Using The Antiquities Act To Steal Your Land, Asteroid 2016 JD18, Asteroids: Subsurface Oceans Liquid Cores and Moons, & U.S. Broken Borders: 300 Cubans Crossing Daily into the U.S., & Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves: Built with Alien Technology?

 The Alex Jones Channel Using The Antiquities Act To Steal Your Land

Asteroid 2016 JD 18

Comment(s):  I’ve been ‘hit’ with a large number of inquiries on Asteroids.  A quick cursor search yields that May 2016 is experiencing numerous near earth close approaches of the Asteroid kind:

Asteroid 2016 JD 18

Asteroid 2016 JD18, is a fly by Asteroid.  According to statistics, it’s next fly by is projected for October 26, 2037 which means it isn’t going to land on Earth anytime soon.

Through the end of May 2016 many more asteroids are identified as NEO Earth Close Approaches or fly-bys:  May 17, 2016, will have two fly-bys and May 18, 2016 will have 8 fly-by asteroids, etc.

(2016 BX14)  2016-May-16 0.0580 22.6 190 m – 430 m 20.7 8.23
(2016 JD18)  2016-May-16 0.0042 1.6 31 m – 70 m 24.7 14.86
(2016 JC18)  2016-May-17 0.1317 51.2 73 m – 160 m 22.8 18.18
(2016 JH18)  2016-May-17 0.0348 13.5 16 m – 36 m 26.1 6.53
(2016 GS2)  2016-May-18 0.0087 3.4 66 m – 150 m 23.0 8.01
(2016 GF216)  2016-May-18 0.0514 20.0 28 m – 63 m 24.9 2.58
(2006 XX2)  2016-May-18 0.1632 63.5 25 m – 57 m 25.1 13.43
(2015 VO142)  2016-May-18 0.1410 54.9 4.2 m – 9.4 m 29.0 2.72
(2000 AF205)  2016-May-18 0.1828 71.1 120 m – 270 m 21.7 14.01
(2016 GE2)  2016-May-18 0.1546 60.2 110 m – 260 m 21.8 6.92
(2016 HF3)  2016-May-18 0.0218 8.5 32 m – 72 m 24.6 7.56
(2005 UU3)  2016-May-18 0.1727 67.2 110 m – 240 m 22.0 13.58
(2014 GC49)  2016-May-19 0.1643 63.9 5.1 m – 11 m 28.6 13.81
(2012 VU76)  2016-May-20 0.1103 42.9 19 m – 43 m 25.7 7.54
(2016 JT28)  2016-May-20 0.0645 25.1 46 m – 100 m 23.8 14.53
(2016 JF18)  2016-May-20 0.0932 36.3 46 m – 100 m 23.8 16.82
(2016 JV5)  2016-May-21 0.1712 66.6 57 m – 130 m 23.3 7.74
(2009 JR2)  2016-May-22 0.1293 50.3 77 m – 170 m 22.7 10.90
(2016 CF194)  2016-May-24 0.0531 20.7 42 m – 94 m 24.0 3.90
(2009 DL46)  2016-May-24 0.0158 6.2 130 m – 300 m 21.5 6.46
(2016 JR33)  2016-May-25 0.0874 34.0 46 m – 100 m 23.8 7.54
(2016 HP3)  2016-May-25 0.0469 18.2 45 m – 100 m 23.8 9.32
(2016 JM)  2016-May-25 0.0710 27.6 14 m – 31 m 26.4 3.45
(2016 FM13)  2016-May-26 0.1232 48.0 33 m – 75 m 24.5 8.86
464798 (2004 JX20)  2016-May-26 0.1463 56.9 350 m – 780 m 19.4 7.18
(2002 LT24)  2016-May-26 0.1011 39.4 100 m – 230 m 22.1 13.51
(2011 GP44)  2016-May-26 0.1460 56.8 35 m – 78 m 24.4 13.56
(2015 KT120)  2016-May-26 0.1471 57.2 27 m – 59 m 25.0 8.45
(2016 JW33)  2016-May-27 0.1709 66.5 57 m – 130 m 23.4 9.36
(2016 HK19)  2016-May-28 0.1746 67.9 120 m – 280 m 21.7 11.98
(2016 GZ240)  2016-May-28 0.0736 28.6 51 m – 110 m 23.6 5.72
(2014 WE6)  2016-May-30 0.1401 54.5 2.2 m – 4.9 m 30.4 3.83
(2016 JT)  2016-May-30 0.0775 30.1 37 m – 84 m 24.3 6.91
(2016 GP220)  2016-May-30 0.1905 74.1 110 m – 240 m 22.0 11.97
(2016 HQ19)  2016-May-31 0.0620 24.1 44 m – 99 m 23.9 7.34
(2016 JT33)  2016-May-31 0.1367 53.2 56 m – 120 m 23.4 8.49
(2010 LL68)  2016-May-31 0.1735 67.5 70 m – 160 m 22.9 10.51
(2016 JG17)  2016-May-31 0.0414 16.1 21 m – 46 m 25.5 10.13
(2015 YU1)  2016-May-31 0.0721 28.1 29 m – 65 m 24.8 4.82
(2009 HD82)  2016-May-31 0.1559 60.7 130 m – 280 m 21.6 10.90

A reminder note, these asteroids in of themselves are not a direct threat to Earth but rather the debris or deadly projectiles, that are being pulled into Earth’s gravitational atmosphere, i.e. meteors, etc.

Q:  Is Planet 7X pulling in these unusual amounts of asteroids–some traveling with their own moons?

stargazer Asteroids: Subsurface Oceans, Liquid Cores and Moons

The Alex Jones Channel Is Michelle Obama Transgender?


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe.  Be blessed.



…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



16 thoughts on “Using The Antiquities Act To Steal Your Land, Asteroid 2016 JD18, Asteroids: Subsurface Oceans Liquid Cores and Moons, & U.S. Broken Borders: 300 Cubans Crossing Daily into the U.S., & Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves: Built with Alien Technology?

  1. @ either…
    – typical perfunctory US Gov bumbling or
    – CIA “failed” “to destroy all evidence”
    – much like Hillary Clinton failing similarly

    The CIA inspector general’s office — the spy agency’s internal watchdog — has acknowledged it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a mammoth Senate torture report at the same time lawyers for the Justice Department were assuring a federal judge that copies of the document were being preserved, Yahoo News has learned.

    While another copy of the report exists elsewhere at the CIA, the erasure of the controversial document by the office charged with policing agency conduct has alarmed the U.S. senator who oversaw the torture investigation and reignited a behind-the-scenes battle over whether the full unabridged report should ever be released, according to multiple intelligence community sources familiar with the incident.

    The deletion of the document has been portrayed by agency officials to Senate investigators as an “inadvertent” foul-up by the inspector general. In what one intelligence community source described as a series of errors straight “out of the Keystone Cops,” CIA inspector general officials deleted an uploaded computer file with the report and then accidentally destroyed a disk that also contained the document, filled with thousands of secret files about the CIA’s use of “enhanced” interrogation methods.

    …or possibly an Act of God re: 1st Samuel 5

      • Reading ! Samuel 5 in the KJV… it says of the Phillistines taking the Ark of God and placing it in the house (temple) of Dagon (their god). Dagon is the god that looks like a half-man with body or tale of fish wearing the hat that looks like da pope’s mitre (or fish head). Anyway… so the Phillistines took the Ark into their temple of Dagon and next morning they found the Dagon (statue) had fallen off the Ark (where they had positioned it). They replaced it, and next morning found it collapsed, again, and broken up. God punished them for taking the Ark.

        In the KJV it describes them carrying the ark about and God punishing the men of the city (Ashdod) with “emerods in their secret places”. In Joe Kovaks book Shocked By The Bible he suggests these ’emerods’ are actually hemorrhoids (or piles) [re later translations] but are more likely to be tumours or even bubonic plague given the plague of mice that would come after. Because of the destruction of the city of Ashdod and the tumours they would then send the Ark to Eshron where they would then cry out that it was there to slay those people.. Also noting, that these tumours would cause the people to desperately cry out (from pain) that their cries could be heard in heaven as they pleaded for the Ark to be taken away and returned to Israel (because of the deadly destruction it had brought upon the people and the city)..

        Though the haemorroids is not a correct translation, it’s sort of funny to think that God would punish them with the piles so much that their cries could be heard all the way up in heaven!

        How could anyone say the Bible is boring?

    • Nome, love it!!! Also, watched the Invictus games Video from yesterday, it was very informative. Thanks.

      The painting with the poem surprised me a bit, my mom has a very similar painting in her house(without the poem), the image is engrained in my memory. The words fit it well.

      • Fractured Fractal Reality, Race….

        So similar if not the same patterns are scattered across space-time.

        And I mean that in the sense that Hawking would say, information is spread out across the face of a singularity (black hole). Though I’m pretty sure that says more about wave states and quantum events than higher layers that ride them, and thus are much more fragile, fractured, like a broken mirror, but the frame and backboard remain. The frame and backboard are quantum. The upper layers are physical material so called natural (and hence tangible, even if more ephemeral). Like higher number elements being more unstable.

        But of course, just a detour, a ramble through alternatives perspectives.

        How to put humpty together again? I think the answer is rescue, let the externals fall (as a result of the fall), and start over. after the mess is cleared.

        The witch’s portal is through the looking glass. Quite interesting that Golgatha may well be the main gate to hell. RIch man’s tomb considered…..

  2. @ file under…
    – reaping what they sow
    – comes around goes around
    – karma, just deserts, ironic justice
    – and no honor among thieves

    It all means that by simply searching by email or IP addresses, it can become evident who might be behind various malicious deeds. “With this being such a comprehensive dump of data it offers up a very good set of information for matching a member ID to the attached invoices, transactions and other content such as member messages and posts,

    • Hello, Nome.

      Timely you mention “Karma”… My *co-guitarist and motorcycle buddy’s girlfriend sent me one of those chainmail text messages, last night. She knows I a Bible-believing Christian. It began with her “thinking of me” and then the chainmail message re whoever reads is an angel and stuff about karma. She gave me some news re personal about me and my “friends”, recently. So I guess, that why she sent it. Of course, I replied and gave her the bible news re angels (I’m not an angel – just a bible-believing bloke etc) and what I think (or don’t think, rather) of “karma”.

      As my dear mum often says, “Trust in no man, but place your trust only in God!”

  3. @ vanity, vanity…
    – mirror, mirror on the wall
    – who’s the fairest hildabeast of all

    Is Hillary’s E-mail Nightmare About to Explode?

    Negative headlines about Clinton’s e-mails have seemed to be reaching critical mass in recent days.

    monday, the State Department revealed that it couldn’t find any e-mails from Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s senior I.T. staffer …. A spokesperson later clarified that some number of his e-mails had been recovered from other accounts.

    tuesday, The New York Times published an article detailing how Clinton’s State Department regularly used unclassified government networks to communicate and send classified e-mail to each other, and noted that Clinton’s private e-mail server was weakly protected compared even to these already insecure networks.

    wednesday, F.B.I. Director James Comey [told] reporters that it is indeed an F.B.I. “investigation.”

  4. G’Day, Seashoremary!

    Was watching earlier some Jonathon Kleck videos (latest) re the he/she stuff, among other things. I not necessarily agree with everything Kleck claims, but there are alot of his ideas that are difficult to ignore the possibility.

    As for the Obama’s not recalling wedding anniversary dates.. you would think that at least one of the partners in marriage would be conscious of when the anniversary/wedding date is? It might not be appreciated by one if the other doesn’t recall that special day, but it’s not an absolute crime to forget. Is it? I just asked my dear 79-year-old mother, who has had a major stroke (and a couple of minor ones) when her wedding date was and without hesitating gave precise date (and she’s been widowed for since May 1987)! She then told me I was born, in the morning, on a Monday and the events that led up to her going to give birth at hospital. LOL

    “Condemnation before Investigation is the Highest form of Ignorance” video re both Obamas failure to recall wedding date/anniversary and the he/she question:


    and Michelle/Baphomet fashion/style:

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