Is Donald Trump God’s Man? Replica of Palmyra’s ‘Arch of Triumph’ Unveiled in London, Two Smugglers and Their Human Cargo on the Laredo Border, Allegations of Inmate Mistreatment against Ammon Bundy, 1966: UFO Sighting and Swamp Gas , UFOs Deleted from Google Earth

 TRUNEWS  04/18/16 Mark Taylor | God’s Man

“Some pious people say casino owner Donald Trump is not a godly man.  Should we, however, ask: Is Donald Trump God’s man?  Retired firefighter Mark Taylor claims the Lord has chosen Mr. Trump to pull America back from the cliff.  Rick Wiles interviews Mark about his amazing 2011 prophecy that Donald Trump has been marked by God to lead America.”

Click here for the full 1:08:44 intriguing and encouraging interview.

Comments:  I sit here shaking a bit unnerved, because as I listen to this prophecy by Firefighter, Mark Taylor, I came to realize that I, too, am fulfilling prophecy.

I was ‘looking’ for an entirely different topic interview by TruNews when I was ‘curious’ about this mp3 recorded yesterday, April 18, 2016.

You see, I didn’t want to cover ‘politics’ because I know it can get pretty nasty particularly within campaigns.  However, I’ve never seen it at “this all-time low level”.

I have historically participated in local campaigns, City Council,  State Representative, District Court Judgeship and one State of Texas Governor campaign. I had high profile people who sought my experience because we would win the elections.  One of the first and foremost things I would do before involving myself, I would research the candidate before committing my services.  Integrity was the highest trait I would search out.

All of my campaigns were done prior to me becoming a born again Christian.

Once I became a born again Christian, I thought somewhat woefully, “Well, no more campaigns for me!”  Then the next thought came onto me by the Holy Spirit, “Mary, you will campaign for me!”  I smiled at the Lord and replied “Ahh Lord!”

I have been led to stand up for the Donald.  That’s why I recognized that the Lord’s hand was over the Donald.

I was also sad that America wasn’t defending Israel, until I posted the video showing that America is building an underground military base in the heart of Israel to defend her in the end times.  God does reveal His intentions in time.  He knows our concerns, hears our prayers and responds with encouragement.

For me to be within one-two days of an event, I ‘receive’ videos that help me to stay ‘on top’ of current events, unnerves me, sometimes with excitement and sometimes the information leaves me in awe and ‘how much lower?’ can we get attitude.

I even spoke to the Lord and asked “Lord are you cleaning house?” because of all the evil and the pulling the curtain on our  government that needs to be exposed.

I encourage that everyone listen to this ‘prophecy’ that the Lord has given to Firefighter Mark Taylor.

Q:  A remembrance came to me as I type this post.  The 16 Apocalyptic points that Pastor Begley had for 2016, #3:

“3. American election will shock the world. Doesn’t know in what way or how it will play out, it could be an assassination, or who will be the vice president, it could be chaos at one or both of the convention or it could be??? Who knows?! It could be Obama stays in power because he starts WW III—who knows?”

Electing 2016, President Donald Trump, would definitely shock the world!

Click here for the full 1:08:44 intriguing and encouraging interview.

ODN  Replica of Palmyra’s ‘Arch of Triumph’ Unveiled in London

Breitbart News  Two Smugglers and Their Human Cargo on the Laredo Border

IShallNot BeSilent  To dispel rumors: Allegations of Inmate Mistreatment against Ammon Bundy

 FindingUFO  UFO Sighting and Swamp Gas in Michigan by Frank Mannor (1966)

FindingUFO  More Possible Discovered UFOs Deleted from Google Earth


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe.  Be Blessed.



 …if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}


13 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump God’s Man? Replica of Palmyra’s ‘Arch of Triumph’ Unveiled in London, Two Smugglers and Their Human Cargo on the Laredo Border, Allegations of Inmate Mistreatment against Ammon Bundy, 1966: UFO Sighting and Swamp Gas , UFOs Deleted from Google Earth

  1. @ enough is enough…

    Let me clarify, even with all of what Russ Dizdar exposes, or nazis, stalinists, maoists, blood purges, genghis khan historically, or even satan himself (or the fallen). I believe that elective abortion proponents define the the ultimate depravity.

    Parents willfully and wantonly trashing their own future bloodlines, with demonic assistance …. I have not found more extreme depravity — done with such flippant indifference. Elective abortion may well be the very “abomination of desolation.” Consider abortion glorified in the temple of God, or in any pulpit for that matter. Black churches need to repent! Black lives do matter — including especially the least of these — The Unborn (re: Matt. 25) . They may well be the Great Multitude snatched from the very maw of Great Tribulation!

    What restrains hell itself from rising up to meet “the Hellaries” (witches & jezebels with their ahabs & ten horns) and all such that push depopulation by blood??

    Almighty God — let The Restrainer, please — be released.

    • Agreed, Nome. Let The Restrainer be released. Amen.

      Seashoremary, re the London Lord Mayor and “Arch of Triumph”… some will be familiar with the Lord Mayor’s Show and its “two stern but benevolent wicker giants”…

      Re: Ecuador Earthquake – Ecuador earthquake: Authorities warn of sharp rise in toll as 1,700 declared missing and hope’s dwindle’

      Confusion re Jerusalem Bus Bombing… reports say 21 injured, 2 critically.. Fox says in ‘Biden slams Netanyahu hours after Jerusalem attack’ report that 21 were injured but “bus was empty” [I guess, Fox mean not many passengers were on board?]…

      In unimportant news…. Romania to be excluded from Eurovision “Song” Contest unless it pays EU broadcasting debt… Rumanian entrant, Ovidiu Anton, is/was set to perform ‘Moment of Silence [and sounds like they will still be able to perform that]…

      And speaking of performances…

      or alternatively…



        Another Big Tex: 70-ft. tall Stephen F. Austin statue planned

        The town of Angleton, Texas, may be home to a 70-ft. tall statue of Stephen F. Austin if a local businessman pulls off his plan to honor the Lone Star State founder. Hardware store owner Sehon Warneke has a half million dollar project underway, including a statue commission planned for Houston artist David Adickes (the man who brought us the monolithic Sam Houston statue and two President Parks filled with the giant heads of every US Chief Executive).

        The proposed attraction will also offer a visitor center, gift shops and historic trails, near the intersection of highways 288 and 35. Austin’s statue will be somewhat shorter than Sam Houston’s, reflecting the real-life relative height difference between the two mighty Texans.

        January 2007: The statue is completed.
        – See more at:

  2. I spoke with a lady this week from germany that’s been in the US for almost 2 decades now.

    She confided that she was from northern germany, and a coastal area that had been leveled by bombing during WWII. (I said, I hoped not Dresden). They’d built up a dreary 1950’s architecture there… and she was quite happy to be free from such environs, living in California.

    I though of reparations and what generations owe the children — and innocents — in areas that for right or wrong have been decimated, pulverized, and wasted; such as Germany, or in the USA the civil war south, with scorched earth tactics…. or smallpox infested blankets given the Indians (some of my forebearers).

    Children should not be condemned for the sins of their progenitors. Their own sins are enough to account for in their own lives, apart from Grace of The Lord Yeshua Messiah (Jesus of Nazareth).

    \\ (attention Russ Dizdar)
    Though a connection cannot be proven, a smallpox epidemic erupted in the Ohio Valley that may have been the result of the distribution of the infected articles at Fort Pitt. Whatever its origins, the outbreak devastated the Indians. Such tactics appear atrocious and barbaric to modern readers, but at the time anything was alright to use against “savages.” Nor was all-out war foreign to the Indians. During Pontiac’s Rebellion the Indian warriors killed about 2,000 civilian settlers and about 400 soldiers. They, too, tried to “extirpate” the enemy.

  3. I plan on listening to that full show from Tru News, but the fifteen minute segment was wonderful to hear. I’m just not sure how that squares with other things such as the Jezebel/Hillary parallel to ancient Israel, knowing that America’s prophetic patterns are playing out according to ancient Israel’s history because of the Matthew 21 transplanted vineyard prophecy spoken by Jesus. If Hillary got in, that fits very well with the prophetic pattern. Not that I want that to happen for sure, but I am well aware that God can reverse things. Then again, if God were to reverse America’s slippery slope and bring us back from the brink of destruction and the dollar is saved from destruction and remains the world’s reserve currency by which all others are judged, this puts America back to some semblance of it’s height of glory, which pushes back prophecy. With Planet X approaching, I don’t see the time allowed for all of this to happen. There are some things that just don’t make sense with this firefighter prophecy. I’m hoping I’m not being overly critical given the fact that it could have been from the Lord, but somehow it just doesn’t square in my mind with certain other things. It’s my thinking that biblical scripture declares things get worse not better. If Trump gets in and somehow squashes the New World Order plans to kill the dollar and make the dollar stronger than it’s ever been, then that means the global government/mark of the beast system doesn’t come into play any time soon. I just don’t see that happening. Trump’s association with the Clintons from the past makes me look twice at Trump. It’s funny though, because at the same time, I like Trump. I’m just a little suspicious given that these Luciferian globalists are the Masters of deception. As for the firefighter prophecy, well, I don’t know. I guess we’ll all see in the end and I could be totally off on my suspicion of Trump. Given the fact that we are as close to biblical prophecy being fulfilled though, I just don’t see the time necessary.

    We see through a glass darkly, so I’m quite sure there is something I’m not seeing. I would like nothing better than for Trump to be legitimate and save America. I just don’t see how this one man can fight off the Luciferian power structure in the world and dismantle their plans with all of the tools of destruction at their disposal unless God himself literally steps in and gets in the Donald’s shoes. Biblical prophecy seems to indicate that this won’t happen, but you never know. Maybe the Lord is giving the world a bit more time.

    • Well, I just listened to the rest of the Tru News show, and I must say that there seems to be something to this. That was truly an amazing interview after Iistened to the whole thing. Thanks for posting Mary.

      • You’re welcome! We share the same points of view…end times and our concern over humanity. I like prophecy and I do definitely believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how to operate under them is a challenge one has to go through to get a better perspective of what God is trying to accomplish which includes His chose people.

  4. Mary,
    My brother told me today that I should listen to the interview on Trunews. I did and was amazed and encouraged. We all long for justice and if the Lord wants to use Donald to expose the evil in our government, then I say Yes! God is gracious to us despite our condition. He is merciful and abounding in steadfast love. To know that He has not given up on America is comforting. He is strategically preparing His people for the end time harvest in His omniscient power. To that I say Glory be to God!

    • The exact correct thing to do with charged objects and ritual sites is the same as King Josiah did, ISIS/Daesh is doing currently (cp. 9/11 twin towers and pentagon attacks), and Christ will do with this earth! (“elements dissolved with fervent heat”)

      Basically pulverize them and purify them with the ashes of the bones of pagan/occult/religious acolytes and priests. (… possible “ritual response to rituals” — which open portals / transform dimensions?)

      Apart from awareness of the larger hyperdimensional cosmos (including spiritual and supernatural domains / dominions / realms / dimensions) — there’s no way to grasp that ISIS may be a tool like Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzer, or Cyrus. “The besom of destruction” to sweep away the occult / unholy links to the damned (esp. fallen angels).

      Which brings us back to “Wicker Man!” “Next year they will kill your king on May Day.”

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