proud socilist and people love it! How about the Mao uniform Hilteraly adorns herself with? Geez!! Constrast the uniform to the Righteous covering and freedom Christ Jesus has provided, praise His Holy Name!

    • G’day, Corey, and LizP!

      Interesting video there, Corey. 0’s logo also looks like an eyeball if turned upside down. Hellary’s logo, is creepy, and reminds me of the twin towers (WTC)… the Soviets and China had their red-flag symbol.. plus, with the red arrow commencing from the left and crashing through the two pillars suggests socialism? As LizP mentions regarding Hellary’s uniform.. very Mao… trying to recall last time she was in public wearing a very feminine dress, as she always seems to be wearing pants (in public, at least, and fortunately, for rest of us). Is that a hint of sorts re confusion of sexes/gender?
      (which reminds me, I only recently noticed at Crown Casino in Perth, that there is now a “Unisex” restroom adjoining the male & female ones – only difference, from outside, is that the Unisex has a door at its entry, whereas the others are open entry except partitioned by walls (like a maze). I dare not enter into the Unisex facility. Give it time, they’ll place a prayer room next door, too! Halal, of course. Which would be a waste of space, really, since everyone gambling is praying for a win at their particular shrine (poker machine) – I’m guilty of having done so in past – nowadays, I don’t gamble, a friend takes me once-a-week and I just enjoy her company and the free booze and munchies in exclusive section, for the big spenders, where she is a member (and invites me as guest), and the live music in other arena. I also notice that most of the pokies have an occult theme… ‘wizards’ “witches” “dragons” “ghostbusters” etc etc).
      Also, from memory, the Roman “axes” as presented in video, and featured on wall behind Speaker of the House, are called ‘fasces’ (quick google search says, in part of definition, that it’s a symbol of authority…. and symbol of fascism – synonyms include ‘authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy, absolute rule, Nazism, rightism, militarism etc’.
      I can’t think of any ‘isms’ that are good.

    • Further, re Trump, Corey, I forgot where read article or if saw/listened on Y/T (definitely not Young Turds err Turks) PPSimmons, more likely, t’was from while ago, last year… discussion re Trump put in place (to lead Republican Party/candidacy) and deliberately lose election against Hellary… as LizP stated, they all playing for same team and puppet master.

      Having said that, Breitbart News Network had well-written article re Senator J.Sessions endorsement of Mr Trump (author Virgil).


      Then, again, there’s another article on BNN by Ben Shapiro headlined 3 reasons not to vote Trump…

      It’s so confusing.. local news/current affairs TV programs, the hosts are usually mocking the [Republican] campaigns & debates and describing it all as a circus. Of course, these local shows, particularly, our ABC (Aus. Broadcasting Corp, the public/government run TV/radio station), historically, tend to have views from left-leaning perspective (and are usually bias against the *Liberal Party which is our current government). They’ll also take advantage of trivial things in order to ridicule, such as other week (on a weekly “news” comedy show, called The Weekly) a moment where Ben Carson’s missed his cue to walk on stage at debate, so he was left standing twiddling his thumbs while the other candidates walked past him. Trivial nonsense like that to make it all look idiotic.

      *Australian Liberal Party are more of a conservative, as opposed to USA liberals… Must be the way the wind blows in the southern hemisphere as opposed to the northern…

    • Hi Liz and Pete,
      I can tell you this. If we do have an election and it’s not cancelled because of a war or some other “emergency”, we will have a “selection”, not an election. That ancient Israel-America biblical parallel with Hillary ending up in the “Ivory House/White House” looks like it’s on track to occur. I think you’re right Liz, the controllers just threw Trump out there to play the “good cop” and keep everyone passified and distracted from the deadly game they have going on. All one really has to do is look at biblical prophecy and you will see who it is that’s going to “win” this “selection” … cough! cough! … I mean … election.

      Pete: It does kinda remind you of the WTC doesn’t it? I never noticed that. You can also see from the “Rome” symbolism going on there that Rome is controlling what goes on worldwide. This fact proves Daniel’s vision of the fourth beast (Revived Roman Empire) that rules the world is in full swing. It looks like Rome is using the USA as it’s power arm to enforce the agenda. The accuracy of biblical prophecy is quite amazing.

        • Liz,
          I do. I have it uploaded to my youtube channel. Here it is …


          (part 2 of 4)

          (part 3 of 4)

          (part 4 of 4)

        • The parallel that America has with ancient Israel are absolutely beyond reproach. God’s fingerprints are all over this. This has to be the most fascinating aspect to prophecy for me. It brings it right down to our own country. I have many more videos of this parallel on both my youtube and Dailymotion channels. This is just one.



        • Based on all the amazing information, evidence and “fingerprints” (as I like to call them), I believe that America is the “vineyard” that Christ spoke of in Matthew 21: 33-43. I plan on uploading more on that very soon. There are so many clues about America’s true history apart from the Illuminati infiltration side of it that pop up that one can come to no other conclusion about what Christ was speaking of. Will upload soon. I put a few more nuggets on my Pinterest site. All this being the case, we shouldn’t be surprised that we see parallels like this popping up in America’s current affairs such as the Hillary/Jezebel Ivory House/White House events. Here are just some of them.

        • Click on the top part of the image with the labeling and the gravatar image located above the pictures and it will take you straight to the site so you can read the picture descriptions I’ve written below each picture.

    • So we can believe these people are all ‘squiggly?!” All of these ‘symbols’ are designed by professional designers. Did they all consult together to come up with the same but colored with different perspectives?

      Trumps and Obama’s symbols are the same but upside down and different colors. I know Trump definitely loves ‘gold’.

      However, I do wonder about the Donald. He is saying everything that the public is feeling and saying. Is that a tad bit of a coincidence?

      Remember too that when Jimmy Carter was elected, he took office but when he tried to do something, particularly about the UFO phenomena, it is noted he had a ‘consultation’ with the powers that be then cried.

      Would Trump be up to the challenge if elected?

      • I see what you’re saying. It could be that the Donald is really attempting to go against the globalists, but these globalists may be indicating that they will attempt to get control of him and tell him to do as they say or else. They may be indicating their intentions by designing this logo or whatever. Or it may be as William Mount suggests, that Trump is already being controlled by the globalists headquartered in Rome and he is just another puppet they are throwing out there to play the part of the opposition. Who knows at this point. I’m tempted to go with Mount’s view of it, that is is already being controlled and Trump is going along with it and already playing on the same team. I do wonder about the video that Dahboo 7 released showing the symbolism in Trump’s place of residence with all of his Sun God symbolism pictures. It all seems kinda fishy to me. I must say though that it’s hard to not like Trump, so I get it why people like him and look at him as the hope of America, but when one peels back the curtain just a bit, there are clues and cause for concern.

      • All that being said though, I do think that Donald Trump is in this position by divine providence. Here’s why. This is exactly how God works. “The Donald” actually means something. I think God is trying to tell the world something here. That judgment is coming and coming soon. Check this video out. Absolutely fascinating.


        • Some of you may be familiar with or heard of the Illuminati Card Game, introduced during the mid-1990’s. Here’s a two-minute gem. Note the key words, and another example of how the “news” and its subjects are so scripted.
          (there’s plenty of other videos about the “game”)

        • Very profound. After reading the Crow’s names report that LizP previously posted I would say that yes, names are prophetic in nature. I like Jeremiah’s Johnson’s prophecy re: Trump. So now I understand that we’re not looking at someone who will say whatever to please others, but quite the opposite.

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