Chicago Police Warn of New Violence, National Guard Going Door to Door In Illinois with ‘Eagle Eye’ Cards, Paul Oneal: Shooting in Chicago Illinois, Paul Oneal: Violation of Deadly Use of Force, Hillary Completely Insane, & Harry Reid: “Give Him Fake Briefings”

DAHBOO77  ALERT! Chicago Police Warn of New Violence After Release of #PaulOneal Video

“A community activist who was allowed to see videos from the fatal police shooting of Paul O’Neal before they were made public claimed they show an officer stomping the teen’s lifeless body after he was shot in the back.

Jedidiah Brown said he also heard police telling other officers to turn off their body cameras.

“I saw a police officer approach a lifeless O’Neal, face down to the ground, with three or four other officers over his body, screaming at him to put his hands behind his back, run up, stomp him in his back, and then grab his hands very violently, and put him in handcuffs, clearly lifeless,” he said.”

Shooting Oneal Paul 8 5 2016.jpg

Commentary:  This is why Baltimore’s 23rd year old #KorrynGaines who armed herself–to protect herself and her son from the lawless enforcement officers who are shooting first and asking questions later…

18 year old #PaulOneal was unarmed and shot in the back.  Yes, it can be alleged that the vehicle he stole could be considered a “lethal weapon” but he didn’t shoot at any officer first middle or even after he was dead.

DAHBOO77 Heads Up! National Guard Going Door to Door In Illinois with ‘Eagle Eye’ Cards

  #PaulOneal Shooting in Chicago, Illinois

   #PaulOneal Violation of Deadly Use of Force

The Alex Jones Channel   Shock Video: Hillary Completely Insane

TheCCCVideoChannel  Harry Reid: “Give Him Fake Briefings”

Refer to Article:

Harry Reid Wants CIA To Give Trump FAKE Intelligence Briefings

“Don’t tell him anything, just fake it, because this man is dangerous”

“In comments not widely reported last week, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he would rather see the CIA and other intelligence agencies give GOP nominee Donald Trump FAKE briefings than make sure he’s informed before potentially becoming President.

Reid suggested that it would be risky to divulge classified information pertaining to national security to Trump, so it should just be faked.

Even more incredulous is the fact that Reid is the one accusing Trump of being “dangerous”.”  More…{source:}


11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
{Ephesians 5:11 NKJV}

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems.  Are you saved?  Do you know Jesus Christ as   your Lord & Savior?

“I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing.”
{John 15:5 NKJV}

Pray to the One who saves man’s soul from eternal darkness separated from the giver of Life, Jesus Christ.  Ask Him into your heart, repent of your wrongdoings (sin) and accept Him into your daily lives.  He is faithful; He is forgiving; He will save you.

Stay safe.  Be blessed.



…if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet,
and the people are not warned,
and the sword comes and takes any person from among them,
he is taken away in his iniquity;
but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”
{Ezequiel 33:6}

12 thoughts on “Chicago Police Warn of New Violence, National Guard Going Door to Door In Illinois with ‘Eagle Eye’ Cards, Paul Oneal: Shooting in Chicago Illinois, Paul Oneal: Violation of Deadly Use of Force, Hillary Completely Insane, & Harry Reid: “Give Him Fake Briefings”

    • Definitely worth it to see the spiritual battle. Thank you Peter.

      The old man understood clearly that the detractor is of the devil, working through “the rabble rouser.” His commands were against the spiritual actor(s).

      What was missing is our clear instruction — “2 can put 10,000 to flight” and “where 2 or 3 of you are gathered together in my Name, I am there.”

      Going into battle without recognizing the hyperdimensional dynamics or spiritual terrain is asking to be martyred. Christ sent out the apostles in pairs to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Notwithstanding, “those who will be saved” factor in; such as, Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, (Acts 8).

      The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 — prevail until the greater demonstration of power is set — their resurrection. Our enemy(ies) can not sustain the battle in that they have no continuing existence. They are shadows and shells. Nonetheless, it’s by “the foolishness” of preaching (as the Bible gives) that we hear, have faith, and are saved — out of the darkness and into the Kingdom of God’s Son — Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah).

      Note, “allah” is not merely an arabic word for god, but the word for the generic god(s) — and definitely not The One True God (who we encounter fully and hyperdimensionally as Yeshua Messiah). My word is from me and communicates my being. I am made in the image of God. Christ is The Word of God made flesh — the only doorway to and the only true image of The Father. No mohammed or qu’ran believing muslim believes in The Son of God come into the world in flesh. So likewise they can not believe in The Father nor The Holy Ghost.

      They are damned already, subject to demons, and terminated eternally in the torments of The Lake of Fire with their fathers, the false gods, i.e. the unholy angels. They worship djinn and worse — satan — who we saw acting in Pete’s pointer as the rabble rouser, outwardly the shell of a man used by the deceiver, who is a murder, and a liar, and the father of it and them. The resurrection of the damned will be in the image of their spiritual fathers (the fallen angels); so they are likewise cast out with them.

      The thief comes only to kill, steal, and destroy. Christ has comes so that we may have life, and that more abundantly. “There is none righteous, no not one. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God” — except Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ). As prophesy revealed long before His birth (incarnation), death (physical), entombment (yet in Spirit, He entered hell & overcame them), resurrection (whereby having laid down his own physical life — He took it up again), and alive forevermore — He ascended not only to the side of the throne of Heaven — but to the very midst of the Throne.

      He is The Lamb Slain and sovereign, executing the Will of The Father in Heaven and as we see unfolding, also on earth. There is only One God and we encounter Him face to face through Yeshua Messiah — just as the prophets of old recorded in The Bible. The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophets. Their testimony together is reliable. They speak The Word of God and prophesy with Him — The Son.

  1. I listen to Trey Ware quite frequently these days on commutes. He makes a very cogent point. Hillary Clinton is not only inept and corrupt, but also a major blackmail risk.

    @ evidence of incompetence…

    We know that as Secretary of State she received and sent classified and top-secret information on her unsecured server. President Obama appeared on television last week to indicate he believed in the Russian connection to the Wikileaks hack because the Russians have attempted to hack our secure government systems, and he is sure they hack into the private accounts of government officials.

    If true, that leaves little doubt that the Russians, and probably the Chinese, Iranians, etc, already have U.S. secret information from Hillary’s server.

    Moreover, these same nations, and Lord knows who else, almost assuredly have information on Hillary which could be used against her.

    I can imagine the red phone ringing at 3am in Hillary’s oval office and someone with a demand and the dirt on her to be able to force her to do their bidding.

    As President, Hillary would be completely compromised, and therefore a danger to the country.

    …me, I suspect she’s already controlled, in the way that Gonz Shimura pointed out in the opening of a recent youtube. Societies are being subjected in mass to trauma based mind control through the deluge of violent imagery that’s spread by news, media, games, graphic reporting, etc.

    When the devil comes in like a flood — it’s time to raise the banner of Christ.

    What nations will stand in the end with Christ during the Millennial Kingdom?

  2. @ the new cold war…
    – who benefits in the short term
    – well, follow the money
    – the arms merchants, of course
    – in bed with babylon
    – and selling to all sides
    – expand the scope
    – the fallen want war
    – to speed up tech advances
    – to try to escape
    – to the stars, underground, or
    – to fractal dimensions

    exposes the agenda of the elites…

    …but disregards putin as lackey of such
    – though he’s also basically a war lord
    – and drone instance of the god of war

    I suspect, they want to create cracks in space-time…
    – no matter if it wrecks this planet or this creation
    – to continue some delusion of escaping justice
    – and that’s reflected in their offspring and drones
    – who fall into myriad lesser instances / reflections
    – of apocalypse fractally distributed in current events


    So, to summarize, courtesy of Janet Tavakoli, the Clinton related body count so far this election cycle: Five in just under six weeks – four convenient deaths plus one suicide…

    1) Shawn Lucas, Sanders supporter who served papers to DNC on the Fraud Case (DOD August 2, 2016)

    2) Victor Thorn, Clinton author (and Holocaust denier, probably the least credible on this list) shot himself in an apparent suicide. Conspiracy theorists at Mystery Writers of America said some guys will do anything to sell books. (DOD August, 2016)

    3) Seth Conrad Rich, Democratic staffer, aged 27, apparently on his way to speak to the FBI about a case possibly involving the Clintons. The D.C. murder was not a robbery. (DOD July 8, 2016)

    4) John Ashe, UN official who allegedly crushed his own throat while lifting weights, because he watched too many James Bond films and wanted to try the move where the bad guy tries to…oh, never mind. “He was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.” (DOD June 22, 2016)

    5) Mike Flynn, the Big Government Editor for Breitbart News. Mike Flynn’s final article was published the day he died, “Clinton Cash: Bill, Hillary Created Their Own Chinese Foundation in 2014.” (DOD June 23, 2016)

    It must be coincidence, right?

    • No, Nome. No coincidence. They’ll have to remake and update those Clinton Chronicles/Body Count documentaries.

      Like Ted said… “You can bet it was planned that way.”

      Have sales begun in pitchforks and flaming torches (and hemp rope)?

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