Donald Trump’s Come to Jesus Meeting, Air Force to the Rescue: Benghazi Report, Fake Polls on the Rise, UNREAL Amounts Of Fish, UFO Reported by FSA Army in SYRIA !

SkyWatch TV  SkyWatchTV News 6/30/16: Donald Trump’s Come to Jesus Meeting

Bill Still Fake Polls on the Rise

GlobalLeaks News  UNREAL Amounts Of Fish

Commentary:  Breathtaking episode!  Fishermen don’t even reload with bait!  The conveyor belt just moves the overloaded bin of captured fish into another area and the skilled team of fishermen just keep reeling them in!

SECTION 51 2.0  New UFO Reported by FSA Army in SYRIA !!! June 2016

Commentary:  In the YouTube comments section for the video above Rob Ano asked:  “Why would the two most powerful nations USA and Russia, have so much interest in Syria? The war is definitely a cover up for something.”

To which I replied:  “Oil. New Jersey-based Genie Energy is digging for oil in Syria, even though it clearly violates international law under the Geneva Convention (specifically, the Annex to the Fourth Geneva Convention). Its backers include Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Jacob Rothschild, ex-CIA director James Woolsey, ex-Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers, ex-governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, and other ex-members of American government. So it’s safe to say, the oil company will move forward with digging, regardless of international law. CHENEY, ROTHSCHILD & MURDOCH BEGIN DRILLING FOR OIL IN SYRIA &“.


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe.  Be blessed.



…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}



7 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Come to Jesus Meeting, Air Force to the Rescue: Benghazi Report, Fake Polls on the Rise, UNREAL Amounts Of Fish, UFO Reported by FSA Army in SYRIA !

  1. Hello Mary,
    I was watching the ufo video you posted. I noticed two circler objects on the right, at the beginning. Planets perhaps?

    • @ Liz: Yep! You’re right Liz! I didn’t notice them. Very interesting objects. I don’t think they are ‘suns’ because there is a brightness behind the clouds on the left side–perhaps these are ‘traveling moons’ related to Planet 7X?

  2. @ Collusion Much…
    – listen to them
    – birds of a feather

    @ lawbreakers…
    Bill breaking the law — “depends on how you define ‘is’ ”
    Hillary breaking the law — “I wouldn’t do it again” (secret server)
    Loretta dishonoring the law — “I wouldn’t do that again” (re: airport tryst *)

    * my guess is that she carried the message from one faux-prez to another

    codewords: golf (i.e. pardon?), grandchildren (i.e. donors?), etc.

    @ pain…
    Loretta on “jet setting” — “I’m pained”
    Bill on working class — “I feel your pain”
    Hillary — [nothing to see here] “Time to move on”

    26:20 to 28:00
    Having been forced to remove herself from the Hillary Clinton email probe, Loretta Lynch admitted that her shockingly ill-advised private meeting with Bill Clinton has “cast a shadow” over the investigations and questions on the meeting are “fair.” Her magnanimity was further expressed “I wouldn’t do it again,” while claiming that she had made the decision to ‘recuse’ herself days before her Bubba meeting.

    …blessed are those that read and hear

    And then there’s Janet Reno, and the whitewashing of Waco…

    @ globalist elites…
    NORVILLE: You know, I find he gets more Texan when he’s getting real down with the people. And I thought that the president sounded an awful lot more Texan — I don’t think it’s because he spent a month in Crawford — than he has during the first several months of his presidency.

    But listen. This man knows what brought down his father’s presidency. It was the economy going south, and the perception that George Bush the elder was not sympathetic, was out of touch. And if nothing else, “I feel your pain, I worry about your kids, I’m concerned about you, I’m there with you.”
    …yeah, right

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