Pressure Building on the Jerusalem Quake Fault, India Lightning Strikes Leave 93 People Dead, Tornado Kills Dozens in Eastern China, Sick Workers Flown From Antarctica To Chile, UFO Sightings Increase On and Off the Planet, & Single Lightning Bolt Kills 21 Cows

Real Thing TV  India Lightning Strikes Leave 93 People Dead

wochit News Sick Workers Flown From Antarctica To Chile

secureteam10 Seattle Mystery! UFO Sightings Increase On and Off the Planet 6/22/16

Commentary:  In reviewing the weather anomalies across the world, I remembered from one of Pastor Begley’s videos interviewing Mike from Around the World mentioning that when we start to see ‘lightning springing up and killing people’, then we would be witnessing a manifestation of Planet X’s ‘presence’ as it draws nearer to the earth’s inner solar system.

Click here for many more clips on YouTube for the Year 2016 where a number of unprecedented lightning is seen striking people from across the world, mostly in India (according to a CNN report, 2,000 – 3,000 are killed annually in India), but you can see it also across Europe, Poland, and the U.S.

GeoBeats News Here’s What A Single Bolt Of Lightning Did To 21 Cows Huddled Around Metal Feeder


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe.  Be blessed.



…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



13 thoughts on “Pressure Building on the Jerusalem Quake Fault, India Lightning Strikes Leave 93 People Dead, Tornado Kills Dozens in Eastern China, Sick Workers Flown From Antarctica To Chile, UFO Sightings Increase On and Off the Planet, & Single Lightning Bolt Kills 21 Cows

  1. @ brexit is prophetic…

    the lion, the leopard, and the bear
    = the kingdom of the north (kon)
    – clearly distinct in prophecy
    – ie. UK, EU, Russia
    – re: Daniel 7-11
    – “can a leopard change its spots?”
    – (stars on the europa flag)

    … kon wars against the kingdom of the south
    – back and forth till 666 takes over both

    @ francophilia

  2. @Nome: What does this do to the 10 horns? Supposedly too, the U.S. was considered part of the 10 horns (the little horn). Now we look at the continuing formation of Russia and China or the “EuroAsia”. I’m getting muddled…

    • In rethinking this process…the U.S. will in the end stand with Israel. So that means the UK (Britain) will also stand with Israel—simply because Britain isn’t going to be part of EuroAsia or even the EU. Third option: stand with Israel or stand alone?

    • Ok Mary … re: 10 horns, my guesses so far

      So who are the 10 horns? They’re definitely heads of 10 “domains,” which manifest outwardly in office holders over natural dominions. Specifically they control the offices and by extension those temporarily in those offices. They collectively are “the johns” or the false husbands of the adulterous harlot false bride. Notably their span is global, (cp. global elites). And their manifestation is fractal but fractured.

      Where kingdoms of: the north (kon), south (kos), east (koe), and west (kow).

      Their domains outwardly include — continents (heads) and oceans (body):
      1 europe (kon) – white horse (cp. caucasoid)
      2 south america (kow) – red horse (cp. tribal indian)
      3 asia (koe) – pale horse (cp. oriental)
      4 africa (kos) – black horse (cp. negroid)
      5 oceania (koe) – (…the abyss, re: Challenger Deep, Banda Sea)
      6 north america (kow) – (…melting pot for global corporate collectives)
      7 antarctica (kos) – (…remember spiritual dominion, copycats Great White Throne)

      That means that the EU could only ever contain fractured fractal reflections of the the larger hyperdimensional domains. So yes, “muddled,” very much so. But consider, the 666 as one horn replaces 3 horns (replaces heads of the lion, leopard, and bear dominions) to head the kon before amalgamating the kos.

      – as hyper-dimensional collective entities
      – includes unholy angels, demons, x-humans, chimera (even cellular)
      – cp. mothership, false bride harlot as wicked doppleganger of New Jerusalem
      – the notable horn replaces 3 leaving 7
      – harlot rides the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns
      – harlot sits on waters (nations, peoples, tribes, & tongues)
      – collectives are hyperdimensional (spiritual, supernatural)
      – harlot and beast are alike, hyperdimensional collectives
      – harlot is the false bride imitation of New Jerusalem
      – so “the 10 horns with one mind” are also a collective
      – headed by unholy angel princes (yet “humanly” manifest)
      – including demons, x-humans, chimera, and AI
      – AI as in “the image of the beast”

      @ dominions we see collapsing (as towers falling)…
      – collapse of USSR (continues to fall as Russia)
      – collapse of EU in process
      – collapse of US well under way
      – collapse of China coming
      …and the sand castles continue dissolving

      washed away by the raging waves of the seas

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