Nibiru / Messiah Codes, BLM Gives Big Oil Corporation Right to Drill, US Is Willing To Strike Israel, Drought Bitter Winter Decimate Mongolia’s Livestock, Obama Shrinks from Unity Pose with Castro, Dreams of Dali

Pinlight  Nibiru / Messiah Codes on SKYWATCH with Richard Shaw and Rabbi Glazerson

“Published on Mar 21, 2016  This was an interview on Skywatch TV with Derek Gilbert, on the striking new Codes that Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson discovered and flew to L.A. to show Richard Shaw. Interestingly more codes on 5776 /2016. We just have to ask “why” this year comes up so many times in multiple Codes and ancient texts.”

Bravo Von Muller  Fascist BLM gives Big Oil Corporation Right to Drill in National Monument

“Published on Mar 21, 2016  Our Fascist government at work; The BLM gave Makoil Corporation and Eugene Kozlowski the right to drill Oil and Gas wells in the Middle of a National Monument. The Globalists don’t care what you think anymore, this is now “In Your Face” ! So as Obama is taking his Family on a Vacation to Cuba, The BLM is selling America’s Assets to the highest Bidder ! And the Elite wonder why Donald Trump says Riots are coming ?”

 Israeli News Live The US Is Willing To Strike Israel

“Published on Mar 21, 2016  In a surprising Article published years back after the 1967 war it seems that The US was willing to strike Israel if it dared to attack Syria or Iran with Ballistic Missiles. The US feared that it would bring Russia into a nuclear confrontation something they were not willing to allow. So it must be true that Obama was willing to knock out Israeli Planes as Kuwaiti News had reported.”

Comments:  Tit for Tat!  The ‘event’ did take place but there are more facets to this story as you read this article from the NY Times:

Book Says Israel Intended 1967 Attack on U.S. Ship

Published: April 23, 2001″  “WASHINGTON, April 22— Israel’s attack in 1967 on the intelligence ship Liberty, which killed 34 American sailors and wounded 171 others, was deliberate, according to a new book on the National Security Agency, disputing the longstanding Israeli claim that the attack was accidental.The book, ”Body of Secrets,” by James Bamford, provides a detailed recounting of the Israeli attack on the American eavesdropping ship, along with new evidence in an incident that has been debated ever since. Mr. Bamford wrote an earlier book on the security agency, ”The Puzzle Palace,” published in 1982.”  More…{}

Reuters  Drought, Bitter Winter Decimate Mongolia’s Livestock

“Published on Mar 21, 2016  Mongolia’s herders are devastated by a combination of an unusually cold winter and a drought that has killed off large percentages of their sheep, goats and cows.”

USA TODAY  Obama Shrinks from Unity Pose with Castro

“Published on Mar 21, 2016   President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro ended their press conference in a way that can only be described as awkward.”

BBC News  Dreams of Dalí – The Surrealist’s Art in 360 Video

“Published on Mar 21, 201  Salvador Dalí’s vivid imagination has drawn people to his paintings for years – but a new virtual reality experience from The Dalí Museum in Florida literally puts the user in the picture. World Update’s Dan Damon took a tour around the experience with the museum’s curator of education, Peter Tush.”


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe.  Be Blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}




21 thoughts on “Nibiru / Messiah Codes, BLM Gives Big Oil Corporation Right to Drill, US Is Willing To Strike Israel, Drought Bitter Winter Decimate Mongolia’s Livestock, Obama Shrinks from Unity Pose with Castro, Dreams of Dali

  1. @ Ongoing Data Disasters…
    – Cyber Secrets Exposed
    – by incompetent bozos
    – like Hillary Clinton

    So much for privacy, or proprietary info, when national security is a joke!

  2. None of the following protect the soft underbelly of cyber services — devious insiders or bozo leadership.

    Norse Attack Map

    Norse maintains the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network. With over eight million sensors that emulate over six thousand applications – from Apple laptops, to ATM machines, to critical infrastructure systems, to closed-circuit TV cameras – the Norse Intelligence Network gathers data on who the attackers are and what they’re after.

    Digital Attack Map
    – DDoS attacks around the globe.
    ‎- Gallery – ‎What is a DDoS Attack?

    Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map

    FireEye Cyber Threat Map
    – See recent global cyber attacks on the FireEye Cyber Threat Map.
    – Financial, Manufacturing, Telecom, Education

  3. @ insider attacks

    Duration to Resolve Attacks (days)

    detected Insider Attacks don’t include:
    – Undetected (of course) or
    – Ongoing leveraging of previously stolen data
    – like trade secrets, national security info,
    – or personal privacy details

    Personal Privacy can be financial info, identity info, or location data — such as the metadata in a photo that shows the precise latitude and longitude where it was taken. Such as in your children’s bedrooms.

    You wouldn’t walk around in public with your pants off. So why leave your other back doors open? Whether in computers, at work, at the bank, in your bedroom (!?) … in government agencies or at the borders?! (Unless of course one is in bed with the criminals or pedophiles or traffickers or hackers…. like so many of our false leaders — bozos !!!)

    • A pox on politics. Even the compromised emails fiasco is a spin by the politicos — to distract from the larger Cyber Security Disaster at the State Department.

      Hillary Clinton is the poster child for Cyber Disasters. She should be criminally convicted, sued in civil courts — and made an example for the history books — of bozo leadership.

      • Hello, Nome.

        I cant use the internet devices on my phone, not even the navigator, . Every time I have (four out of four times), I’ve received calls from unknowns overseas claiming that I am attempting or opening accounts with “binary options stock” firms… first was from Cyprus.. then Paris, London, New York… Told ’em it’s not me and I’m not interested etc. (one persisted and asked “Don’t you want to make some money?” Had to tell him I had none in first place (“store up treasures in heaven”). Informed local police fraud squad but they claimed because was outside Australia (people falsely using my name/details) they couldn’t/wouldn’t act up on it. Not even the phone service provider knew what to do about it. So I not use phone apps – which does the trick and I not get these suspicious calls.

        Here is some diligent police cyberspace work, allegedly:


        As I explained in this column in January, one of the most controversial of Ms. Clinton’s emails released by the State Department under judicial order was one sent on June 8, 2011, to the Secretary of State by Sidney Blumenthal, Ms. Clinton’s unsavory friend and confidant who was running a private intelligence service for Ms. Clinton. This email contains an amazingly detailed assessment of events in Sudan, specifically a coup being plotted by top generals in that war-torn country. Mr. Blumenthal’s information came from a top-ranking source with direct access to Sudan’s top military and intelligence officials, and recounted a high-level meeting that had taken place only 24 hours before.

        To anybody familiar with intelligence reporting, this unmistakably signals intelligence, termed SIGINT in the trade. In other words, Mr. Blumenthal, a private citizen who had enjoyed no access to U.S. intelligence for over a decade when he sent that email, somehow got hold of SIGINT about the Sudanese leadership and managed to send it, via open, unclassified email, to his friend Ms. Clinton only one day later.

        NSA officials were appalled by the State Department’s release of this email, since it bore all the hallmarks of Agency reporting. Back in early January when I reported this, I was confident that Mr. Blumenthal’s information came from highly classified NSA sources, based on my years of reading and writing such reports myself, and one veteran agency official told me it was NSA information with “at least 90 percent confidence.”

        Now, over two months later, I can confirm that the contents of Sid Blumenthal’s June 8, 2011, email to Hillary Clinton, sent to her personal, unclassified account, were indeed based on highly sensitive NSA information. The agency investigated this compromise and determined that Mr. Blumenthal’s highly detailed account of Sudanese goings-on, including the retelling of high-level conversations in that country, was indeed derived from NSA intelligence.

        Specifically, this information was illegally lifted from four different NSA reports, all of them classified “Top Secret / Special Intelligence.” Worse, at least one of those reports was issued under the GAMMA compartment, which is an NSA handling caveat that is applied to extraordinarily sensitive information (for instance, decrypted conversations between top foreign leadership, as this was). GAMMA is properly viewed as a SIGINT Special Access Program, or SAP, several of which from the CIA Ms. Clinton compromised in another series of her “unclassified” emails.

        bad gal bad gal watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when hell comes for you

  4. Hi, Seashoremary.

    Another camera view of the Dubai 981 crash:


  5. @ It’s funny when the say…
    – heavy and light objects feel the same gravitational attraction, but

    A map of Martian gravity looking down on the North Pole (center). White and red are areas of higher gravity; blue indicates areas of lower gravity.

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