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UAMN TV  David Wilcock Massive Draco Reptilian Bases in Antarctica

Published on May 14, 2017   “David Wilcock saw many stories about interest in and trips to Antarctica by individuals such as Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry. He says that there are huge bases under the ice in caves that were constructed in 1939 and where they also discovered the ruins of an advanced civilization. He has been told that there are also three “motherships” from an Draco Reptilian alien civilization which crash landed 55,000 years ago that are now being excavated out of the ice. Wilcock believes these facts will be revealed to the world soon, and that he and others will be used to get the population acclimatized to the presence of aliens that have interbred with the human race and now comprise the bloodlines of the elites who subjugate the rest of the population.

Whistleblower Corey Goode also discussed secret space programs, and encounters with “non-terrestrials.” Goode says he was recruited into one of the MILAB programs at a young age– During this time (1976-1986/87) he says he came into direct contact with different extraterrestrial groups and alliances. Speaking of his contacts with the Blue Avians, who first appeared to him as orbs, Corey Goode said they communicated telepathically to him while using a kind of sign language.”

Commentary:  An interesting non-Christian perspective re: the Draco Reptilian philosophy, etc. A lot of mis-information (deception)…Ascension w/o Christ and “most pets will ascend but will become “human” theology…

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