5 thoughts on “URGENT: 2nd Wave Of Energy, Jane Fonda Emptying Her Wells Fargo Account, Who’s Really Behind the Assassinations of Two Russian Officials? NEW VIDEO: Russian Ambassador To Turkey Andrei Karlov Assassinated, U.S. Returns 10,000 Acres To Japanese Government, A Merry Christmas from Alex Jones, Fireworks Factory Explodes In Mexico City & Satellite Photos Confirm the Worst About China’s Man-Made Islands

  1. G’day, Seashoremary.

    I am considered cynical, by some, because I doubt the legitimacy or actuality of incidents making international news (and watching the news makes me cycnical, apparently). As usual, of late, there have been so many major incidents which leave a lot more questions than answers (except for those given by the MSM to provide a certain narrative and apparent agenda of sorts, and on behalf of others enforcing a pattern of thought).

    Already, there are calls made that this recent Berlin truck attack is fake. Yes, there are images of busy ambulances and police with noisy sirens arriving on scene to attend the aftermath (not that any images show 50+ injured being attended to and “rivers of blood”)… not to mention within hours, complete detailed narratives provided by the media of the whoms and whats and whys.

    Even the Karlov assassination some people are saying there is no blood to be seen of someone shot five times in the back.

    It’s all very suspicious.. like the Pulse Club massacre, and the Nice terrorist truck… and etc etc. No surprise in this day and age. Yes, I would like to see the possibly numerous other videos and photographs, independent and CCTV, of the alleged incidents for the sake of confirmation/affirmation. I wonder if these alleged events are in fact a part of the “strong delusion” to practice the fooling of the masses for even bigger things to come? Afterall, “people are more likely to believe a bigger lie than a small one” [to paraphase the quote made popular by many a dictator over the generations – including the subtle serpent.]

    Naturally, I am willing to have these suspicions removed by those also willing to provide evidences to confirm otherwise. As it is, I trust no man but God.

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    John 14:6 (KJV)

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